Best Hair Dryer Brands in India for Salon-Like Hair

The best feeling after taking a good, long shower is to use a hair dryer and style your hair the way you want. When it comes to purchasing a hairdryer, investing in a high-quality model that’s suited for your hair type can significantly improve the health of your tresses. A lot of brands offer some really modern hair dryers that are stylish and energy-efficient. Here is a look at the best hair dryer brands in India.

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How Do You Choose the Best Hair Dryers?

None of us likes to show up somewhere important with our hair all wet and undone. Whether you’re running late for work or need to look your best for an occasion, using a hair dryer can be your best bet! They are quick, reliable, and help you style your hair however you want to. In India, you can easily get a great hairdryer in the range of Rs 499 – Rs 4,999.

A good hair dryer should have some qualities that make it stand out from the rest. One of the major factors to consider while buying a hairdryer is if it has ceramic, tourmaline or ionic technology to prevent hair from getting frizzy and maintain its natural sheen. You should also check for its power consumption, cool air feature, if it comes with attachments or not, heat controlling knobs, and efficient temperature control. These are very basic but highly important features that you must look for before making the purchase. We have taken all these factors into consideration and rounded up a list just for you. All these products boast great customer reviews and ratings of 4/5 on Amazon, so you can trust them without any second thoughts. Also, you can Check here for other highly rated Grooming products such as: Best Hair Trimmers for Men & Hair Extensions for Women.

List of the Top Hair Dryer Brands in India

Wahl Hair Dryers

Best Hair Dryer Brands in India
Wahl Hair Dryers

The Wahl Clipper Corporation is an American grooming company based in Sterling, Illinois. The brand’s products are available in over 165 countries across the globe, and they’re considered as an international industry leader for grooming appliances. Known for making the best hair dryers in India, Wahl offers powerful and salon-quality products. The hairdryers usually come with multiple heat settings as well. Wahl is a trusted company, and your hair dryer is going to speak for itself.

Notable Features of the Wahl Super Dry Profession Hairdryer:

  • Runs on 220 – 240 V
  • Comes with three heat settings and two speed settings
  • Features the latest Tourmaline technology that protects your hair
  • Also has a cold shot button
  • Delivers an anti static blow


  • Strong and lightweight body
  • Diffuser attachments for enhanced styling options
  • Leaves hair silky smooth


  • May enhance frizz in curly hair

Syska Hair Dryers

Syska Hair Dryers
Syska Hair Dryers

Hair dryers by Syska are smart appliances that not only look trendy but are super energy efficient as well. The heat balance technology ensures that your hair is dried evenly. Their hair dryers mostly boast low-noise operation with reduced air swirl, thus making a minimum sound. An Indian brand based in Pune, Syska hair dryers are built with Korean technology to protect the device from overheating.

Notable Features of the Syska Trendsetter Hair Dryer:

  • Made with strong and durable plastic
  • Runs on 1000 watt power
  • Has two different speed settings
  • Features Heat Balance Technology
  • Has an in-built concentrator to achieve different styling results


  • Is very light in weight and compact
  • Wave heating elements heats up instantly for desired results
  • Makes minimal noise


  • Doesn’t have a cool air button

Remington Hair Dryers

Remington Hair Dryers
Remington Hair Dryers

Remington Products, commonly known as simply Remington, is an American personal care brand that manufactures hair clippers, electric shavers, epilators, and haircare products. Remington hair dryers feature adjustable heat settings ranging from light warm to hot. Each hair dryer model has a powerful wattage which enables the appliance to deliver top performance for all kinds of hair.

Notable Features of the Remington Compact Hair Dryer:

  • Runs on 2000 Watts
  • Comes with two speed and two heat settings
  • Has a foldable handle
  • Equipped with diffuser and concentrator
  • Cable is 1.8 meter long


  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Diffuser lets you explore different hair styles
  • Dries hair quickly


  • Heat may be too much on the second setting

Philips Hair Dryers

Philips Hair Dryers
Philips Hair Dryers

Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation, headquartered in Amsterdam. The brand is a leading manufacturer of grooming appliances such as hair dryers, hair straighteners, trimmers, etc. Philips hair dryers serve as the ultimate hair styling solution for different hair types. The reliable hair dryers are equipped with the latest technologies and innovative features, making them stand out from the rest.

Notable Features of the Philips Hair Dryer:

  • Made with tough plastic
  • Runs on 1000 Watts
  • Features advanced concentrator technology
  • Comes with two heat settings


  • Narrow concentrator for precise styling
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Advanced concentrator technology helps in delivering heat instantly


  • Doesn’t have a cool air option

Nova Hair Dryers

Nova Hair Dryers
Nova Hair Dryers

Established in 1992, Nova electrical is a private limited company based in New Delhi. The brand is known for manufacturing appliances such as hair trimmers, hair straighteners, hair dryers, amongst other small home electronics. Nova produces quality hairdryers that help you to get salon-like styling at home. Some of the models are foldable as well which makes them easier to carry. The nova hair dryer uses the EHD+ technology to ensure perfect even heating.

Notable Features of the Nova Silky Shine Hair Dryer:

  • Runs on 700 Watts power
  • Has an in-built concentrator
  • Features two heat settings
  • Has cold air button
  • Has a foldable handle for flexibility
  • Features a 1.2 m long cord


  • Gentle hair dryer that doesn’t cause frizziness
  • Has cool air option
  • Maintains uniform temperature


  • Built quality may not be up to the mark

Lifelong Hair Dryers

Lifelong Hair Dryers
Lifelong Hair Dryers

You can now manage your hair on the go with Lifelong hair dryers which are lightweight, and easy to handle. Lifelong is an Indian brand that manufactures a range of home appliances that make lives easier for us. If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer spending a bomb on hair dryers, Lifelong is a brand you can count on.

Notable Features of the Lifelong Professional Cool Shot Hair Dryer:

  • Needs 1600 W power to function
  • Has two speed settings and three heat settings
  • Comes with a concentrator
  • Has a 1.8 m long cord


  • Has a cool shot button
  • Fan gently dries your hair
  • Comes with a hanging hook for easy storage


  • Handle starts heating up after a while

Braun Hair Dryers

Braun Hair Dryers
Braun Hair Dryers

Braun is a German consumer products company founded in 1921. It is a very reliable and good brand with all of the ratings for its products falling between good and excellent. Hair dryers from this brand offer world-class performance with amazing new technology. The heat sensor called SensoDryer ensures even distribution of the powerful airflow. Also, the professional AC motor lives up to five times longer than conventional ones.

Notable Features of the Braun Satin Hair Haardroger:

  • Runs on 2500 Watt power
  • Features ionic function to prevent frizz
  • Has three heat settings and two speed settings
  • Comes with effective styling attachments


  • Lightweight and ergononomic design
  • Has a cold air option
  • Ionic functionality boosts shine in your hair


  • Strainer at the back may suck your hair
  • Heat settings aren’t upto the mark

Panasonic Hair Dryers

Panasonic Hair Dryers
Panasonic Hair Dryers

Panasonic is a major Japanese manufacturer of electric appliances and consumer electronics products. Based near Osaka in Japan, their wide range of hair dryers will keep everyone happy. It offers quick, powerful and gentle drying models. Some models also ensure you get shiny and bouncy hair after drying. Most hairstylists recommend Panasonic hair dryers since it smoothens your hair during the blow drying process.

Notable Features of the Panasonic Foldable Hair Dryer:

  • Runs on 1800-Watt power
  • Has multiple modes to give you versatile styling options
  • Turbo dry mode allows hair to get dried quickly
  • Equipped with Heat Protection Mode
  • Has a foldable design


  • Foldable design makes it travel-friendly
  • Compact and powerful motor to save your time
  • Has turbo dry mode


  • Cool air option may not work properly at times

Kemei Hair Dryers

Kemei Hair Dryers
Kemei Hair Dryers

Kemei is a Chinese company that has its production base in Shenzhen City. It houses more than 300 professional quality control workers who ensure the quality of their products is top-notch. The brand offers hand dryers with 2-speed settings at affordable prices. Since these hair dryers are foldable, you can always carry them while travelling.

Notable Features of the Kemei Professional Hair Dryer:

  • Runs on 1400-Watt power
  • Equipped with ionic technology to prevent hair damage
  • Features EHD+ technology for even heat distribution
  • Comes with three styling attachments
  • Has a foldable design
  • Has three different heat settings


  • Offers quick drying and keeps hair shiny
  • 3 styling attachments
  • Lightweight design


  • Control switch may be a little flimsy

Dyson Hair Dryer

Dyson Hair Dryer
Dyson Hair Dryer

Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryers dry your hair without causing extreme damage to it by measuring the temperature 20 times a second to ensure that it is consistently at a healthy temperature for your hair. It sure doesn’t look like your regular hair dryers, and apart from its modern look, it features four precise heat settings. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer also comes with rotating magnetic attachments for evenly blow-drying your hair.

Notable Features of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer:

  • Has built-in extreme heat protection
  • Features Air Multplier Technology
  • Has three speed settings and four heat settings
  • Also has a cold shot option


  • Comes with a diffuser
  • Has a smoothing nozzle
  • Has an ergonomic design


  • May not be as effective on thicker hair

Vega Hair Dryers

Vega Hair Dryers
Vega Hair Dryers

Hair dryers from Vega are smart appliances that offer great utility. Made of reinforced plastic fibre bodies, Vega hair dryers are crafted with good looks and also feature contemporary redolence technology. The brand is a trusted name in the alleys of professional hair styling salons. If you’re looking for the best hair dryer brands in India, we suggest you check out Vega’s Blooming Air Foldable hair dryer right away!

Vega Blooming Air Hair Dryer:

  • Runs on 1000-Watt power
  • Made with top-grade plastic
  • Cord is 1.6 meters long
  • Has one cool and one heat setting
  • Foldable design


  • Automatic overheat cut-off for appliance protection
  • Has a removable end cap for ease of cleaning
  • Foldable handle makes it convenient to carry


  • Fan speed may not be satisfactory

Havells Hair Dryers

Havells Hair Dryers
Havells Hair Dryers

Havells’ hair dryers feature a Heat Balance Technology that helps minimise hair damage. Perfect for those with dry hair/hair fall issues, these hair dryers feature a honeycomb inlet so your hair will never get tangled when using the appliance. Most of the Havells hair dryers comes with a 1.6-m long power cord to let you move freely and conveniently while you are styling your hair.

Notable Features of the Havells Foldable Hair Dryer:

  • Has 1200-Watt power consumption
  • Made with strong plastic
  • Has three temperature settings
  • Features cool shot button
  • Has a foldable handle


  • Honeycomb inlet prevents hair from getting tangled
  • Offers double protection against heat
  • Comes with a storage hook


  • Doesn’t have ionic technology

Agaro Hair Dryers

Agaro Hair Dryers
Agaro Hair Dryers

Getting your hands on an appliance that will help you dry and style your hair in no time has become easy with Agaro hair dryers. They’re available in multiple designs and sizes, so picking one that suits your hair type is convenient. Their hair dryers allow you to choose the setting which best suits your hair length and the hairstyle you choose to wear for the day. Let’s start experimenting with some cool hairstyles now, shall we?

Notable Features of the Agaro Professional Hair Dryer:

  • Powerful motor that runs on 2200-Watt power
  • Comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle
  • Has a two meter long cord
  • Features Auto shut off function to prevent overheating
  • Has three speed and three temperature settings


  • Diffuser controls airflow, making it ideal for curly hair
  • Has cool air button
  • Overheat protection technology


  • Motor may heat up after prolonged usage

Amazon Basics Hair Dryer

Amazon Basics Hair Dryers
Amazon Basics Hair Dryer

Offering budget-friendly and highly affordable hair dryers, Amazon Basics is here to help you with all your hair drying woes. Amazon Basics hair dryers are made with premium quality materials for enhanced durability. Each hair dryers boasts a premium finish that makes the appliance look new for longer. Whether your hair is curly or straight, these hair dryers give you a consistently hassle-free drying experience for all kinds of hair.

Notable Features of the AmazonBasics Sleek Hair Dryer:

  • Has 1400-Watt power consumption
  • Comes with a detachable concentrator
  • Has two speed settings
  • Comes with cool shot button
  • Has a foldable design


  • Has a lightweight and compact design
  • Easy storage hook
  • Offers focused and quick drying


  • May not be best for longer hair

Chaoba Hair Dryers

Chaoba Hair Dryers
Chaoba Hair Dryers

Chaoba offers some of the finest and most popular hair dryers in India that have various features on a budget. It is also popular as a men’s hair dryer brand because it suits short hair. Their hair dryers boast an artistic agronomical body and professional heating unit. The nozzle remains cool even after long peaks of usage, making it super safe to use. You can also change the speed of the fan according to the hairstyle.

Notable Features of the Chaoba Professional Hair Dryer:

  • Has a plastic body
  • Features heat shielding technology
  • Has three heat settings and two speed settings
  • Equipped with ionic technology
  • Runs on 2000-Watt power


  • Deatachable back filter for easy cleaning
  • Has cold mode
  • Comes with a hanging loop


  • Appliance may overheat if used regularly for more than 3 minutes


Which is the best hair dryer in India?

While there are lots of good options in the market, some hair dryer models really stand out. The best hair dryers in India are
1. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer
2. Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Professional Styling Hair Dryer
3. Braun Satin Hair 3 – HD 350
4. Syska Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air
5. Panasonic EH-ND21 Hair Dryer

How do I choose a good hair dryer?

Choosing a good hair dryer for yourself isn’t that tough. Here’s a quick buying guide to give you an idea of things you must consider when buying a hair dryer:
1. Watts of the hair dryer – determines efficiency
2. Material used in it (coil material)
3. Settings for heat control
4. Cool shot
5. Long size power cord (for easy mobility)
6. Size of the hair dryer

Which hair dryer is least damaging?

Some of the best hair dryers that cause the least damage to hair are:
1. Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer
2. Syska HD1600 Trendsetter Hair Dryer
3. Lifelong LLPCW08 1600W Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air
4. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer
5. Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hair Dryer

Sanskriti Mathur
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