17 Best Plywood Brands in India (Updated List for 2024!)

Plywood is a lighter, stronger, and comparatively cheaper alternative to wood. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs to make your interiors attractive and appealing. The new age wood alternative ticks all the checkboxes to be chosen as a trustable resource to create valuable equipment that we use in our day-to-day lives. However, proper selection of plywood is important to guarantee the strength and longevity of such pieces of equipment. To ascertain the right choice, we have created a list of the best plywood brand names and their price in India.

Our Top Picks

Different Plywood Grades

Plywood is graded based on various factors, such as the number of layers, the glue used, and the quality of the finish. These grading systems help consumers choose the right plywood for their specific applications.

A-Grade Plywood

A-Grade plywood is the highest quality plywood available. It is made from high-quality hardwood veneers, typically free from knots or defects. The layers are uniformly thick and tightly bonded with high-quality adhesive, resulting in a smooth and flawless surface. A-Grade plywood is often used for furniture, cabinetry, and other high-end applications.

B-Grade Plywood

B-Grade plywood is slightly lower in quality compared to A-Grade plywood but still offers good strength and durability. It may have some visible surface defects, such as knots or patches. B-Grade plywood is commonly used for construction purposes, such as wall sheathing, subfloors, and roofing.

C-Grade Plywood

C-Grade plywood is a step down from B-Grade in terms of appearance and quality. It is unsanded and has flaws that need to be repaired, such as larger knots, discolouration, filled holes, and more. While C-Grade plywood may not be suitable for projects where aesthetics matter, it is commonly used in applications where strength is essential, such as concrete formwork and temporary structures.

D-Grade Plywood

D-Grade plywood is the lowest grade available and is often referred to as utility-grade plywood. It has numerous defects, including knots, patches, and splits. This grade of plywood is not recommended for projects that require strength or a smooth finish.

List of Top 16 Plywood Brands in India



CenturyPly was founded in 1986 with a vision to transform India with its products to match the progressing standards and the modern living of the people. It is one of the largest and best plywood companies in India that offers maximum choices through its wide range of products to its customers with a guarantee of quality and durability.

Notable Features of CenturyPly:

  • The strong layers of plywood offer the strength to support the heaviest pieces of furniture.
  • It has emerged as an environment-friendly brand that uses plantation timbers as raw materials to compensate for the loss of natural resources
  • The brand guarantees protection from damage and external factors by providing the best marine plywood in India for both exterior and interior use


  • Guaranteed water resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to prevent cracks in the ply
  • Manufactures fire-resistant plywood
  • Chemical resistance

Why We Picked CenturyPly?

CenturyPly has maintained its presence in the Indian market with its products and has dedicated its maximum efforts to listening to Indian customers and introducing products that are satisfactory in all aspects. 

Solid Ply

Solid Ply

Solid Ply Pvt Ltd. started as a humble plywood trading company in 1975 and has become a big name in the Indian plywood industry today. With headquarters in Visakhapatnam, the company has a massive client base spread across the nation. It is renowned for manufacturing excellent products while keeping the environment in mind. The brand’s range of plywood, blockboard, marine ply, flexi ply, and more deliver quality and incredible reliability, making it a first choice for many.

Notable Features of Solid Ply:

  • Designed with premium quality Timber wood and in-house Resin
  • It has a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure each product stands out in terms of quality and technology
  • The calibrated wood is triple-pressed for added strength and durability to each product


  • Exceptional durability and reliability
  • High-quality products at an unparalleled price range
  • Superior designs and a diverse product range
  • Each product comes with the brand’s trust and is AEIO Certified
  • Waterproof, termite, and fungus proof as well

Why We Picked Solid Ply?

Leading the Indian plywood market for decades, Solid Ply is one of the most sought-after brands in the country today. Its wide and customisable product range is sold massively across the nation. With Solid Ply, you get the luxury of getting customised designs exactly how you like them.

AK – Apple Ply

AK - Apple Ply
AK – Apple Ply

Established in 1984, the AK Group has become one of the largest manufacturers of top-grade wood products in India. The brand is synonymous with quality, integrity, and versatility in its wide range of products. Whether you’re looking for premium plywood, blockboard, doors, laminates, or quality veneers, this brand has it all and more!

Notable Features of AK – Apple Ply:

  • Crafted using premium forest wood such as Eucalyptus and Gujran
  • Promotes sustainable practices to produce world-class products, making it an eco-friendly brand
  • Each product showcases exemplary craftsmanship and smart use of technology to build something immaculate


  • Resistant to moisture damage
  • Enhanced durability to increase its lifespan
  • Excellent adhesion that is long-lasting and safe
  • Superior designs and a diverse product range

Why We Picked AK – Apple Ply?

AK – Apple Ply is a prominent name in the Indian market, widely known for its unwavering quality and durability. Its products are easily available online and the brand offers you multiple customisation options to curate products as per your tas



GreenPly is one of the best plywood companies in India that provides home décor solutions. It started in 1984 by setting up a sawmill and introducing the plywood industry in India. Over the course of over 3 decades, it has set up numerous facilities and has regularly introduced products that are durable and environment friendly. Its veneers give the houses a distinctive and attractive look.

Notable Features of GreenPly:

  • The 4-press technology of GreenPly offers maximum plywood strength and makes it imperishable
  • Its superior quality plywood is characterised by uniform thickness for precision
  • The water-resistant feature of GreenPly prevents any damage from moisture


  • Borer and fungus proof
  • Antiviral and antibacterial
  • Wide range of products

Why We Picked GreenPly?

A vast range of high-quality products makes GreenPly one of the best plywood brands in India. The brand’s commitment to making environment-friendly products is also commendable. 

SIPL Plywood

SIPL Plywood
SIPL Plywood

SIPL Plywood was established in 1956 as a sawmill company and mostly functioned as a timber supplier. In 2017, it started its own plywood business and set up a standard manufacturing unit to compete with its competitors. SIPL brought a unique range of plywood to the market that ensured that the customers were satisfied with all aspects and were cost-effective, making it one of the best waterproof plywood brands in India.

Notable Features of SIPL Plywood:

  • SIPL Plywood’s high-quality plywood and attractive laminate designs made it a customer’s favourite, even though it arrived late in the plywood business
  • It values the money invested by the customers and ensures that the people have zero complaints about its products


  • Regular efforts to maintain the quality of the plywood
  • Environment friendly 

Why We Picked SIPL Plywood?

SIPL Plywood offers high-quality, environment-friendly products at affordable prices. It has a wide variety of products available suitable for different purposes. Given its range of products and price tags, this is a must-mention on our list.

DG Dexaglobal

DG Dexaglobal
DG Dexaglobal

DG Dexaglobal is a plywood brand that sells designed plywood on Amazon. It has a huge collection of fancy and colourful plywood that gives your furniture an elegant look and sturdy support.

Notable Features of DG Dexaglobal:

  • DG Dexaglobal provides plywood that is laminated with sunmica on both sides
  • It has a range of extra thick plywood for specialised purposes
  • The ready-made designs and colour patterns make it easy for direct installation


  • Termite resistant
  • Resistance against moisture
  • Strong and durable
  • Appealing looks for décor
  • Readymade for direct application


  • A bit expensive

Why We Picked DG Dexaglobal?

The reason we have listed DG Dexaglobal as one of the best plywood brands in India is that it offers the perfect combination of elegance and strength. Its products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are strong. 



SNOOGG provides plywood that is in customised shapes and sizes for artwork and craft projects. Their products are designed in a way that suits one’s artistic taste.

Notable Features of SNOOGG:

  •  The specific shapes and stable dimensions make it perfect for painting and other fun activities
  • The unfinished, smooth surface of the DIY wooden square blocks makes it simple to personalise them with paint, stencils, and beads
  • Can be carved, stained, and sanded to create unique centrepieces


  • Perfect for both amateur and expert artists
  • Smooth texture
  • Affordable price


  • Limited size products

Why We Picked SNOOGG?

These MDF plaques from SNOOGG can be transformed into whatever you need them to be. The wood slices may be used as creating props. Additionally, the polished wooden circles have a smooth surface that can be written and drawn on.



Venturing into the field of Radio-Controlled devices and models, Vortex-RC takes the use of ply to the next level. It provides plywood for hobby and entertainment purposes, introducing aero-sports in India. Its plywood offers aeroplane model designing and construction, which makes it one of the best waterproof plywood brands in India.

Notable Features of Vortex-RC plywood:

  • Vortex-RC has been in the business for 12 years and has been immensely loved by customers for its unique take on the plywood industry


  • Water resistance
  • Fungus resistance
  • Strongly layered texture


  • Very few products for basic furnishing purposes

Midwest Products Co.

Midwest Products Co.
Midwest Products Co.

Midwest Products Co. is an international brand that was founded in 1952 with the aim of fuelling the passion of people in art and craft. Its art-specific products encourage people to enjoy their hobbies and create unique projects. Midwest provides a sustainable and strong solution for all craft projects and activities.

Notable Features of Midwest Products Co.:

  • Its strong and high-quality products are suitable for painting, staining, stencilling, and wood burning, as well as aeroplane and boat model building
  • Midwest products are also used by architects and designers to prepare a model project or miniatures of buildings and monuments


  • High-quality products


  • Limited range of products

Whittlewud Ply

Whittlewud Ply
Whittlewud Ply

Whittlewud Ply is a plywood brand that specialises in the craft sector. Its economical products offer the customers to divulge in the field of art by providing smooth textured products manufactured using the latest method in wood production. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal products make it safe and suitable for kids for crafting projects.

Notable Features of Whittlewud Ply:

  • Its smooth surface makes it perfect for paintings and burn wood projects
  • The rigidity and stability in Whittlewud support your crafts, minimising the scope of errors


  • Exceptional durability
  • Fire-resistant


  • A bit expensive

Rama Ply

Rama Ply
Rama Ply

Incorporated in 1996, RamaPly is a leading part of the plywood industry. Its high-technology facilities manufacture plywood that is of top quality and of the strongest capacity to provide lifelong durability and resistance to almost all damage-causing factors.

Notable Features of RamaPly:

  • It uses VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) technology to manufacture the strongest wood products
  • Its regular customer-oriented initiatives make it possible for the brand to manufacture products that are affordable


  • Offers protection against deterioration

Plyneer Plywood

Plyneer Plywood
Plyneer Plywood

Plyneer was established in the year 2008 and is one of the leading manufacturers of plywood in Bengaluru. Plyneer uses high-quality raw materials to produce ply of high tolerance to ensure that its products are up to the standards and to the expectations of the customers. 

Notable Features of Plyneer Plywood:

  • Plyneer’s commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled it to produce plywood of excellent quality
  • It has a varied range of colours and textures suitable for all corners of a house


  • High flexibility and durability of plywood
  • Excellent after-sale services
  • Boiling waterproof 
  • Borer and termite proof
  • 15 years warranty on products

AmericanElm Plywood 

AmericanElm Plywood 
AmericanElm Plywood 

AmericanElm Plywood is made from imported wood and uses the finest Indian Birch to present a smoother surface finish. Its antifungal and bacterial features make it a great choice.

Notable Features of AmericanElm Plywood:

  • The plywood is perfect for art and craft, school projects and DIY projects, drawing, painting, and wood engraving
  • Its fire-resistant feature makes it perfect for wood-burning art, laser projects, and cabinet making


  • Antibacterial and antifungal
  • Termite resistant
  • Even texture and smooth finish
  • Resistant to splitting

Asian Timber and Plywood

Asian Timber and Plywood
Asian Timber and Plywood

Asian Timber and Plywood is a venture of a larger brand of Asian interiors that aims at creating a difference through innovation in the design industry. The Kolkata-based brand has 10 years of success and suggests the best changes to its customers to bring about a wholesome difference in their interiors. 

Notable Features of Asian Timber and Plywood:

  • Asian Timber and Plywood provides premium products at an affordable price
  • The quality of the products is of a high standard that comes with 25 years of warranty
  • The timbers and plywoods undergo 24 crucial tests to verify their quality


  • Stronger than traditional timber
  • Bend resistant
  • Protection against breakage 



Kitply is a popular choice among interior designers for employing plywood decoratives. The brand stepped into the industry holding the hands of P.K. Goenka in 1982 in the state of Assam. With over 300 dealers and thousands of workers, the brand manufactures good quality and eco-friendly plywoods.

Notable Features of Kitply:

  • Kitply offers a wide variety of products and services to suit all décor
  • Its range of products provides budgetary options to the customers besides offering the best marine plywood in India for domestic use


  • Lightweight
  • Fire resistant 
  • High strength
  • 10 years warranty
  • ISO Certified

Krishna Plywood

Krishna Plywood
Krishna Plywood

Krishna Plywood is a trusted brand that has been serving customers since 1984. The brand widely manufactures plywoods, flush doors, skin doors, MDF particle boards, and many other furnishing products. Krishna Plywood primarily focuses on redesigning the wooden features of every home to bring a positive and modern change. 

Notable Features of Krishna Plywood:

  • Krishna Plywood has a wide range of products that employ Glue Line Protection technology to bring a long-lasting product
  • Many colour options are available for all thicknesses of plywood


  • Protection against moisture
  • Durable products
  • Treated plywood for resisting borer and termite attack

Paramount Plywood 

Paramount Plywood 
Paramount Plywood 

Paramount Plywood is a brand that supplies standard-quality plywood at an affordable price since 2015. The plywood and hardware brand has a wide assortment of products like PVC imitation marble sheets, Plywood, HPL sheets, PVC panels and PVC tapes. 

Notable Features of Paramount Plywood:

  • The plywood is BWR (boiling water resistant) grade, which offers water resistance
  • The quality of the plywood is of international standard at a comparatively lower price


  • Boiling water-resistant plywood
  • Gap free ply
  • Termite resistant

How Do We Choose the Best Plywood Brands for You?

You will find plywood in various price ranges between Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 according to the structure and need. There are many factors other than price that must be considered before selecting the best plywood in India as per your requirement.  

Here are the factors that must be considered before selecting the best plywood brand. 

Moisture Resistance

Moisture makes the purpose of plywood ineffective as it dampens the material and causes expansion, contraction, or crack in the ply. Therefore, check for the moisture resistance of the plywood before purchasing.

Boiling Water Resistance

Furnishing the exteriors of a building, the interiors of a bathroom or the flooring of the house requires plywood that is resistant to water. Checking the BWR grading of the plywood before the purchase helps in ensuring that the plywood is resistant to water.

Size and Thickness

The size and thickness of the plywood must be one of the necessary criteria before selecting a plywood brand. Various sizes decide the nature of the use of plywood. A 3ply plywood is a basic thickness that is commonly purchased. In the case of indoor and outdoor furniture and decorative boards, the 4mm 5ply plywood is most suitable. For requirements like permanent structures like roofing requires multi-plywood which has 7 or more layers.

Types of Plywood

Plywood is a versatile and widely used building material known for its strength, durability, and affordability. Here are some of the various types of plywood available in the market, each with its own unique characteristics and applications.

Softwood Plywood

Softwood plywood is made from coniferous trees such as cedar, redwood, or pinewood, as the name suggests. It is the most common type of plywood and is readily available. Softwood plywood is known for its strength and durability and is often used in construction, flooring, and general carpentry projects. It is also commonly used as a structural panel for roof sheathing and wall sheathing.

Hardwood Plywood

As the name suggests, hardwood plywood is made from hardwood trees such as oak, birch, or maple. It is known for its excellent strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Hardwood plywood is often used in high-end cabinetry, furniture, and decorative projects where a fine finish is desired.

Exterior Plywood

Exterior plywood is designed for outdoor use where the wood is exposed to the elements. It is made with moisture-resistant glue and is typically constructed with softwood veneers. It is also an excellent choice for applications that require strength and durability in moist or humid climates.

Structural Plywood

Structural plywood is designed for use in load-bearing applications where strength and stability are crucial. It is typically made from softwood veneers and is manufactured with a higher emphasis on strength rather than appearance. The production of structural plywood involves the use of the strongest, most waterproof glues.

When it comes to severe weather, structural plywood is less adaptable. However, they continue to be the most popular options for both indoor and outdoor woodworking.

Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood is used for curves and bending, as the name implies. As a result, it is used in the creation of furniture as well as the curved portions of building frames. It is constructed from thicker cross-grained ply on both sides and a centre cross-grained ply. Overlaid wood veneers are placed on the front surface to provide a glossier finish.

Final Word

Price, strength, durability, size, design, and resistance to moisture are some crucial determinants when choosing plywood brands. Good quality plywood can give you lifelong assurance, which is significant for sustainability. 


Which is the best plywood for wardrobes in India?

Moisture-resistant plywood from brands like CenturyPly and GreenPly are some of the best plywood for wardrobes in India.

Which plywood is best for furniture in India?

MR, BWR, and BWP (moisture resistant, boiling water resistant, boiling waterproof) are the best types of plywood for furniture in India. Out of these, BWR and BWP are more suited as they are durable and offer more water resistance. These grades of plywood can thus be used for outdoor furniture as well.

Which plywood is best for a modular kitchen in India?

BWR and BWP grade plywood is best for modular kitchens in India.

What is Marine Plywood?

Marine grade plywood, or BWP, is the best quality plywood and is used in the construction of ships, boats, and other marine applications. It is void-free, without any knotholes and cracks to adhere to extreme weather conditions and submersion in water.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro reviews are curated by experts. The quality and price have carefully been looked into, and all important aspects have been analysed properly to create the list of the best plywood brands in India. We hope you can make a learned decision after reading our review.

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