10 Best Brands of Lip Gloss With Glitter- Complete Guide With Price Range

Singer Katy Perry sang a song ” I kissed a Girl, ” and there have been many songs on lip care products. Why are lips so important? Our lips go through a lot of work throughout the day and are an excellent medium for expressing our thoughts. Lipgloss essentially not only give a better look to our lips but also keep the lips moisturized and hydrated.

List of 10 Best Brands of Lip Gloss With Glitter

1. NARS Lip Gloss

NARS is a French cosmetic and skincare company founded in the year 1994 by François Nars a make-up artist and a photographer. The lip glosses are made with nourishing ingredients to provide a long-lasting, comfortable, smooth and luminous smile. Potent Sea Lavender helps to prevent signs of aging and at the same time hydrating and smoothing the lips to avoid fine lines. The prices range from INR 449 to 6,464.

2. MAC Lip Gloss

MAC Cosmetics was founded in 1984, in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The lip glosses are provided with pearl particles to reflect and refract the light to give a shining and shimmering effect. They mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystals. It is nonsticky, non-tacky, lightweight and has a vanilla or any different fruit aroma. The prices range from INR 368 to 6,194.

3. Maybelline Lip Gloss

Maybelline LLC is also known as Maybelline New York, is one of the most prominent American brands in cosmetics. It is a subsidiary of L’oreal, a French cosmetic company was established in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams. The lip glosses are a brilliant attention grabber. They are lightweight and come with various shades to be worn with matching apparel. They keep the lips tender and soft all day long. The prices range from INR 448 to 2,252.

4. INGLOT Lip Gloss

INGLOT Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetic company founded in 1983, in Przemysl, Poland by Wojciech Inglot. Enhances the lips and the kisses by making them ultra shiny. The multiple ingredients help to keep the lips moisturized and soft. Unlike many other brands can be used in combination with lipsticks. They keep the lips moisturized all day long. The prices range from INR 935 to 1,573.

5. Lakme Lip Gloss

Lakme is an Indian brand manufacturing cosmetics owned by Hindustan Unilever founded in the year 1952. It is ranked as the best cosmetic brand in India. The lip glosses provide absolutely luscious lips and the dermatologically tested lip glosses help to preserve the moisture and retain the softness of the lips. They are ideal for daily use. The prices range from INR 438 to 800.

6. Clinique Lip Gloss

Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American cosmetics company established in 1968, in New York City, New York. The gloss use light reflecting and high shine to enhance the appearance of the lips and make them smooth and plump. They are dermatologist tested, allergy tested, 100% fragrance-free. They also provide a refreshing cooling sensation on application. The prices range from INR 1,500 to 1,650.

7. L’oreal Lip Gloss

L’oreal is a personal care goods manufacturing company in Clichy, France. It is one for the world’s largest cosmetic and personal care company. It was founded in the year 1909. The lip glosses are made with enriched with hyaluronic acid and bright color pigments. They keep the lips moisturized and hydrated and gives a perfect glittery pout. The prices range from INR 540 to 1,241.

8. Revlon Lip Gloss

The American multinational company Revlon Inc specializes in skin care, cosmetics, and personal care products. The company was established in the year 1932 based in New York City, New York. The lip glosses are made with Color Stay formula and Soft Flex Comfort technology to wear the gloss for up to 12 hours comfortably. They keep the lips moisturized and luscious throughout the day. The prices range of the products is between INR 405 to 1,095.

9. Benefit Lip Gloss

Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a cosmetic manufacturing company founded in 1976, in San Francisco, California. The lip glosses provide a beautiful blushed and luscious lips. They are Smooch-proof and smudge-proof so can be worn for a long time. The average range is around INR 1170.

10. Urban Decay Lip Gloss

Urban Decay is another subsidiary company French cosmetics company L’Oreal. Established in 1996, Urban Decay has its headquarters in  Newport Beach, California. The lip glosses make the lips super kissable and attractive. Improves fine lines and keeps the lips moisturized and nourishes the lips to provide a soft and luscious smile.


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