5 Best 2 Ton Air Conditioners in India

A 2 Ton AC is best suited for large Living rooms or Outdoor rooms up to 210 sq. ft. If your room size is bigger than 190 sq. ft. or the temperature is beyond 47 degrees due to direct sunlight or large outdoor area, then you will be better off with a 2 Ton Split AC. Before buying a 2 Ton Air Conditioner, you should be aware of important factors like dust filters, inverter vs non-inverter technology, compressor, condenser, star rating and other features. Don’t worry; read about all these factors in detail here. Check out our list of the best 2 ton AC brands.

List of 11 Best 2 Ton AC Brands In India

1. Voltas

Best Brands of 2 Ton Ac
  • Types – It is available in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC, and Inverter Split AC. Read about all types of Air Conditioners in detail.
  • Condenser – 2 ton Voltas AC are mostly equipped with Aluminium Condenser as these are mostly installed in large sized rooms or Outdoor areas. Voltas 2 ton Air Conditioners Condensers comes with the Parallel flow and Blue Hydrophilic fin with Copper tubes which can last longer than the normal ones and prevents corrosion.
  • Features – All Voltas 2 Ton Air Conditioners come with Anti-Bacteria Filter, Anti-Dust filter, Self-diagnosis system which helps in removing invisible particles, pet hairs, bacteria and hazardous smoke. Its noise level is less than 20dB which makes it a practical noise free appliance when compared to ACs from other brands.
  • Controls – It comes with a LED display panel, Auto Restart, sleep mode, Dehumidification, Auto swing and moreover the remote comes with Nightglow button for easy operation during night time.
  • Price – Starts 49,680

2. Panasonic

best 2 Ton AC
  • Types– Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– This 2 Ton Ac features a copper condenser coil with Shield Blu Technology, that makes it corrosion free and increases durability even in in highly humid coastal areas.
  • Features– It comes integrated with a twin cool inverter that maintains a set temperature, reduces noise levels and gives faster cooling. With a 5 Star energy rating, this Wifi enabled air conditioner is equipped with powerful and dry modes for your cooling needs. In the dry mode, the ac acts like a dehumidifier to absorb moisture. Additionally, the PM 2.5 filters provide clean dust-free air to keep a check on indoor air quality.
  • Controls– This air conditioner is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, has a voice control feature as well. To improve user experience, this AC can be controlled through an AI enabled Miraie app to adjust temperature and customize sleep modes.
  • Price – Starts at Rs 52,990

3. Sanyo

best brands of 2 Ton AC
  • Types– Dual Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– 100% copper coils grace this inverter for a faster heat transfer and corrosion resistance.
  • Features– This advanced inverter AC has two independent rotors in the compressor that ensure faster and energy-efficient cooling. The glacier mode comes with a 35% higher fan speed that delivers instant cooling. Besides the PM 2.5 anti-dust filters, this AC is a 3 star rated product to allow energy savings.
  • Controls– With a backlit remote, this AC comes with a sleep function to auto adjust temperature and a timer feature to turn off/on at a desired time.
  • Price – Starts Rs 38,990 onwards

4. Lloyd

best 2 Ton Ac
  • Types– Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– 100% copper tubes boosts the flow of refrigerant, is corrosion resistant and has low maintenance cost.
  • Features– This 3 star AC from the house of Havells is equipped with a Duo Rotary Compressor which ensures faster and efficient cooling. Just by adding a UART port, this ac will be Wi-Fi ready. Additionally, its 2 way swing offers a horizontal air flow by directing the air vane in the counter clockwise direction. The stabilizer free operation prevents voltage fluctuations. Moreover, this AC cools even at 52 degree Celsius. Its unique blow function eliminates moisture from evaporator coils , thus preventing the growth of microbes and foul smell.
  • Controls– The auto restart function allows restarts the AC automatically after power outage a operating at the pre-set parameters.
  • Price –  Starts at Rs 44,890

5. Hitachi

top 10 2 Ton ACs
  • Types– It comes in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC, and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– This brand comes with Copper Condenser in the Top AC Brands under 2 Ton. It has an inbuilt Auto Climate Technology and Auto Humid Control that helps in setting the room temperature according to the outdoor climate and prevents from dehumidification.
  • Features– It is equipped with a wide range of new features such as 4 Way Air Swing, Auto Cleaning Feature which prevents bacteria growth, hazardous smoke, dust particles and animal hairs. The 4-way air swing helps you achieve steady air flow rate in all directions.
  • Controls– It has an auto humidity control which helps in keeping the room cool, is equipped with controls like Powerful Mode for high cooling, Silent Cooling Mode, Dry Mode, Soft Mode, Auto Restart, On-Off Timer and Child Lock. The controls are very easy to operate when compared to other brands ACs.
  • Where to buy– The price range starts at Rs 41,000.

6. LG

best 2 Ton Acs
  • Types– It comes in 3 different variants: Window AC, Split AC, and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– It is equipped with copper condenser coil and has Dual Inverter comes with a Dual rotary compressor. It is also protected with a 3M Micro protection Filter which helps in preventing the size of dust particles up to 0.3 Microns.
  • Features– It is protected with Anti-Bacteria and Dust Filters which helps remove the invisible dust particles, animal hair, and bacteria which are present in the air. Moreover, it has mosquito away technology that repels mosquito away.
  • Controls– Other basic features like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Dry Mode, Economic Mode, Child Lock, and Timer are also present. During High Temperatures, Turbo Mode is available for fast cooling.
  • Where to buy– Starts at Rs 50,000 only.
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7. IFB

best brands of 2 Ton Acs
  • Types–  Twin Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– The copper condenser coil delivers fast cooling and requires little maintenance.
  • Features– This 3 star AC is equipped with a 7 stage air treatment system that keeps your indoor air cool yet clean and dust free. It showcases superior cooling, thanks to the dual gold fin heat exchangers, air cooled PCB, and the variable speed compressor that adjusts power depending on heat load.
  • Controls– This ductless AC comes with an auto clean feature and a remote for easy usage.
  • Price –  Starts at Rs 44,000
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8. Carrier

2Ton ACs
  • Types- Non Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– Equipped with copper condenser coils, this AC is designed to last for a long haul.
  • Features- Rated 3 stars, this 2 ton AC is an affordable option as compared to split inverter Ac’s. It is equipped with PM 2.5 filters and keeps you cool even at temperatures as high as 52 degrees Celsius. The auto cleanser automatically cleans the AC fins and saves your time.
  • Controls- For a comfortable cooling experience, this AC is integrated with a sleep mode. The My Mode enables you to save your personal setting preferences of AC temperature, fan speed and operation mode.
  • Price- Rs 44,990 onwards

9. Godrej

best brands of 2 ton ACs
  • Types– Inverter Split AC
  • Condenser– The copper condensers offer heavy duty performance and consistent cooling.
  • Features– The Godrej Inverter Air-conditioner is designed to deliver powerful cooling and saves power at higher ambient temperatures. Its other impressive features include low noise operation, twin rotary inverter compressor, anti-corrosive coating on evaporater, and stabilizer free operation. It has a 3 star energy rating.
  • Controls–  This AC is operated using a remote to adjust temperature, swing, fan speed and other parameters.
  • Price – Starts Rs 46,950 onwards

10. Blue Star

  • Types– It has 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– Blue Star has the best in class Copper Condenser for 2 Ton split AC which comes with Anti-corrosive bluefins for corrosion protection.
  • Features– It has 7 types of dust filtration process that includes an Anti-Bacterial Filter, a Silver Ion Filter, Catechin Filter, Vitamin-C, Anti acarian filter, Dust Filter and Activated carbon filter to keep the air fresh. Moreover, it is equipped with a feature known as Air Flow Directional Control which gives instant cooling in all directions.
  • Controls– It comes with auto restart and memory backup features which consumes lower power and gives the perfect temperature. Other basic controls like Timer, Sleep Mode, Self-diagnosis, anti-freeze thermostat, I feel Technology and Dehumidification are also present. Moreover, the remote comes with night glow buttons which help during night time.
  • Price – Rs 63,990 onwards
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11. Mitsubishi

  • Types – It is available in 2 Variants: Split AC, Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser –2 ton Mitsubishi Inverter AC is equipped with only copper Condenser as these are mostly installed in large sized rooms & Outdoor locations. Mitsubishi 2 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner comes with a Rotary compressor which has the ability to function in both rough and harsh conditions.
  • Features – All Mitsubishi 2 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioners come with Anti-Bacteria Filter, Anti-Dust Filter, electrostatic anti-allergy enzyme filter and Nano platinum filter which helps in removing invisible particles, bacteria, and hazardous smoke.
  • Controls – It comes with an LED display panel, auto restart feature, sleep mode, dehumidification and child lock. There is a 5 fan speed setting which helps keep you cool in every corner of the room.
  • Where to buy– Starts from a range of Rs 42,000 only.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying2 Ton AC

Dual fan Compressor

Dual Fan Compressor technology improves the performance of the compressor and keeps it cool. So, even when the temperature is hot around 57℃, you can get efficient cooling. Also, perfect cooling is ensured even when there is a low voltage drop of up to 195V.

Copper vs Aluminium Condenser

A copper condenser has a better heat exchange and higher solidness when compared with aluminium condenser. It needs to be cleaned routinely else it can erode effortlessly in the coastal areas. To reduce the corrosion factor it is fitted with Bluefin sheet to shield it from moistness. Because of this factor, copper condensers are more expensive than Aluminium Condensers. Fortunately enough, the spare parts are easily available for Copper condensers.

Energy Rating

It basically calculates with the help of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating which ranges from 1 to 5 Star. A 5 Star rating will have higher cooling efficiency and less power consumption. Read the full AC Buying Guide!

FAQs Answered about 2 Ton AC

Q: When the temperature in India hardly crosses 50 ℃, why should I require dual fan compressor?

A: During the peak summer the temperature ranges from 45~50 degrees, the compressor chamber temperature will increase to 54~59 degrees inside the Outdoor unit. This may result in a compressor trip issues at that temperature. Dual fan compressor works even at 57 ℃ also.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a residential air conditioner?

A: Generally, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is seven to eight years. The performance of AC depends upon the usage, regular cleaning of filters and service of AC by a qualified technician.

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