Best BB Creams
Best BB Creams

Not everyone has the time to do full-coverage makeup every day when they head out for work. So how do you make your skin look radiant and even-toned without going overboard with makeup? BB creams are a super easy and efficient way to cover your blemishes without being too heavy on the skin. They are like tinted moisturizers that give you some coverage and allow your skin to breathe throughout the day. Most BB creams are extremely lightweight, blend easily, and keep your skin radiant for many hours without the need for touch-ups. If you like a skin-like feel even after applying makeup, here is a list of the best BB cream brands that you should totally check out.

List Of 14 Best BB Cream Brands In India

1. Maybelline

Maybelline BB Cream
Maybelline BB Cream

Maybelline is the boss of base makeup products in India and has left every other brand behind in this race. Its Dream Fresh BB Cream is a skin-perfecting product that works beautifully with all skin types. It comes in a tube packaging that is very convenient to travel with. The cream also contains SPF in small quantities, so it is also a good option to wear out during the day as it would provide adequate sun protection.

2. Lakme

Lakme BB Cream
Lakme BB Cream

Lakme Complexion Care Cream is one of their most-bought products. It is a smooth formula that blends perfectly and gives you ample coverage. The best thing about this cream is that it instantly revives your skin and makes it look even and smooth. It has a moisturizing formula that will remain intact throughout the day and keep your skin comfortable.

3. Glow & Lovely

Glow & Lovely BB Cream
Glow & Lovely BB Cream
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Glow & Lovely’s BB Cream is an affordable product that gives you a radiant glow and even finish. It is made with beneficial ingredients and contains SPF 15 for sun protection. The cream is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy even hours after application. You only need a small amount of product to cover your face and neck.

4. Garnier

Garnier Bb Cream
Garnier Bb Cream

Garnier Insta BB cream is perfect for those who need a quick fix for their skin and want their complexion transformed instantly. The cream has high-density pigments that can be used to fix uneven skin tone, but it does not feel heavy on the skin anyway. The cream is priced around Rs 150 and is highly popular among youngsters.

5. Pond’s

Pond's BB Cream
Pond’s BB Cream

Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream will give any cosmetic cream a run for its money. The cream instantly covers up dark spots and patches and lends a healthy glow to the skin, which stays on for quite a few hours. As it’s infused with Vitamin E, you get numerous benefits and proper nourishment all day long.

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6. Olay

Olay BB Cream
Olay BB Cream

The Total Effects BB cream from Olay not only helps improve your complexion but also fixes various skin concerns if you use it regularly. Fine lines and dark spots are visibly reduced, and the cream is also hydrating, reducing the flakiness of the skin. It also comes with SPF 15 to protect your skin from harmful sunrays.

7. Oriflame

Oriflame BB Cream
Oriflame BB Cream

As a brand, Oriflame has always given its users the best, and its BB cream is one of the best in the market today. The One BB Cream delivers a smooth and pearl-like finish within minutes. It has a moisturizing formula that keeps your skin hydrated all the time and offers natural radiance.

8. Colorbar

Colorbar BB Cream

Colorbar’s Perfect Match Beauty Balm is enriched with aloe vera and apple extracts to provide ample nourishment to your skin. The BB cream comes in a small tube form that is great to be carried around in the purse. The pigment in the cream lasts for a good few hours on your skin and makes it look even-toned. If you don’t like heavy makeup, go for this BB cream today!

9. LA Girl

L.A Girl BB Cream
L.A Girl BB Cream

LA Girl BB cream is one of the best in the mid-range segment and suits most skin types. It has a creamy liquid formula that blend easily and instantly brightens up your skin. It is also available in a variety of shades that are perfect for Indian skin tones. This cream hydrates and moisturizes the skin but without being oily at all.

10. L’Oreal

L'Oreal Bb Cream
L’Oreal Bb Cream

The Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream from L’oreal indeed works like magic on your skin. It has encapsulated pigments that cover your blemishes and deliver a smooth base. The blend of Vitamins C & E helps keep your skin bright and nourished throughout the day.

11. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar BB Cream
Sugar BB Cream

Sugar’s Goddess Of Flawless BB Cream is a lightweight mousse cream that feels like a second skin. The BB cream blends pretty easily and is perfect for everyday use. It comes in sleek tube packaging that looks classy and is totally travel-friendly. The formula is blended with SPF 30 for effective sun protection.

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12. Faces Canada

Faces Canada BB Cream
Faces Canada BB Cream

If you like naturally radiant looking skin, Faces Ultime Pro Tinted Moisturizer can be a great choice. This BB cream is infused with small shimmer particles that add a subtle sheen to your skin. The product is very lightweight and blends smoothly to deliver an even skin tone.

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13. O3+

O3+ Bb Cream
O3+ Bb Cream

O3+ is an amazing beauty brand that produces highly effective products for all skin types. Its Bright Glow BB Cream is a 5-in-1 cream that brightens your skin and delivers a nice matte finish. The creamy formula blends on your skin effortlessly and gives you the perfect coverage for everyday usage. It also comes with broad-spectrum SPF to safeguard your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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14. Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven Bb Cream
Blue Heaven Bb Cream

Blue Heaven’s BB Cream is infused with antioxidants that protect your skin and keep it glowy all day long. The addition of multivitamins prevents your skin from getting dry and dull. It has a creamy consistency that is super easy to blend, and even a beginner can work their way around this product.

List Of Best BB Cream Brands For Oily Skin In India With Price List

Best BB Cream Brands For Oily Skin In IndiaPrice*
MaybellineStarting at Rs 2,499
LakmeStarting at Rs 299
Glow & LovelyStarting at Rs 40
GarnierStarting at Rs 165
Pond’sStarting at Rs 129
OlayStarting at Rs 760
OriflameStarting at Rs 649
ColorbarStarting at Rs 650
L.A. GirlStarting at Rs 850
L’OrealStarting at Rs 2,580
Sugar CosmeticsStarting at Rs 799
FacesStarting at Rs 599
O3+Starting at Rs 445
Blue HeavenStarting at Rs 125
*Prices are subject to change

FAQs Answered about The – Best BB Cream Brands For Oily Skin

1. Is BB cream good for oily skin?

Yes, BB Cream is suitable for oily skin as it is very light and doesn’t clog your pores. If you have oily skin, you should buy mattifying formulas and with good skincare properties such as SPF and minerals. Also, ensure that your BB cream is non-comedogenic to prevent pore clogging.

2. Can we use BB Creams daily?

Yes, BB creams are lightweight tinted moisturizers that are best for daily makeup. Most people don’t like the heavy feel of a foundation on their skin and BB creams are the best alternatives to make your skin look even-toned and presentable without putting on a lot of product.

3. Which brands have the best BB creams for oily skin?

You can use Sugar Cosmetics Goddess Of Flawless BB cream and Colorbar’s Perfect Matte BB cream for oily skin. These creams have a lightweight and oil-free formula that is best for oily skin.

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