12 Best Lip Serums in India for Soft and Beautiful Lips

Lip serums are an ideal solution to moisturise your chapped and dry lips effectively while also nourishing them. Lip balms are made to create a barrier over the skin and keep moisture in, but serums are made to work more effectively to heal the skin of your lips. Lip serums hydrate the lips and, in certain cases, can also help lighten the darkening brought on by hyperpigmentation and return the lips to their original colour. There are multiple options for you to choose from if you want to buy a lip serum. To help you pick out the best lip serum in India, we have made a list of the top 12 options.

Our Top Recommendations 

How Do We Choose the Best Lip Serums for You?

The 12 top lip serums, in a variety of price ranges, are discussed in the list below. While cost should be considered when purchasing a lip serum, there are other important aspects as well, which are given below.

Ingredients Used

The majority of the best lip serums are made with natural ingredients. So, it would be easy for you if you are looking for one with natural ingredients. Also, knowing what the ingredients are might assist you in ensuring that you are not allergic to any of them.

Essential oils

Some lip serums contain a high concentration of essential oils to make them more suited for dry lips. So, if you have really dry or chapped lips, look for a serum that contains essential oils.


Animal testing is no longer used by the majority of good brands. Also, we attempted to write primarily about cruelty-free products in this list.

List of the Top 12 Lip Serums in India

Serum Expert Lip Serum

Serum Expert Lip Serum
Serum Expert Lip Serum

LA Serum Expert, as the name implies, is an expert in the creation of serums for a wide range of purposes. The brand is becoming well-known for offering high-quality lip serums at reasonable prices. It makes serums for the face, hair development, under the eyes, and intimate areas, in addition to lip serums.

Notable Features of Serum Expert Lip Serum:

  • It contains almond oil, beetroot extract, wheat germ oil, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, peppermint, approved colour and fragrance, brown sugar, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, walnut grit, kokum butter and almond oil.
  • Dry, chapped lips are hydrated and nourished by the beeswax in this product.
  • This lip serum is created entirely of natural components and is free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and other potentially dangerous substances.
  • It evens out lip colour, moisturises and softens them, and makes dark lips brighter and lighter.


  • Value for money
  • Cruelty-free
  • Restores natural lip colour
  • Comes with roll on pump


  • No SPF for sun protection

Why We Picked Serum Expert Lip Serum?

This serum offered by LA Serum Expert is the best lip serum for dark lips in India, It is made with several nutritious natural ingredients and does not include any dangerous substances.

Pilgrim Squalane Lip Serum

Pilgrim Squalane Lip Serum
Pilgrim Squalane Lip Serum

Pilgrim is an Indian brand that provides vegan goods created with natural ingredients that are FDA-approved and don’t include any animal testing. It provides a variety of serums and other skin and hair care products.

Notable Features of Pilgrim Squalane Lip Serum:

  • This lip serum is available in two flavours, peppermint and bubblegum.
  • To moisturise and treat chapped lips, this lip serum contains skin-nourishing ingredients, including jojoba oil, shea butter, almond oil, squalane, and pomegranate extracts.
  • The serum gives the lips a smooth and healthy shine and is lightweight and easily absorbed.
  • You will feel refreshed all day long because of the distinctive flavour of the bubblegum and peppermint.
  • The pomegranate extract in this serum helps the lips retain moisture and provides just the right amount of glossy shine.


  • Available in two flavours
  • Value for money
  • Enriched  with natural ingredients

Why We Picked Pilgrim Squalane Lip Serum?

A must-have for smooth, moisturised lips, this lip serum offered by Pilgrim is one of the best lip serums in India. It aids in retaining moisture and penetrates more deeply than a typical serum, supplying active ingredients to specific issues like dryness or chapped lips.

Makeup Revolution Rehab Overnight Lip Serum

Makeup Revolution Lip Serum
Makeup Revolution Lip Serum

In 2014, the drugstore cosmetics company Makeup Revolution was established in London. It offers a large selection of skincare, hair, and beauty goods. The company has a PETA certification and is entirely cruelty-free.

Notable Features of Makeup Revolution Rehab Overnight Lip Serum:

  • The Revolution Rehab collection includes this lip serum. This collection is intended to nurture and enhance your lips.
  • This overnight lip serum is ideal for intensive lip care. Its deeply nourishing and moisturising composition will nurture your lips.
  • This serum can be applied before going to bed as well as during the day.
  • This serum contains mango butter and hyaluronic acid, and it will keep your lips feeling fresh all day and night.


  • Vegan
  • No animal testing


  • Expensive

Why We Picked Makeup Revolution Rehab Overnight Lip Serum?

Makeup Revolution’s overnight lip serum benefits are many. It can be used both during the day and the night. Also, this brand is famous for providing cruelty-free products since the very beginning. Hence, this lip serum is entirely vegan

Organic Harvest Lip Serum

Organic Harvest Lip Serum
Organic Harvest Lip Serum

An entire line of body care, essential oils, and skincare products are available from the all-organic brand Organic Harvest. The brand’s guiding principle is to provide organic, risk-free items that have long-term advantages.

Notable Features of Organic Harvest Lip Serum:

  • Due to its potent nourishing ingredient, which gives lips vitality, this lip serum is ideal for lips that are dry and cracked.
  • It is supplemented with vitamin E and beetroot extract, which helps to hydrate and revitalise your lips.
  • The serum effectively exfoliates the dry, flaky skin on your lips.
  • Additionally, it lightens dark lips, lessens nicotine stains, and aids in regaining natural lip colour.


  • Organic
  • Restores natural lip colour
  • Value for money

Why We Picked Organic Harvest Lip Serum?

Men and women may both benefit from using this lip serum from Organic Harvest. It is perfect for all types of lips. Your lips will have a long-lasting, fresh and pink appearance with this serum. Furthermore, it assists in lessening stains brought on by smoking.

Cosmetofood Bioglam Coffee latte Lip Lightening & Plumping Serum

Cosmetofood Lip Serum
Cosmetofood Lip Serum

Cosmetofood brings Ayurvedic natural personal care products for skin, hair, bath, and body care. It provides cosmetics that are cruelty-free and organic.

Notable Features of Cosmetofood Bioglam Coffee latte Lip Lightening & Plumping Serum:

  • This serum provides you with healthy and smoother lips thanks to the cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other key nourishing ingredients that are included in it.
  • By eliminating pigmentation, this serum offers your lips an even-toned appearance.
  • The organic components in this serum treat cracked skin and give lips a lush, shiny appearance.


  • Affordable
  • Non- sticky

Why We Picked Cosmetofood Bioglam Coffee latte Lip Lightening & Plumping Serum?

With the nourishment of cacao butter, this lip serum gives glossy lips. It evens up the tone of your skin by eliminating pigmentation. It is ideal for individuals who wish to get a glossy sheen on their lips by applying lip serums.

Namyaa Natural Lip Serum

Namyaa Lip Serum
Namyaa Lip Serum

Namyaa is a renowned brand that mainly offers feminine personal care and hygiene products. Till now, it has produced some fantastic skin care products that are scientifically proven and harmless with no side effects. 

Notable Features of Namyaa Natural Lip Serum:

  • It is a natural lip serum with a brightening treatment and has no toxic ingredients.
  • It contains peppermint, aloe vera and citrus.
  • This lip serum aids in brightening dark lips and has been specially created to moisturise, protect, and nourish lips.
  • It further assists in preventing lip darkening due to smoking’s negative effects.
  • It helps the lip damage brought on by extended usage of heavy cosmetics.
  • In addition to preventing hyperpigmentation, it has a number of anti-ageing advantages that help slow down the ageing of the lips.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Affordable

Bare Body Essentials Lip Serum

Bare Body Essentials Lip Serum
Bare Body Essentials Lip Serum

Bare Body Essentials is a brand that speaks to the requirements of contemporary people for whom beauty is not a universal standard to be attained but rather an attitude to be decorated. It offers a wide selection of personal and medical products.

Notable Features of Bare Body Essentials Lip Serum:

  • This serum, made from natural elements like argan oil and sweet almond oil, will not only soothe your lips but also help them recover and prevent further damage.
  • This serum provides a protective layer to shield your lips from cosmetic and environmental harm.


  • Restores the natural colour of lips
  • Provides sun protection
  • Affordable

TNW-The Natural Wash Lip Serum

TNW Lip Serum
TNW Lip Serum

The Natural Wash (TNW) is an Ayurvedic brand that offers skin, hair, and body care products. Its products are made entirely of organic substances and are devoid of dangerous chemicals.

Notable Features of TNW-The Natural Wash Lip Serum:

  • This lip serum uses natural ingredients like retinol and almond oil, and vitamin E.
  • It makes your lips smooth and plump by boosting their natural colour.
  • It also protects the lips from the damage caused by the sun.


  • Affordable
  • UV protection
  • Free of chemicals

7 Days Lip Serum for Dark Lips

7 Days Lip Serum
7 Days Lip Serum

Affordable natural cosmetic items & health supplements are available at 7 Days Organic. Its products are dermatologically tested, inspired by nature and free of dangerous ingredients.

Notable Features of 7 Days lip serum for dark lips:

  • This serum’s intensely nourishing blend rapidly revives chapped, dry, and lifeless lips.
  • With ingredients including Vitamin E, rosehip oil, and almond oil, this lip serum makes your lips moist and velvety while complementing their original colour.
  • It has SPF 15 and hence, protects your lips from harmful UV rays and from being damaged by the sun.
  • This lip softening serum enhances the condition of your lips by keeping them supple and healthy with the help of components like retinol and almond oil.


  • Removes dead skin
  • Very affordable

Olvedic Lip Serum

Olvedic Lip Serum
Olvedic Lip Serum

Olvedic is one of the skincare brands currently selling on Amazon that value natural ingredients and their benefits. While the brand has a huge product line, serums and oils are its specialities.

Notable Features of Olvedic Lip Serum:

  • Olvedic has created this lip serum combining beetroot, beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E.
  • This combination provides the lip with deep moisturisation


  • Heals dry lips
  • Removes dead skin and dirt
  • Affordable 

Mamaearth Naturally Matte Lip Serum

Mamaearth Lip Serum
Mamaearth Lip Serum

Mamaearth has received appreciation from many people since it began its journey. This nature-inspired brand uses safe, toxin-free, pure, and gentle ingredients in all its products.

Notable Features of Mamaearth Naturally Matte Lip Serum:

  • This lip serum is in the form of matte liquid lipstick.
  • It is filled with Vitamin C that brightens the lips by reducing pigmentation.
  • Vitamin E moisturises the lips deeply. 


  • Lasts 12 hours 
  • Keeps the skin hydrated for 8 hours
  • Suits all skin
  • Value for money

Barbers Crew Lip Serum

Barbers Crew Lip Serum
Barbers Crew Lip Serum

Barbers Crew’s skincare line includes multiple skincare products for all types of skin. If you are looking for a lip serum with natural ingredients, this brand has a quality product. 

Notable Features of Barbers Crew Lip Serum:

  • The product is curated with a blend of mango butter, shea butter, beeswax, aloe vera, and oat grits.
  • The goodness of natural essential oils removes dullness and rejuvenates the lips


  • Lighten the lip colour
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Provides deep hydration
  • Wallet-friendly 

Final Word

The best lip serum for dark lips is Serum Expert Lip Serum, which is also cruelty-free and has gotten positive ratings and reviews on Amazon. However, if you want a serum that also gives sun protection, you may purchase Makeup Revolution’s overnight lip serum. That being said, the rest of the items are equally excellent. Go through the list and choose the one that you like the most.


Which lip serum is best?

Serum Expert Lip Serum, Pilgrim Lip Serum, and Makeup Revolution Overnight Lip Serum have made it on our list as the top three choices for lip serums. However, all listed products have their own benefits and come in different price ranges, so you can pick any product you like.

Which is the best lip-lightening serum?

Serum Expert, Makeup Revolution, Organic Harvest, Cosmetofood, and Namyaa lip serums are some of the best for lip lightening.

Do lip serum work?

Yes, lip serums work effectively as they have a lighter texture compared to lip balms and reach deeper into your skin. They benefit you from concerns like ageing, dryness, dark lips, etc.

Are lip serums safe?

Lip serums are completely safe and perfect for daily use. However, you should check their ingredient list to make sure you aren’t allergic to any ingredient. Most of them are free from harmful chemicals, which makes them some of the best choices for complete lipcare.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

All CashKaro evaluations are based on facts. To prepare this list of the top lip serums, the experts gathered important details about each of these serums. They carefully assessed each product and selected only the finest to present you with your top options.

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