Best Massage Oils to Care for Your Skin

Taking care of your body and skin isn’t as easy if you’re stuck on a tight schedule. This is why you should look out for the best massage oils that offer you ample benefits. These oils provide ample moisturisation and glow by removing dirt from your skin, making it bright and beautiful. If you’re looking for a home-bound alternative to regular massages and spa treatments, body oils are the best bet for you. They can nourish your skin and recover its lost moisture and lustre.

Body massage oils hydrate the skin to get rid of dryness, fade blemishes, and reduce marks. They also correct the skin tone, making your skin feeling rejuvenated and glowing. Here are our recommendations of the best body oils for you to reap the benefits equal to those derived from natural sources.  

Have a look at our favourites to pick the right one for you. 

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List of Best Massage Oils for Body and Skin 

1. Bio-Oil Body Oil

Best Massage Oils
Bio-Oil Body Oil

One of the best massage oils available in the market, Bio-Oil is a specialist in resolving multiple skin issues. This oil contains plant extracts that make it light and non-greasy on the skin. Enriched with vitamin A & E and oils derived from lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and calendula, it hydrates the skin, treats scars, lightens stretch marks, and evens out the skin tone. 

It is one of the best body oils and works wonders on your skin. It might not be suitable for those with dry skin.

What’s Best 

  • Increases skin moisture 
  • Lessens itching 
  • Lightens stretch marks 
  • Best massage oil for skin smoothening 

2. Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil 

Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil
Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil

The Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil improves the texture of your skin by evening out discolouration, minimising fine lines. It gives skin a fresh and dewy look, making it smooth and supple. This paraben-free oil is the best body oil for brightening the skin as it is replete with goat milk, unique oils and herbs. It is light, gets easily absorbed into the skin, and protects it from harmful UV rays. 

The oil is prepared with a concoction of locally sourced natural ingredients like Saffron, Manjistha, Oudh, and Padmaka, which lend a natural glow to the skin. 

What’s Best 

  • Best massage oil for glowing skin 
  • Makes skin radiant 
  • Brightens skin colour 
  • Powerful formula

3. Himalaya Herbals Stress Relief Massage Oil 

Himalaya Herbals Stress Relief Massage Oil
Himalaya Herbals Stress Relief Massage Oil

The Himalaya Herbals body oil is the best body massage oil for stress relief. It eases the muscles and promotes better sleep. This body oil relaxes the muscles by reducing fatigue, and also improves skin texture. It is enriched with winter cherry extracts that act as anti-stress agents. This oil’s mild tranquillising effect helps the body loosen up and relax. It also contains Indian tinospora and country mallow, that add to its benefit as the best body massage oil for pain relief and tensed body. 

What’s Best 

  • Antiseptic 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Soothes skin 
  • Best massage oil for relieving stress

4. Aromatique Rosemary Essential Oil 

Aromatique Rosemary Essential Oil
Aromatique Rosemary Essential Oil

This rosemary essential oil is one of the best massage oils for the skin and body. It also improves hair growth and acts as a therapeutic oil to calm the mind. The concentrated essential oil must be used mixed with carrier oils like coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil or sesame oil for best effects. 

What’s Best 

  • 100% natural 
  • Pure essential oil 
  • Best massage oil for body, hair, and skin  

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5. Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Body Oil 

Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Body Oil
Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Body Oil

The Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Body Oil is anti-ageing body oil. It has an antiseptic formula that purifies and protects the skin. Blended with carrot seeds, walnut butter, Indian butter, groundnut oil and almond oil, this is the best body oil to keep the skin soft and supple. It eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, leaving the skin looking youthful, smoother and radiant. 

The body oil is prepared with real carrots rich in vitamin A and carotene. The regeneration properties of carrots promote firmer and smoother skin. 

What’s Best 

  • Protects skin 
  • Ayurvedic formulation 
  • Lasts longer 
  • 100% botanical 
  • Best massage oil for skin

6. mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Oil 

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Oil
mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Oil

The mCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee is a body polishing oil with Olive Oil and Vitamin E. It nourishes the skin, makes it firm, adds sheen to the body, and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Caffeine, the key ingredient, tones the skin while Vitamin E reverses the damage done by the sun. Rosehip relieves stretch marks, and the sweet almond oil moisturises the skin. Being cruelty-free, mineral oil-free and paraben-free, it is the best massage oil that nourishes the skin deeply and naturally. 

What’s Best 

  • Reduces cellulite 
  • Tones skin 
  • Polishes skin 
  • Reduces stretch marks 
  • Best massage oil for summers 

7. Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil 

Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil
Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Massage Oil

This oil by Indus Valley is the best olive oil for body massage and is ideal for men, women, and babies alike. The body oil strengthens bones and muscles, making you feel rejuvenated and strong. It is extracted using cold-pressing that helps it retain the aroma and nutritional values instead of other oil extraction methods.  

Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, proteins and anti-oxidants, this olive oil improves scalp health and makes the hair shinier. 

What’s Best 

  • 100% organic 
  • Chemical-free 
  • Promotes nail growth 
  • Best oil for relaxation 

8. Parachute Advansed Olive & Almond Body Oil 

Parachute Advansed Olive & Almond Body Oil
Parachute Advansed Olive & Almond Body Oil

Parachute advanced body oil is a rich blend of olives and almonds. Suitable for all skin types, this is the best massage oil for skin hydration. It is the best body oil for dry skin, has a pleasant and mild fragrance that relaxes the mind as it gets absorbed into the layers of the skin. The oil nourishes the skin deeply and leaves the skin glowing. 

What’s Best 

  • Best body oil for glowing skin 
  • Non-greasy formulation 
  • Softens the skin 
  • Can be used as a daily moisturiser

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