10 Best Brands of Bb Cream For Oily Skin

While applying makeup can be fun and can make one feel really good about themselves, there are times when one simply does not want to go through the entire process of applying foundation and concealer and nor is it possible to put on that kind of makeup on a daily basis. However, that does not mean one has to go out with bad skin. The BB creams are the best of both worlds- proving adequate coverage and beauty without seeming overbearing at all. Here are some of the best CC and BB creams in the market today, along with their prices.

Here are the best brands for BB cream

1. Best Maybelline BB cream

This BB cream by Maybelline is available in both stick format and also in tube and they are one of the best today because they are suitable for all skin types. They also contain SPF in small quantities so it is also a good option to wear out during the day time as it would provide adequate sun protection. The cream is priced around Rs 399 and is quite affordable.

2. Best Fair and Lovely BB cream

Fair and Lovely is known for fairness cream has a BB cream of its own and it is definitely all about improving the skin tone which is done in a very effective manner in this case. The cream is lightweight and is not greasy and since the brand has a long reach, it is also used by a number of users. Priced around Rs 255, it is easy on the pockets as well.

3. Best Lakme CC BB cream

Lakme Complexion Cream is suitable for use a number of reasons and the two main shades can be basically suitable for all skin types. The 9 to 5 range has a light BB cream which does really last throughout the day and also has a moisturizing formula that makes it comfortable for wear. Priced around Rs 275, it is a widely saleable Lakme product.

4. Best Garnier BB cream

Garnier Insta BB cream is perfect for those who need a quick fix for their skin and want their complexion transformed instantly. The cream has high density pigments that can be used to fix uneven skin tone but it does not feel heavy on the skin any way. The cream is priced around Rs 150 and is highly popular among the youngsters.

5. Best Pond’s BB cream

Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream will give any cosmetic cream a run for its money. The cream instantly covers up dark spots and patches and lends a healthy glow to the skin which stays on for quite a few hours. The skin hardly needs any makeup after that and there are a number of other benefits like the presence of Vitamin E. The cream is affordably priced around Rs 400.

6. Best Olay BB cream

The Total Effects BB cream from Olay not only helps improve the complexion for a brief span of time but with repeated usage, can actually fix a number of other skin problems that tend to affect women after 35. Fine lines and dark spots are visibly reduced and the cream is also hydrating, reducing flakiness of the skin. It can be had around a price of Rs 850.

7. Best Oriflame BB cream

As a brand, Oriflame has always given its users the best and The One BB cream is one of the best in the market today. It lends a smooth and pearl like finish in no time and is a perfect alternative for those who do not want to put on any kind of makeup. The cream is priced around Rs 500 and so is not very expensive either.

8. Best ColorBar BB cream

The BB cream from Colorbar is available in a small tube form that is great to be carried around in the purse and can be used to touch up anytime. The cream is long lasting and can also act as a base for other makeup. Priced around Rs 599, the mousse like formula makes it a top pick for buyers.

9. Best LA Girl BB cream

LA Girl BB cream is one of the best in the mid range segment and the cream is especially known for reducing shininess of the face, that plagues many of those who have oily skin. The cream hydrates and moisturizes but without being oily at all, thanks to the use of technology that has gone in its making. The cream is available for about Rs 700.

10. Best L’Oreal Paris BB cream

The True Match BB cream from L’Oreal is indeed a true match for almost all skin tones and skin types. The BB cream can suit women of all ages and from all walks of life and is hence one of the most highly rated ones. They can be had around a price range of Rs 670.

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