What is a Mild Shampoo?

Mild shampoos help in removing excess dirt and oil from your scalp without excessively damaging or drying your hair. It is a shampoo that has no harmful chemicals, that will not damage hair even on daily use and has a naturally beneficial effect on our hair. The best mild shampoos are made with natural ingredients such as oils, natural extracts and honey that help in providing the right nutrients while making your hair look shiny. Additionally, a sulfate-free mild shampoo work wonders for dry hair and hair fall problems. Those with extremely thin hair may also try a baby shampoo, which is mild and wouldn’t weigh your hair down. Read more about mild shampoos here.

10 Best Mild Shampoos in India for Flawless Hair (2020)

1. Aloe Veda Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Dry Hair

Aloe Veda Shampoo - Best Mild Shampoo for Dry Hair
Aloe Veda Shampoo

Aloe Veda Mild Nourishing Shampoo is a wondrous product that cleanses your scalp thoroughly. It contains a low amount of conditioners and cleansers that do not harm the scalp or hair. It is infused with antibiotic properties that prevent the formation of dry skin and dandruff. While the added Biotin nourishes your hair and scalp by keeping the roots of your hair healthy. This Aloe Veda Nourishing Shampoo also helps in faster growth of hair . The refreshing mountain fragrance of the shampoo keeps you fresh for the entire day.


  • Good for dry hair as it is suitable for daily use
  • Paraben and Preservative-Free
  • Lathers well
  • Has natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Green Apple Extract
  • Has Biotin as one of the ingredients.
  • Controls hair frizz


  • Synthetic floral fragrance added
  • Contains Sulphate, hence it is recommended to use a conditioner

Rating: 3.8/5

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2. Biotique Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Strengthening Hair

Biotique Mild Shampoo
Biotique Shampoo

Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo is infused with Kelp which is a cold-water seaweed quite rich in vitamins. This shampoo is filled with nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants that help in strengthening your hair. It also contains Neem, Bhringraj and Reetha that promote hair growth and nourish your hair from within. The product contains peppermint oil and mint leaf extracts that help in cleaning your hair while imparting healthier shine.


  • Does not contain Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, and Preservatives
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients like Bhringraj, Tesu, Kelp, Neem that promote hair growth
  • It contains essential oils like Peppermint that help soothe the scalp
  • It does not cause any hair fall
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Good for summers as it has a cooling and refreshing effect
  • Affordable


  • It does not lather well
  • Does not smell good
  • If you have oiled your hair, then avoid using this shampoo as it’s too mild.

Rated: 3.8/5

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3. Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo – Best for Dry Hair

Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo
Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo

Get beautiful and manageable hair with Khadi Shikakai & Honey Shampoo. Simply go for this Khadi Shampoo that is free from SLS & Parabens. It cleanses your scalp deeply and conditions your hair along with it. The content of honey in this Khadi Shampoo deeply nourishes your dry and dull hair. This mild Khadi Shampoo can be used daily to get rid of the dry hair problems.


  • Affordable
  • No Parabens, Preservatives, SLS or Sulphate
  • Has promising natural ingredients like Shikakai, Honey, Aloe Vera and other botanical extracts
  • Keeps hair super soft, shiny and silky even without a conditioner
  • Good for dry hair and scalp
  • Cleans scalp and lathers well too


  • Does not control hair fall
  • Runny texture

Rated: 4.2/5

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4. TVAM Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Hair Fall Control

TVAM Mild Shampoo
TVAM Shampoo

Its time you say goodbye to dry hair with TVAM Henna Conditioning Shampoo. It deeply conditions your hair along with preventing hair fall. It activates the hair roots which in turn results in enhanced growth of hair. Infused with essential ingredients like Bhringraj and Henna, this TVAM Shampoo cleanses the hair follicles by providing moisture and nourishment to your hair. While it energizes the hair shaft by making your hair soft, shiny and healthy.


  • Contains 100% natural ingredients like Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Henna, Amla, Bhringraj, Liquorice and more to stimulate new hair growth
  • Extra conditioning ingredients that moisturise and nourish every strand of hair
  • Great for dry and damaged hair
  • The fragrance is divine even though a bit strong
  • It does linger post hair wash
  • Hair feels soft and shiny after the first use itself
  • Highly recommended for controlling Hair Fall


  • Not Budget-Friendly
  • Strong fragrance, might not be liked by everyone
  • It does have preservatives like Dmdm Hydantoin, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Color and Shampoo Base. However, it gets balanced due to the presence of natural conditioning agents.

Rated: 3.8/5

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5. Himalaya Mild Shampoo – Best for Promoting Hair Growth

Himalaya Mild Shampoo
Himalaya Mild Shampoo

Himalaya Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo comes with three essential benefits for your hair. It helps in strengthening hair by reducing hair fall, maintains healthy hair and protects it from damage. An ideal mild shampoo for dry hair, it deeply cleanses your hair and supplies protein to your hair follicles that promote hair growth. Being free of harmful chemicals, it protects the natural Keratin present in your hair, while it smoothens your hair along with nourishing them deeply.


  • It is infused with ingredients like chickpea, Amla & black myrobalan that strengthen hair roots
  • Effectively removes dirt and oil from hair
  • Affordable
  • Safe to use on coloured hair


  • Does not lather well
  • Not suitable for oily scalp
  • Requires a conditioner for dry hair
  • It has preservatives; however, it is FDA approved

Rated: 4.1/5

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6. Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Shiny Hair

Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
Ogx Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Get shiny and healthy hair with Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo that penetrates into the hair shaft easily. The shampoo helps in restoring shine and softness in your hair while strengthening them. This mild shampoo is free from Parabens and Sulfates that can harm your hair. It is colour safe and protects your hair from UV rays and damage caused due to excessive heat and styling. Application of this Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo leaves your hair soft, seductive and silky.


  • Makes hair smooth and shiny
  • Does not cause hair fall
  • Tames frizz
  • SLS and Paraben free


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for dry hair

Rated: 4.2/5

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7. Forest Essentials Shampoo – Mild Shampoo for Men & Women

Forest Essentials Mild Shampoo
Forest Essentials Shampoo

Forest Essentials brings an ideal solution to control thinning of hair, breakage and dry hair. The Forest Essentials Shikakai & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser is infused with Shikakai and Liquorice that help in controlling dandruff and dryness in your hair. It stimulates the growth of hair while improving its quality. It provides moisture to your hair and leaves them soft and shiny.


  • Thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp
  • Bhringraj and Shikakai make hair stronger
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Prevents hair damage
  • No SLS and parabens


  • Does not get rid of dandruff
  • Cost is high but still worth it

Rated: 4.5/5

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8. The Body Shop Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Hair Fall Control

 The Body Shop Mild Shampoo
The Body Shop Shampoo

Try The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo that helps in softening hair by restoring moisture. One of the best mild shampoos for women, it is infused with the goodness of organic sugarcane, honey from Ethiopia, pracaxi and manketti nut oil. It is formulated with a conscious formula, that does not harm the environment. This mild The Body Shop Shampoo is free from harmful chemicals like Silicones, Sulphates, Parabens and SLS.


  • Moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Treats dry and damaged hair
  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Removes excess oil from hair and scalp
  • No sulphates, parabens, silicones, colourants or chemicals


  • High price
  • Does not remove oil as it is too mild
  • Hair becomes oily after 1-2 days

Rated: 3.8/5

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9. Soultree Shampoo – Best Mild Shampoo for Hair Loss

Soultree Mild Shampoo
Soultree Shampoo

If you wish to solve the dry hair problems naturally, then simply go for the Soultree Triphala Hair Revitalizing Shampoo. It is made with Triphala (traditional Ayurvedic herbs) which contains Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki. While it is also infused with Henna and Shikakai that encourage hair regeneration. It nourishes your hair from within which in turn makes them soft and shiny. It cleanses your scalp moderately and leaves your hair clean and healthy.


  • Regular use prevents hair loss and premature greying
  • Regenerates cuticles to make hair healthy and strong
  • Thoroughly cleanses oily hair and scalp
  • Contains no sulphates, parabens, silicones, petrolatum or mineral oil
  • Not tested on animals


  • Not suitable for very dry hair
  • Does not lather much

Rated: 4.2/5

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10. Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo Best Mild Baby Shampoo

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo
Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo is formulated with herbal ingredients like Chickpea and Hibiscus. Although it is a baby shampoo, adults who wish to use mild shampoo can try it to get healthy hair. This mild shampoo adds moisture to your hair thereby making them soft and shiny. It is also infused with Khus grass which has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to cool down the scalp.


  • Extremely mild on hair and scalp
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Enriched with hibiscus, paddy, khus and chickpea protein
  • Makes hair stronger and healthier
  • Hair feels soft and smooth


  • Does not lather much
  • Too mild so will not be able to cleanse very thick hair
  • A lot of quantity will be required for each wash

Rated: 4.2/5

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Top 10 Mild Shampoos India for Smooth & Silky Hair – Full Comparison With Ratings: (2020)

Best Mild ShampoosBest ForRating
Aloe Veda Mild ShampooCleanses Scalp3.8/5
Biotique Mild ShampooStrengthens Hair3.8/5
Khadi Shikakai & Honey ShampooConditions Hair4.2/5
TVAM Henna Conditioning ShampooMoisturize Hair3.8/5
Himalaya Mild ShampooReduces Hair Fall4.1/5
OGX Moroccan Argan Oil ShampooRestores Shine4.2/5
Forst Essentials Mild ShampooPrevents Hair Loss4.5/5
The Body Shop Mild ShampooSmoothens Hair3.8/5
Soultree Mild ShampooPrevents Hair Loss4.2/5
Himalaya Herbals Mild Baby ShampooSmoothens Hair4.2/5

Here is a video which summarizes the pros and cons of the 10 best mild shampoos in India, mentioned in our list. You can scroll down further in case you want a detailed description.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Mild Shampoos (FAQs)

What is a mild shampoo?

Mild Shampoos contain minimum to zero chemicals that can damage the hair with regular use. These Mild Shampoos may also contain herbal ingredients that help in treating damaged hair naturally. Generally, mild shampoos are free from Parabens, SLS, Sulfate and other chemicals.

Also, read about the best Sulphate free shampoos in India for shinier & stronger hair.

Which is the best mild shampoo for dry hair?

There are a lot of mild shampoos for dry hair that are readily available in the market. However, Forest Essentials Shikakai & Bhringraj Hair Cleanser is one of the best mild shampoos for dry hair. It adds moisture to your hair which helps in keeping your hair soft and shiny. Shikakai and Bhringraj are the two important Ayurvedic ingredients that help in making your hair long, strong and lustrous.

Is Dove a mild shampoo?

No, Dove isn’t a mild shampoo. However, it is milder than the other shampoo brands prevailing in India. An application of Dove Shampoo leaves your hair moisturised and it does not harm your scalp in any way.

Is Sunsilk a mild shampoo?

No, Sunsilk is not a mild shampoo. It contains chemicals like Sulfate and parabens that make is a chemically strong shampoo. However, it claims to be infused with herbal ingredients that help to nullify the effects of these chemicals to an extent.

Is Pantene a mild shampoo?

The Pantene Shampoos that come in a Pro-V series claim to protect your hair from all kinds of damage. However, Pantene is not a mild shampoo as it contains harmful chemicals like Parabens, SLS and Sulfate.

Is Johnson Baby Shampoo a mild shampoo?

Yes, Johnsons Baby is a mild shampoo. It is quite gentle on your skin and scalp. This product by Johnson is dermatologically tested and contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates and dyes.

Which mild shampoo is good for dry and frizzy hair?

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is great for dry and frizzy hair. The Argan Oil from Morocco helps in restoring the moisture content of your hair and makes them shiny and soft.

Is Head & Shoulders a mild shampoo?

Head & Shoulders Shampoo helps to get rid of dandruff in a very effective way. However, along with other ingredients, it also contains harmful chemicals like Parabens and Sulfate which can make your hair dry. Hence, it is not a mild shampoo.

Is Tresemme a mild shampoo?

Tresemme is the newest shampoo company that has recently entered the Indian market. It contains low SLS which is quite suitable for chemically-treated as well as natural hair. The Tresemme’s Keratin Shampoos are Silicon-free which makes them suitable for people who are in search of a mild shampoo.

Which are some good mild shampoos for brittle hair fall problems for males in India?

Himalaya Gentle Daily Care Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for Indian men. This shampoo is mild and can be used daily. It contains natural protein source Amla which is beneficial for broken hair and treating hair fall. You can also use Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Biotique Shampoo for adding shine while reducing hair fall.

I have an oily itchy scalp. What kind of shampoos should I use? 

Aloe Veda and Himalaya both are effective for oily and itchy scalp. These shampoos contain Biotin and Aloe Vera extract for better cleaning of hair. Forrest Essentials and Biotique are the other brands you can consider for the same purpose.

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