It isn’t easy to opt for manual laundry in this age of improved technology. People are switching to washing machines that are more energy-efficient and save their precious time. When purchasing a washing machine, evaluate various parameters like washing cycles, front load or top load features, washing or stain removal ability, etc. You can also get washing machines that consume less water and save electricity. With many options and features, it becomes extremely difficult to find the best washing machine. However, we have made this process a lot easier for you! Read on to know about the best washing machines in India that’ll make your life easy. Here you can also check some of the best Front Loading Washing Machines and the list of top semi-automatic washing machines in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Washing Machines in India?

Laundry can be a tedious task for many, and hence, they buy a washing machine that can lighten their load and help them save time to use it more productively. In India, many brands offer washing machines for all budgets ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. Since shopping for washing machines can be overwhelming as they come in various features and sizes, here are a few factors that you need to consider before getting one.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of the machine is an important factor whose answer depends upon the number of members in a family. If you have a small family with 1-2 members, you can buy a machine with a 5 to 6 kg load capacity. However, for a family of 4-5 members, you must get an 8 kg load capacity machine.


The available space in your household also matters a lot when purchasing a washing machine. If you have a tight or narrow space where you want to install the washing machine, you must pick a compact machine that can fit in that area. So, carefully read the dimensions of the particular machine and compare it with the space in your household.


There are different features in a washing machine that decides its productivity. This might include child lock, wash programs, spin cycle, fuzzy logic, temperature control, etc. Before you hit the market and pick a machine for your home, make a list of all your desired features you need.

List of Top 11 Washing Machines in India

1. Bosch WOE654D2IN 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

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Bosch WOE654D2IN Washing Machine

The 6.5 kg Bosch WOE654D2IN top-loading washing machine is designed to meet unique cleaning requirements with its semi-automatic cleaning features. It has a powerful motor that can effectively clean most fabrics without damaging them, including heavy ones like curtains, blankets, etc. It also comes with a lint filter that quickly grabs lint, pieces of paper, and other substances that accidentally drop inside the washing tub.

Prominent Features of the Bosch WOE654D2IN Washing Machine:

  • Equipped with Water Logic System that displays the water level corresponding to the weight of clothes in the tub
  • An Intelligent Wave Drum movement with Powerwave Wash System that cleans even the toughest stains
  • It has a soft closing lid with toughened, see-through glass that shuts gently without a sound and avoids accidental mishaps
  • The magic filter efficiently captures lint and small threads coming out of clothes for cleaner laundry
  • It has a smart child lock to disable all the control panel keys for uninterrupted performance


  • It resumes the last wash cycle after a power cut with an intelligent memory function
  • It has a one-touch start feature that automatically selects the optimal programme and settings
  • It has a rigid structure with a steel body and makes less or no sound


  • Can dry only 70% of the clothing because of 680 RPM spin speed

2. Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 18 1
Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL Washing Machine

The Samsung WA65A4002VS top load washing machine speeds up drying time and keeps your clothes in great condition. It is water-efficient, which means it saves water while washing your clothes perfectly clean. This 6.5 kg model is suitable for a small family of 3 individuals and supports several advanced features such as easy iron, auto-restart, magic filter, eco tub clean, etc. It comes with six washing cycles and dries clothes faster than other washing machines.

Prominent Features of the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL Washing Machine:

  • Equipped with Center Jet technology, it suspends any clothes that settle on the pulsator and prevent them from getting entangled
  • The Monsoon Drying feature makes use of dual vents to draw in air to create a powerful wind that dries the clothes faster
  • Magic Filter in this Samsung washing machine traps the lint, fluff, and particles that float in the water during the wash cycle snd leaves the clothes and drainage pipes clean
  • The Quick Wash function is a solution for a busy life as it washes a small load of clothes quickly


  • Comes with a lint collector and magic filter to gather cloth particles
  • Cleans lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently
  • Has a child lock feature


  • It takes a little more amount of water and detergent than semi-automatic machines

Why We Picked the Samsung WA65A4002VS/TL Washing Machine?

Samsung is one of the largest producers of electronic devices in India. It is highly regarded for its quality products, and WA65A4002VS/TL Washing Machine is no exception. It is a fully-automatic machine that comes with 6 washing programs and has a unique ‘soft curl’ Diamond Drum design to protect clothes from getting damaged while cleaning them perfectly.

3. LG T70SPSF2Z 7 kg Inverter Top Loading Washing Machine

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LG T70SPSF2Z Washing Machine

This fully-automatic washing machine from LG has a capacity of 7kg and comes with six wash programs to ensure customised wash for all fabric types. You get a lint collector that collects pieces of paper and lint from clothes and a collar scrubber to effectively clean the cuffs and collar of your shirts. It comes with an air-dry feature that helps remove moisture from the clothes to ensure your clothes dry 40% faster than line drying.

Prominent Features of the LG T70SPSF2Z Washing Machine:

  • It is equipped with a 3mm plastic cover that has a rat repellent chemical to keep rats away
  • It has long motor life with a BMC Motor Protection that leaves no room for dust, insects, and humidity
  • It is made of stainless steel, which makes it rust-proof and prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria
  • The auto-restart feature starts the machine exactly from the same cycle where it had stopped in case of a power outage
  • The machine is smartphone compatible that allows the user to connect it to the SmartThinQ app to diagnose any issue


  • It has a Tub Clean feature that sterilises both the inner and outer tub
  • The child lock feature disables the control panel and keeps its settings safe
  • It comes with 2 years comprehensive warranty and 10 years warranty on motor


  • It does not have an air-dry feature

Why We Picked the LG T70SPSF2Z Washing Machine?

LG T70SPSF2Z Washing Machine is a 5-star fully automatic washing machine that is a perfect pick for a family of 3-4 members. This machine has a Smart Inverter Motor that adjusts the energy consumption at the optimum level according to the required power and saves your electricity bills from touching the skies. It is one of the best washing machines in India that offers a fantastic performance.

4. Haier HWM62-707E 6.2 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 20
Haier HWM62-707E Washing Machine

The Haier HWM62-707E 6.2 kg fully-automatic washing machine has Oceanus Wave Drum technology to clean clothes gently and effectively with minimal abrasion. This washing machine features child-lock and comes with eight wash programs that you can choose according to the laundry you wish to wash. Its cabinets are made of PCM material that is rust-free and pre-coated to ensure longer life of the machine.

Prominent Features of the Haier HWM62-707E Washing Machine:

  • The Balance Pulsator allows an active infusion of detergent in clothes to reduce the washing time and remove dirt easily
  • The Fuzzy Logic technology senses the wash environment and adjusts the settings accordingly for the best washing results
  • It allows water and detergent to combine and provides powerful motion to clean larger and heavier clothes
  • The Bionic Magic Filter of the washing machine ensures that all the lint from the fabric is captured inside the tub for filtering and effective cleaning results


  • Comes with 5 years warranty for the motor
  • It has a transparent lid that is lightweight and shockproof
  • It is low on noise that does not disturb anyone


  • It does not contain a built-in heater

Why We Picked the Haier HWM62-707E Washing Machine?

Haier HWM62-707E Washing Machine is an ergonomically friendly machine that minimises physical efforts and maximises efficiency. It has an Ariel Cycle that consumes a low amount of water in every wash and delivers great cleaning. Suitable for all fabric materials, this model by Haier is your laundry’s best friend. It is also equipped with Near Zero Pressure technology that ensures reliable performance and effective cleaning even at extremely low water pressure.

5. Onida T65FCD 6.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 21
Onida T65FCD Washing Machine
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This fully-automatic top-loading washing machine by Onida is tailor-made for Indian households. It comes in light grey colour and features 8 wash programs, making the process easier and more convenient to wash all kinds of clothes. Its 6.5 kg capacity allows you to wash many clothes in one go. This machine comes fitted with a large LED which enhances the look of the machine. Magic Lint filters and steel drum improves the wash quality.

Prominent Features of the Onida T65FCD Washing Machine:

  • Air Dryer removes excess water and most of the moisture from the clothes without any harm to fabric
  • Reduces the consumption of water and adjusts the duration of wash cycles to deliver a power-efficient wash
  • It is made up of shockproof material that ensures the safety of the user and durability of the washing machine
  • Equipped with Magic Filter that collects lint even when the water level is low and offers lint-free, clean clothes after every wash
  • The machine has Wash Plus technology to wash more clothes and increase laundry load with less water consumption


  • Equipped with 10 different water level selections to ease the workload
  • Easy usage with one-touch operation
  • It takes up lesser space as compared to other machines


  • There’s no child lock in the control panel

Why We Picked the Onida T65FCD Washing Machine?

Onida T65FCD Washing Machine is a 6.5 kg machine that makes it suitable for a family of 2-3 members. The interior of the machine is a perfect combination of beauty and technology. The inner tub has a classy crystalised look, giving it a higher spin speed that helps remove more water from clothes and makes them easy to dry. Other features that make it a great choice are an air-dryer, rust and shockproof body, and dynamic display.

6. Whirlpool WhiteMagic Elite 7kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 17 1
Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 Washing Machine

The Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 fully-automatic top load washing machine offers excellent dirt removal with an easy-to-use 3-button control panel that takes care of all the washing needs of an individual. It also comes with an inbuilt scrub station and ZPF (Zero Pressure Fill) technology that ensures faster washing tub filling even at lower water pressure. The machine’s multi-washing programs range from delicate to normal and heavy fabrics, making it a great pick for your home.

Prominent Features of the Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 Washing Machine:

  • The washing tub has a capacity of 66 litres which gives more space for clothes for cleaning
  • It senses the water type and accordingly adapts the wash cycle to give flawlessly clean clothes
  • It has 12 wash programs that are designed to wash different fabric types perfectly
  • Its advanced wash motion called ‘Spiro Wash’ washes clothes in a unique circular motion giving them a complete wash
  • It has Auto-Tub Clean, which automatically cleans the inner walls of the tub by reusing the water used in the wash cycle


  • Comes with a waterproof and shockproof control panel
  • Smart Lint Filter helps remove any lint accumulated during the wash
  • It has a child lock feature to keep program settings safe


  • The machine could be a little bit quieter

Why We Picked the Whirlpool WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 Washing Machine?

WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0 Washing Machine by Whirlpool is an affordable, fully-automatic machine that is easy to use and offers a great wash quality. It comes with a 3-button control panel and has an express wash feature that reduces the cycle time by 30-40%. Suitable for a family of 4 members, this machine also allows you to set a timer for your laundry and store water in the tub for the next wash.

7. Samsung WW60R20GLMA 6.0 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 23
Samsung WW60R20GLMA Washing Machine

Samsung WW60R20GLMA 6kg washing machine features a front-loading design and runs on a fully-automatic operation. It comes with ten wash programs, including 15-minute quick wash, delicate washing, hygiene steam, daily wash, and more for thorough and hygienic cleaning of clothes. It has an LED that shows the time remaining to complete the current wash cycle. This washing machine is equipped with Digital Inverter technology and uses strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful performance.

Prominent Features of the Samsung WW60R20GLMA Washing Machine:

  • Eco Drum Clean technology keeps the front load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals and notifies when it needs cleaning
  • A powerful Hygiene Steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of the wash to provide fresh clothes
  • Gentle Fabric Care washes clothes very effectively while treating them with care and protecting them from being damaged
  • It has a Ceramic Heater that prevents the build-up of water scale deposits and ensures its longer life
  • Offers quick wash programs that help you wash clothes quickly and effectively and save a lot of time


  • It has less impact on the environment by reducing harmful CO2 emissions
  • Allows easy trouble-shooting via smartphone to save time and cost
  • Cleans clothes deeply with a powerful steam cycle


  • The drain motor of the machine is quite noisy

8. Bosch WAK24264IN 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 24
Bosch WAK24264IN Washing Machine

This fully automatic washing machine from Bosch has a capacity of 7kg and comes with 15 wash programs to ensure customised wash for all fabric types. It comes with a lint collector that collects pieces of paper and lint from clothes and a collar scrubber to effectively clean the cuffs and collar of your shirts. This machine also has an air-dry feature that removes moisture from the clothes to ensure that clothes are dried 40% faster than line drying.

Prominent Features of the Bosch WAK24264IN Washing Machine:

  • The unique unlock and reload function allows opening the door early in the cycle to add or remove the items
  • This washing machine is time-efficient as it allows the user to get laundry done in up to 65% less time without compromising on wash results
  • Comes with Allergy Plus Wash that eradicates detergent residue and irritants, giving out hygienic and allergy free clothes
  • VarioPerfect reduces overall energy consumption and allows effective cleaning with 20% less energy
  • It has a friction-free EcoSilence Drive Motor that minimises heat and wear-out while giving powerful results


  • Suitable for a family of 4-5 members
  • It boasts an anti-vibration design on the sidewalls that gives you a quieter wash
  • It has a high spin speed of 1200 RPM for quick drying


  • It uses more detergent than usual washing machines

9. LG FHM1006ADW 6.0 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 25
LG FHM1006ADW Washing Machine

This LG fully-automatic washing machine features a top load design and has a capacity of 6kg, suitable for small families. It comes with a 5-star energy rating as per BEE 2020 norms to optimise electricity consumption and offer higher savings. It comes with nine different wash programs suitable for various types of laundry. It is equipped with an Accu-wash Drum with big and small evenly spaced contours to provide gentle scrubbing and knock off the toughest dirt from your clothes.

Prominent Features of the LG FHM1006ADW Washing Machine:

  • This LG front load washing machine has its motor attached directly to the drum, which reduces the noise and vibration during operation
  • In case of an electricity blowout, the Auto Restart feature allows the machine cycle to start exactly from where it had stopped
  • For special care for babies, it keeps the water at 40°C for 15 minutes and then at 60°C to efficiently remove enzymes, bacteria, and detergent residue
  • It has 6 Motion Direct Drive technology that moves the wash drum in multiple directions, giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean
  • A Quick Wash Program that effectively cleans mildly soiled laundry in 29 minutes


  • It has a waterproof touch panel that ensures easy operation
  • Equipped with inbuilt heather to get rid of stubborn stains and allergens
  • Allows easy problem detection with SmartThinQ mobile app


  • It does not show the exact time that a particular program will take

10. Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB 6 kg Top Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 26
Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB Washing Machine

Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB Washing Machine is a fully-automatic washing machine that is designed to offer users fresh and new-looking clothes after every wash. This washing machine is loaded with innovative features that clean the clothes thoroughly and keep them safe from damage. It allows users to choose the most appropriate wash cycle according to the fibre and washes every piece of clothing in a gentle yet hygienic way.

Prominent Features of the Panasonic NA-F60LF1HRB Washing Machine:

  • The Aqua Beat Wash technology removes dirt from the fibres and ensures thorough, fresh cleaning
  • It has a unique cube design of the washing drum that helps in efficient washing and minimal tangling of clothes
  • The high-speed rotation of the inner drum dries the outside surface and prevents bacteria development
  • The Fuzzy Logic function can measure the weight of items and match it to the water level needed for an easy washing experience


  • It has an extra-durable metal body that is rustproof and looks new even after years
  • Equipped with a powerful motor to wash heavy laundry like blankets, curtains, etc.
  • It measures the weight of the load and suggests the water level accordingly


  • It does not have a tray for adding washing powder

11. IFB Senator WXS 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Untitled design 27
IFB Senator WXS Washing Machine

IFB Senator WXS Washing Machine is a great pick for pampering yourself with soft, clean, germ-free clothes without putting a lot of effort. It is a fully automatic machine that makes clothes look spick and span without causing damage or colour loss. This machine removes all the allergens and kills 99.99% of germs to provide the user with fresh, clean clothes that won’t cause any itching or sneezing. It also comes with Silk Special feature that makes it perfect for washing designer fabrics effectively.

Prominent Features of the IFB Senator WXS Washing Machine:

  • It has 4D Wash technology with dynamic water jets and showers to completely soak the clothes and dissolve detergent
  • The Ball Valve technology prevents water from coming out and enhances the wash by keeping the detergent in
  • Aqua Spa Therapy gently cleans and rejuvenates clothes
  • It has Auto Tub Clean feature that provides a clean tub after every wash


  • It has a highly visible touch panel with LED lighting
  • It comes with 14 wash programs for different fabrics
  • The machine has an add laundry option that allows to stop the cycle and add clothes


  • It is expensive as compared to other options in the market

Final Words

Washing machines are no more a luxury nowadays. Everyone is switching to washing machines from manual laundry, be it a housewife or a working professional, or anyone else. They have now become an inevitable part of household appliances that help in saving a lot of time and energy. Since no household has the same laundry requirements, you must check out the entire list and pick the one that suits you best.


Which is better: top load or front load?

Both front load and top load machines work great in cleaning laundry. However, front load washers are said to be superior at washing clothes with less water and by putting less stress on the fabric. On the other hand, top-load washers are more ergonomic and known for cleaning faster.

Which washing machine brand is best in India?

Whirlpool and LG are two of the highly known brands in India. Both are regarded for producing premium quality, reliable electrical devices, including washing machines. They offer great wash quality and easy-to-use machines at an affordable price. Make sure you check out other brands as well to find your perfect pick.

What is an Inverter washing machine?

Inverter washing machines are the ones that use digital inverter technology to sense the amount of workload and adjust the speed of the motor accordingly. Depending on how many garments you need to wash, the pace of such machines varies. They consume less energy and deliver optimum performance.

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