10 Best Day Brands of Cream For Oily Skin

Day creams come with a number of minerals and vitamins that not only gives hydration and nutrition to the skin throughout the day but also contain SPF to provide the skin with adequate sun protection. Those with oily skin should choose a day cream that will prevent the skin from getting shiny and add lots of vitamins at the same time. There are too many products in this segment and some of the best and most effective ones are listed here with their prices so that you can flaunt perfect skin throughout the day.

Here are the best brands of day cream for oily skin

1. Best Blue Nectar day cream

Blue Nectar day cream is made from natural ingredients that keep the skin soft and glowing throughout the day. Infused with the goodness of sandalwood and saffron, the creams have a luxuriant formula that is instantly absorbed into the skin. They can be availed for a price of around Rs 755 to Rs 1200 and are very effective.

2. Best Lotus Herbal day cream

Lotus brand day creams have a rich texture and yet they feel extremely light on the skin. They have the goodness of natural ingredients like yoghurt and honey that protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution throughout the day. The creams are priced around Rs 250 and Rs 280 and are quite affordable.

3. Best Lakme Perfect Radiance day cream

For that healthy glow on the face throughout the day, this is one of the best creams out there. The Lakme produced cream has a skin brightening formula that prevents the skin from looking tired even when one is outside for the entire day. The cream is priced around Rs 225 for the smaller bottle and the product has some very good reviews.

4. Best Himalaya Clear Complexion day cream

Infused with best natural ingredients, the day cream from Himalaya has extracts from aloe vera and honey to keep the skin supple and also maintains an even skin tone throughout the day. The products are quite affordably priced around Rs 180 and it is real boon for those who have sensitive and oily skin.

5. Best Garnier Skin Naturals day cream

Garnier day cream has lemon extracts that keep the skin from looking shiny through the day and also keeps impurities from pollution at bay. The cream has very smooth texture that glides easily on to the skin and the product is suitable for oily skin types. Affordably priced around Rs 170, it is known to be a very effective product.

6. Best Olay day cream

Olay made day cream not only adequately moisturizes the skin throughout the day but it also keeps fine lines away, along with improving problems of pigmentation and by visibly reducing dark spots. The cream has been especially formulated to fight dullness from oiliness and has been a constant in women’s skin care for years. The product can be availed for about Rs 1000.

7. Best Lacto Calamine day cream

Calamine is known to fight dryness and is also a natural exfoliator and it is one of the most effective as a day cream because it of its anti bacterial properties. The medicated formula is great for those who have sensitive skin with use, problems of acne and pimples can also go down. It is can be availed for a price of Rs 200.

8. Best VLCC Snigdha day cream

VLCC Snigdha day cream is made with natural ingredients like turmeric and daffodils extract that leave behind a beautiful fragrance and clear and smooth skin. The cream also has SPF which gives the skin optimum protection but also reducing oiliness at the same time. The products are priced around Rs 250 to Rs 280.

9. Best Pond’s day cream

Pond’s has been constant in the skincare regimen of Indian women from time immemorial, ever since its introduction in the late 80’s and nothing has changed. The product still retains it light and fragrant formula and provides all the moisturization the skin needs, even for those who have oily skin. It can be availed around Rs 150.

10.Best Nivea day cream

Nivea is a very rich and luxuriant cream that infuses just the right amount of moisture in the skin and thus prevents the skin from producing extra oil. This Nivea cream is one of the highest selling in the market and is especially a day cream for the winters. One can buy the cream for a price of about Rs 160.

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