12 Best Green Tea Serum Brands in India for Improved Skin

Green Tea Face serum provides an answer to many skin issues. It is a water-based product infused with the extract of green tea that provides complete protection to your face. The anti-oxidant constituent and its ability to protect skin from the sun make it one of the most demanded skin products. Green tree serum can be applied with other skin care products and be part of a daily skin care regimen. There are many brands available online that offer green tea face serum. We are here with the list of the best green tea serum brands in India that may help you with your decision to select the best one for yourself.

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How Do We Choose the Best Green Tea Face Serum Brands for You?

Every skin type has different needs, from oily to dry, combination to normal, all have an array of aspects suiting them the best. So, factors other than the price should be taken into consideration before selecting the best green tea serum brand for yourself.

Here are the factors that may help you in your decision to select the best green tea serum brand.


Green tea is the primary ingredient of the serum. Still, there are other elements as well that make the serum effective such as vitamin C. Everyone has a different skin type. Some may have oily skin, whereas others have dry skin. The pores on the face and acne problems also affect your decision to buy skin products. That is why it is important to choose a green tea serum that suits your skin type. Salicylic acid and retinol are suited for the oily skin type, whereas hyaluronic acid works for dry skin. 


The concentration of serum is a crucial element that helps you choose a product for yourself. Studies suggest that a 3% green tea serum concentration is ideal for use to protect your skin from free radicals and UV damage. However, the concentration should also be chosen according to the skin type and climatic conditions. It is recommended to start with a lower concentration and increase the concentration with gradual use.

List of Top 12 Green Tea Serum Brands


mCaffeine Green Tea Serum
mCaffeine Green Tea Serum

mCaffeine started in 2015 with an interesting discovery of the benefits of caffeine from green tea for the face and hair. The brand produces 100% caffeinated products that infuse the extracts of coffee, green tea, and chocolate to offer a solution to all your hair and skin problems. With its unique range of products, it soon became one of the best unisex skincare brands.

Notable features of mCaffeine: 

  • The mCaffeine green tea serum is 100% vegan. All its ingredients are plant-based that do not harm the skin.  
  • The green tea serum has anti-inflammatory properties and several active ingredients working together to rejuvenate the skin.
  • It is also dermatologically tested and has no SLS, parabens, silicones, or mineral oils.
  • This serum is packed with hydrating ingredients and immensely moisturises your skin by reaching into the pores. 


  • Cruelty-free
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Gender-neutral

Why We Picked this Brand?

mCaffeine is not just an emerging brand by popularity, it actually provides products that offer a complete solution to all skin types. Its green tea serum is a tonic for the face that conditions the skin by hydrating and soothing it.


Plum Green Tea Serum
Plum Green Tea Serum

Plum is an online cosmetic brand that started in 2014 and is India’s first completely vegan brand. It is counted among the top skincare brands and is one of the best green tea serum brands in the market. It offers products for all skin types.

Notable features of Plum:

  • Only natural ingredients are used while formulating the green tea serum.
  • Plum green tea serum has AHA that soothes acne-prone skin and reduces sebum secretion. 
  • It has willow bark extract that hydrates skin and keeps the skin from flaking.
  • It also has natural extracts that diminish hyperpigmentation. 


  • FDA approved
  • Mineral oil free
  • Cruelty-free
  • For both men and women
  • Can be used in all seasons


  • Suitable only for oily skin

Why We Picked this Brand?

Plum understands that people with different skin types have different problems and requirements. Plum beauty products ensure that there are no allergic reactions from its products, and therefore it has done extensive research on different formulations to make a notable difference in every skin type.

Wow Skin Science

WOW Green Tea Serum
WOW Green Tea Serum

Wow Skin Science is a Bangalore-based online brand that offers premium quality skin care products. It has the widest range of products suitable for both men and women, ranging from skin and hair oils to serums, body lotions, and shampoos. Its pure, natural, and healthy products cater to customers of all skin and hair types.

Notable features of Wow Skin Science:

  • WOW has the best green tea serum for the face, especially for combination skin.
  • The green tea serum is powered with natural bio-active ingredients to support healthy skin.
  • No harmful synthetic chemicals are present in this serum.
  • It has hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient that brightens and tones the skin
  • It also has Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and aloe extract that work together to reduce pigmentation and improve the elasticity of the skin. 


  • Rich in antioxidants to restore the skin’s natural health
  • Anti-ageing serum
  • No harmful chemical ingredients
  • pH balanced ingredients


  • A bit expensive

Why We Picked this Brand?

Wow Skin Science has solutions to all your hair and skin problems. Its products don’t just care for your face but the rest of the body as well. It ensures that there are no allergic reactions and has all-natural ingredients, free from any additive chemicals.


Innisfree Green Tea Serum
Innisfree Green Tea Serum

Innisfree is an international brand that was launched in 2013 in India. It has an extensive range of products that are all-natural, and the ingredients are directly sourced from Korea’s Jeju Island. It manufactures products with the aim of nurturing the human body as well as preserving the environment.

Notable features of Innisfree:

  • Green tea, along with hyaluronic acid, works wonders on the skin. It brightens the skin and shields your skin from free radicals reducing acne and pimples.  
  • There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives used in this product.
  • Fermented probiotics help restore weakened muscles of the skin and bring a fresh change. 


  • Restores damaged from moisture loss of the skin
  • 100% natural
  • Rebalances pH levels


  • Expensive

Why We Picked this Brand?

Innisfree is one of the few green tea serum brands that offer completely natural products. It makes sure that there are no allergic elements in any of its products. It has stores all over the globe and has experience with all skin types.

The Derma Co

The Derma Co Green Tea Serum
The Derma Co Green Tea Serum

India’s very own skincare brand, The Derma Co was founded in 2020 as a direct-to-consumer brand. The main focus of the company was to help Indians embrace their original skin and hair. 

Notable features of The Derma Co:

  • This green tea serum is medically certified and assures complete face protection.
  • It integrates various components like hyaluronic acid and extracts of green tea that provide youthful skin by reducing wrinkles
  • It has 1% collagen that improves skin elasticity within a few days. 
  • It has no dye or mineral oil added to the product.
  • It is free from sulphates and paraben.


  • Proven effects on acne marks
  • Heals the sunburns and damage 
  • No use of harmful chemicals

Why We Picked this Brand?

People believe in medically certified products, and the name of this brand itself assures its effectiveness. The Derma Co offers a range of products that has solutions for all skin types and is majorly focused on the acne problems that Indians face making it a favourite brand among people. 

Sibley Beauty

Sibley Beauty Green Tea Serum
Sibley Beauty Green Tea Serum

Sibley Beauty is an Indian brand that offers Ayurvedic solutions to your face and body issues. It is a brand that primarily focuses on the enhancement of the beauty of women in India. It has a wide product range like body gel, cream scrub, face mask, face wash, and cleansers. It encourages women to accept the way their skin is and offers help to keep it maintained.

Notable features of Sibley Beauty:

  • Along with green tea, the Sibley Beauty Green Tea Face Serum has the goodness of jojoba oil, argan oil, rosemary, vitamin E, olive, aloe vera, norikela
  • It boosts skin elasticity by preventing wrinkles.
  • It helps in the restoration of the natural beauty of the skin by fighting free radicals. 
  • Sibley Beauty’s green tea serum eliminates the patches from your skin and helps it glow.


  • Prevents redness and inflammation of the skin
  • Dermatologically tested


  • Might not suit everyone


Arata Green Tea Serum
Arata Green Tea Serum

Arata is an international brand that started its journey in 2016 with a homemade hair gel. Their products have come a long way from their beginning. The brand manufactures products that are skin and hair friendly along with being environmentally sustainable.

Notable features of Arata:

  • Arata offers 100% chemical-free green tea serum.
  • It has green tea seed oil, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and Kakadu plum extract. 
  • The product is safe and effective on the skin and acts as an epidermal barrier restricting bacterial and fungal skin issues. 
  • It is rich in vitamins that improve skin cell turnover and replenish the skin. 


  • 100% plant-powered products
  • Cruelty-free and chemical free

Arish Bio Natural

Arish Green Tea Serum
Arish Green Tea Serum

Arish is an Indian brand that was founded by professional aromatherapist Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi and his wife Anupama Tripathi. They started their journey by developing a herbal hair tonic. The hair tonic was unique, effective, and new to the market. Since then, they have been serving Indian customers by supplying products for all cosmetic and skin care needs.

Notable features of Arish:

  • Arish utilises modern techniques to produce green tea serum that is herbal and safe for all skin types.
  • The green tea serum is of uncompromised quality, and it protects the skin from pollution. 
  • It has amla, jaiphal, and haridra as active ingredients, along with green tea that vitalises skin cells. 


  • Completely herbal products
  • No chemical infusion
  • Effectiveness tested and proven
  • Affordable


  • Not a very popular option


Volamena Green Tea Serum
Volamena Green Tea Serum

Volamena originated in the USA and is a 100% natural, plant-based brand that offers a range of products for both men and women to protect them from harmful impacts of environmental factors as well as the products that are applied on the body.

Notable Features of Volamena:

  • Volamena green tea serum effectively reduces dark spots and blemishes on the skin. 
  • It actively detoxifies skin and reduces skin allergies and acne. 
  • The green tea serum goes through a microbial testing procedure to prevent any contamination.


  • Skin absorbent products
  • GMP Certified
  • Chemical free products
  • 100% vegan


  • Might take time to show results
  • Smell might not be appealing to all

Indie Earth

The Indie Earth Green Tea Serum
The Indie Earth Green Tea Serum

Indie Earth is a globally known brand that started in 2017. It started with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle through natural, high-quality, and pure products which can be trusted by the customers.

Notable features of The Indie Earth:

  • This green tea serum has non-comedogenic ingredients that reduce sebum secretion and acne occurrence
  • It contains salicylic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties that balance oil and other components on the skin.


  • No chemicals
  • Eliminates blackheads
  • Good exfoliator


  • May not suit everyone

Twachaa by Saraswat

Twachaa Green Tea Serum
Twachaa Green Tea Serum

Twachaa by Saraswat is one of the most demanded brands in India. The company started as a skin and hair clinic that provided laser and surgical treatments and solutions to skin and hair problems. With over 17 years of experience, they formulated their own products that are clinically tested and effective for everyone.

Notable Features of Twachaa by Saraswat:

  • This green tea serum contains hyaluronic acid that brightens skin and freshens the skin. 
  • Licorice extract helps combat hyperpigmentation and skin ageing. 


  • Effective for all skin types
  • Paraben free
  • Gluten and silicone free
  • SLS free


  • Expensive


Charmis Green Tea Serum
Charmis Green Tea Serum

Charmis is a brand by ITC that was launched after the growing skin-related concerns and issues of Indian women. Charmis understood that all skin types were different and that women’s facial skin was particularly sensitive. They launched a limited series of products that were gentle in nature and effective against maximum skin problems.

Notable features of Charmis:

  • This serum is packed with vitamin C and other active ingredients that make it effective on all skin types.
  • It is a dermatologist and clinically tested product
  • The formula contains 2 % salicylic acid that reduces acne and sebum production.


  • Skin-friendly pH level
  • Suitable for all skin types

Final Word

Green tea face serum is a unique product that is being tried by many. It can be effective if the right choice is made according to your skin type, skin concerns, and brand. Also, some people are allergic to particular natural ingredients. Therefore, it is essential to check all the factors before buying a green tea face serum. 


Is green tea serum good for the skin?

Yes, green tea serum is good for the skin. It offers multiple benefits, like detoxification and protection against sun damage. It also balances moisture in the skin, reduces irritation, and calms the skin. It offers anti-acne benefits as well.

Which green tea serum is best for the skin?

Green tea serums from brands like mCaffeine, Plum, WOW, and Innisfree are some of the best choices available.

What does green tea face serum do?

Green tea serum offers overall skin protection to make your skin healthy and glowing. It protects your skin against daily sun damage and pollutants and revives your skin to keep it soft and moisturised.

Can we apply green tea on the face daily?

Green tea serums can be used daily or as mentioned on the product. Other green tea products, like sheet masks, toners, etc., can be used as needed. You can also prepare a face mist by boiling some green tea leaves. Strain and let it cool down before filling a spritz bottle with it for daily use.

Is green tea a good toner?

Yes, green tea is a good toner. It refreshes your skin, controls oil production, and calms acne for healthy and soothed skin. It can also help in lightening dark spots, reducing the size of pores, and evening out your skin tone.

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