10 Best Face Packs & Masks For Glowing Skin | Expert Review


Best Face Packs & Masks for Glowing Skin in India

Giving your skin proper attention is a tough task but with so many grooming products available, you can easily work on your concerns. Face masks can be made at home or you can also get one from the market. They tighten the skin, unclogged pores and leave your skin fresh and healthy. This will automatically lead to your skin getting fairer and whiter from within and will leave you with a healthy glow. Continue reading to see our detailed reviews of the 10 best face packs for glowing skin!

Best Face Packs & Masks for Glowing Skin – Reviews and Ratings

1Lakme Strawberry Clean Up Mask

Lakme Strawberry CleanUp Face Mask

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Lakme brings this sweet smelling clean up mask with the goodness of strawberry. All you need to do is wet your face and spread it evenly over your face. Allow it to dry and wash off with water.

Recommended For

Normal to Oily skin


  • Has a pleasant smell
  • Leaves the skin bright and glowing
  • Cleans pores


Might dry the skin



Best Price


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