10 Best Lip Crayon Brands

While lipsticks are great, not always does want to deck up with full on makeup. At times, light and subtle is the way to go and lip crayons can help you get that right tinge in the lips, to help you get the perfect day time, or even night time look. Lips crayons are also great to carry around and if you want something in your bag just as a light touch up, these are great without seeming like trying too hard. There are great lip crayons available these days from almost every brand and here are some of the best one of them along with their prices.

Here are the best brands for lip crayons

1. Best Lakme lip crayons

Lakme lip crayons has really made this product available to the masses and made it popular among all the age groups. There are a number of shades from reds, pinks and nudes and they are perfectly suited for almost every occasion. Priced around Rs 225 to Rs 450, they are one of the fastest selling products.

2. Best Faces lip crayons

Faces lip crayons have matte to slightly shimmery colors in the crayons and hence are perfect for both day and night use. They are great for wearing with any outfit and the crayons are also perfect for every weather condition, feeling light on the lips even in humidity. They are available around a range of Rs 400 to Rs 550 approx.

3. Best Maybelline lip crayons

Maybelline Color Sensational has a range of truly sensational colors and there is something for every mood. The reds are truly rich and mesmerizing and the browns are perfect for the bold and beautiful. Priced around Rs 550 to Rs 700, they crayons come in attractive packaging and can be easily carried.

4. Best Sugar Cosmetics lip crayons

Sugar Cosmetics has a range of matte lip crayons that look stunning on the Indian skin tone. The colors are long lasting and are made with a no- smudge formula. The colors also feel light on the lips and they are very moisturizing despite being matte. The lip crayons are priced around Rs 330 and Rs 450 and are quite pocket friendly.

5. Best Miss Rose lip crayons

Miss Rose is one of the premium brands of lip colors and their matte lip crayons are very enriching and highly pigmented. They can produce a beautiful lip color with just a couple of swipes and the crayons glide smoothly over the lips because of their enriching formula. They are priced around Rs 350 and Rs 490 and are quite affordable.

6. Best Nykaa lip crayons

Nykaa has launched a selection of lip crayons in both warm and cool colors and they are perfect for daily wear. They are not too heavy like a lipstick and the colors stay on for quite a few hours. They are also quite affordably priced around Rs 400 approx, and the colors are one of a kind, with different undertones.

7. Best Color Bar lip crayons

Colorbar has indeed set the bar high with their lip crayons and the light and subtle colors are suitable for work, while the bold and beautiful are great for a night out. They are also affordably priced around Rs 350 to Rs 400 and the colors are also smudge proof. They are also very light on the lips and have a hydrating effect.

8. Best Lotus Makeup lip crayons

Those who are particular about only using natural products are surely going to love the range from Lotus Makeup. The lip crayons are soothing and have a moisturizing effect that lasts throughout the day. The crayons are also laced with natural oils and minerals and they are perfect for those who are otherwise sensitive to make up. One can avail them at a price of Rs 200 to Rs 340.

9. Best Hilary Rhoda lip crayons

Hilary Rhoda is an international brand that has made steady progress in the Indian market because of the new range of colors introduced which are perfect for the Indian skin tone. The lip crayons are highly pigmented and produce the desired effect with just a single swipe. They are mostly priced around Rs 250.

10. Best In Color Lover’s Rouge lip crayons

In Color lip crayons have a range of fun colors which are bright and have a pop effect and are definitely favored by the young crowd. The crayons are priced at an affordable Rs 195 which also makes the pocket friendly. The crayons come in a attractive holder packaging that makes them easy to carry as well.

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