10 Best Tresemme Shampoos in India for Flawless Hair

Healthy and good hair growth starts with the right shampoo. Fortunately, the Tresemme Shampoo range in India has got a solution for every hair type and problem.

Tresemme Shampoos are known to provide smoother, shinier and stronger-looking hair. Whether you want to add volume, reduce hair fall, control dry hair, define those curls, or simply keep your strands clean, Tresemme professional formulas offer easy cleansing solutions.

To help you select the best shampoo for your hair problem or condition, we have curated a list of different types of Tresemme shampoos available in India. Read below our review of the 10 best Tremsemme shampoos types in India.

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List of 10 Best Tresemme Shampoos in India for Smooth & Shiny Hair

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo contains natural keratin which strengthens hair and makes it unbelievably smooth. It can even make your chemically-treated and damaged hair as smooth as before. The keratin in the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo works on each strand of your hair to make it silky smooth. The low sulfate formula of Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo makes it good for your hair.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo


  • Improves hair texture
  • Controls frizz
  • Detangles hair and makes it manageable
  • Adds shine to dull hair
  • Makes hair smooth and silky


  • Does not add volume
  • Contains SLS and parabens

2. Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo

Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. It has a very pleasant and relaxing fragrance. Within one or two washes itself, you will start seeing the results. Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo is one of those products that actually work on the hair fall problem.

Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo


  • Reduces hair fall and breakage
  • Removes oiliness from hair and scalp
  • Makes hair stronger and healthier
  • Saves weak and brittle hair


  • Contains sulfates and silicons
  • Dries out hair; follow up with conditioner is a must

3. Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo

Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo contains Vitamin E which targets dryness and damage while leaving the hair moisturized and hydrated. Vitamin E provides excellent nourishment to your hair. The Vitamin E in Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo keeps the moisture locked and prevents your hair from being frizzy.

Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo
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  • Adds moisture to hair
  • Leaves hair hydrated for days
  • Makes hair soft and silky


  • Contain SLS and chemicals

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4. Tresemme Botanique Repair Shampoo

Tresemme Botanique Repair Shampoo is a fine blend of Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera. Tresemme has made the product Sulphur-free using ingredients devoid of any chemicals. A completely natural product by Tresemme which takes good care of your hair. It has a property of making your hair feel refreshed and radiant. The shine you lost because of the pollution and dirt will very soon return by using Tresemme Botanique Shampoo regularly.

Tresemme Botanique Shampoo


  • Conditions hair to make it healthy and soft
  • Helps hair retain moisture
  • Controls frizz
  • Regular use increase hair growth rate
  • No SLS, Silicones or Parabens


  • Does not add shine to hair
  • Does not control hair loss

5. Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo

The Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo is enriched with Green Tea, Rosemary, and Sunflower. It cleanses and moisturizes the hair to make it look and feel amazing. It protects colour and makes it last for up to 8 weeks. Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo locks the moisture in the coloured strands and makes them soft and smooth.

Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo


  • Removes excess oil from hair and scalp
  • Makes color last longer
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Color does not look dull after a while


  • Contains SLS

6. Tresemme Split End Remedy Shampoo

Tresemme Split End Remedy Shampoo’s moisturizing and mild formula gently cleanses and strengthens hair to keep the strands healthy and manageable. It claims to reduce split ends by up to 96 percent in just three uses. Hair is left smooth and salon-fresh longer. After pairing it with Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner, it gives you the results of a spa treatment.

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo


  • Pleasant smell
  • Good for oily hair
  • Cleanses well and gets rid of dirt and dust from the scalp


  • Contains Sulphates
  • Not suitable for dry and curly hair
  • Does not help in getting rid of the split ends

7. Tresemme Ionic Strength Shampoo

Tresemme Ionic Strength Shampoo works wonders on hair to gain volume, nourishment and strength. It consists of a salon-grade ionic complex which, when used helps restores and nourish your hair thus reinforcing its natural protection. It also helps the hair in regaining its shine and radiance as well.

Tresemme Ionic Strength Shampoo


  • Sweet fragrance
  • Leaves hair shinier
  • Does not tangle hair
  • Conditions and moisturizes the hair, leaving it to look healthier.
  • Good for all hair type


  • Contains sulphates
  • Does not control hair fall

8. Tresemme Thick & Full Shampoo

Tresemme Thick & Full Shampoo is known to protect your hair from the harsh effects of the change in climate and temperature. With added glycerin, it helps in locking the moisture in the hair, which keeps the hair radiant and alive. It works great with oily scalp as well, clearing it of any residue.

Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo


  • Controls frizz effectively.
  • Makes hair smooth, soft and shiny.
  • Removes dirt, dust, and oil effectively.
  • A pleasant fruity smell that lingers on hair for hours.
  • Moisturizes and smoothes hair.


  • Not suitable for curly hair
  • Contains sulphates

9. Tresemme Beauty Volume Shampoo

Tresemme Beauty Volume Shampoo is a game-changing range specifically formulated to give beautiful voluminous hair. It claims to introduce a new revolutionary reverse system with conditioner before shampoo that helps achieve smooth long-lasting volume. It keeps the oil on the scalp in-check, which helps considerably in maintaining the hair volume.

Tresemme Full Volume Shampoo


  • It deep cleanses hair and removes dirt, dust, dandruff, and oil.
  • Suitable for oily scalp
  • Mild Fragrance that lingers for hours
  • Provides bounce to the hair as promised
  • Hair looks healthy, supple & shiny
  • Controls oil on the scalp

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  • Still a SLES shampoo
  • Makes hair frizzy
  • Need a conditioner to leave hair moisturized

10. Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo

Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo gently purifies hair from daily residue build-up. It has botanical extracts and blends of ginseng and neem that help the damaged cuticles revive hair and restore manageability. Its detoxifying formula helps in improving the texture of the hair and keeps them tangle-free.

Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo


  • Fresh, Pleasant yet strong fragrance
  • Cleanses well. Removes the oil and dirt from hair easily
  • Does not make hair frizzy
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Repairs hair texture


  • Follow up with a conditioner to keep hair manageable
  • Not suitable for dry and damaged hair

Tresemme is a brand trusted by celebrities and professionals so it is no secret that it actually works. Try any of the different formulations and you will feel the difference right from the first wash. Want to buy Tresemme shampoos at a great price? If yes, then simply visit CashKaro and search for Amazon offers to get the best deals and codes.

Top 10 Tresemme Shampoos in India with Ratings

Best Tresemme Shampoos Best ForRating
Tresemme Keratin Smooth ShampooSmooth Hair4.3/5
Tresemme Hair Fall Defense ShampooPrevents Hair Fall4.2/5
Tresemme Moisture Rich ShampooMoisturizes Hair4.3/5
Tresemme Botanique Repair Shampoo Prevents Split-ends3.5/5
Tresemme Colour Revitalize Protection Shampoo Nourishes Hair3.7/5
Tresemme Split End Remedy ShampooPrevents Split-ends3.7/5
Tresemme Iconic Strength ShampooDe-Tangles Hair3.8/5
Tresemme Thick & Full ShampooAdds Volume to Hair3.7/5
Tresemme Beauty Volume ShampooCleanses Hair4.2/5
Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore ShampooRemoves Oil 4.2/5


Which is the best shampoo in Tresemme?

Tresemme Botanique Shampoo is by far the best shampoo by Tresemme. It is a unique blend of Coconut Milk and Aloe Vera which detoxifies the hair and revitalizes them. However, Tresemme has many other products as well which might suit you better.

Which Tresemme Shampoo is best for oily hair?

Tresemme Climate Protection Shampoo and Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo work amazingly for oily hair. These shampoos keep the oil in the scalp in check, while not compromising on the shine and lustre of the hair.

What are the benefits of Tresemme Shampoo?

Tresemme Shampoos are made, keeping the salon-style range in mind. They give the hair a spa finish and amazing results. From strengthening the hair to taming hair in the best way possible, Tresemme Shampoos provide holistic solutions to various types of hair problems including proper management of the scalp health in the best way possible.

What does Tresemme Shampoo do to your hair?

Tresemme offers a wide range of products to choose from, depending upon your requirement. It has Tresemme Full Volume Shampoo to help you gain hair volume, Tresemme Ionic Strength Shampoo to prevent breakage of hair due to lack of nourishment, Tresemme Color Revitalize Protection Shampoo for Coloured Hair, Tresemme Moisture Rich Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair, and many more products.

Is Tresemme Shampoo good for your hair?

Tresemme Shampoos are a game-changer in the hair care industry. Its shampoos give you salon-treated hair at a very reasonable price. Not only that, but Tresemme Shampoos are also available in Botanique variants for various hair types.

Is Tresemme Shampoo sulphate-free?

Tresemme Botanique Shampoos are sulphate-free shampoos by Tresemme. This range comprises of herbals blends of Coconut Milk, Aloe Vera, and various nature-inspired ingredients which make the hair healthy, and shiny and protect it from harsh chemicals.

We would also recommend you use a hair oil before washing your hair with these best Tresemme shampoos. Read our guide about the best Onion Oils in India for healthy and stronger hair.

Is Tresemme Shampoo good for straightened hair?

Yes, the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo works very well for straight hair owing to the presence of Keratin. Keratin is a vital hair protein responsible for maintaining the health of the scalp along with keeping the hair shiny and frizz-free.

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Is Tresemme Shampoo good for hair fall?

Tresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo, Tresemme Full Volume Shampoo and Tresemme Ionic Strength Shampoo work amazingly to prevent hair fall and breakage. These shampoos also aid in keeping the volume of the hair in check.

Also, check out the best herbal shampoos for hair fall.

Is Tresemme Shampoo chemical-free?

Not all the Tresemme Shampoos are chemical-free. However, the Tresemme Botanique Shampoo range is designed for those who prefer to keep their hair away from the impact of chemicals like SLS and SLES.

Is Tresemme Conditioner good for hair?

Yes, Tresemme Conditioners are good for your hair. Pairing up the Tresemme Shampoos with a Conditioner gives you similar results as a spa treatment. For best results, use the conditioner of the same Tresemme Shampoo used during the head wash.

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