Best Waterproof Makeup Brands

Those who have to stay outdoors for long periods of times, or when one has to attend events like attending a pool party, it is very important that the makeup stays put for long hours of time and does not smudge or come off when in contact with moisture. Waterproof makeup stays on for hours and there is very little requirement for touchups. Here are some of the best brands that make waterproof makeup and they can be a real lifesaver when you have a great even to attend.

The Best Brands for Waterproof Makeup

1. Best Lakme waterproof makeup

Lakme has a whole range of waterproof makeup, starting from the base like foundation, and moving on to other products like lipsticks and eye liner. Almost all of them come off only after applying makeup remover and are not washable with water, which makes them stay on to the skin for hours at a stretch. The products are priced around Rs 450 and upwards.

2. Best L’Oreal waterproof makeup

L’Oreal has some of the best make up items and the eye makeup and lipsticks deserve special mention. They are light and yet have a long lasting effect. Those who use the eye shadows frequently would know that they stay on for hours and also have a very light formula. The products are priced upwards of Rs 550.

3. Best Maybelline waterproof makeup

From eye pencils to mascara, from lip sticks to primers, there is an entire range of waterproof makeup from the brand and they are perfect for the woman on the go who has to step out with a flawless face every time. The waterproof volumizing mascara deserves special mention. One can have them around a price range of Rs 225 and Rs 3000.

4. Best Revlon waterproof makeup

Revlon has always provided the best makeup for women and the waterproof range of cosmetics has made it a go- to option for those who love to look flawless without having to constantly worry about touchups. The makeup products are one of a kind and they are extremely well received by regular users. They are priced around Rs 800 and upwards.

5. Best Blue Heaven waterproof makeup

Considering it is a mid range brand with quite a few new products, there are some that has really managed to garner some good reviews from the critics. The makeup products are quite light and they are suited for the Indian skin tone perfectly. They are also not very expensive which gives them an added advantage. They are priced around Rs 400 and upwards.

6. Best Nykaa waterproof makeup

Nykaa has brought out some very good makeup products in the short span they have been here and they have received positive reviews. The waterproof makeup items like eyeliner, mascara and lipsticks do their job perfectly. They are priced upwards of Rs 650 and are fast becoming a trusted brand for the women.

7. Best Avon waterproof makeup

Avon has been meticulous about the kind of makeup it makes and the waterproof variants have always lived up to the expectation. The waterproof foundation and primers are the best and they are perfect for providing that perfect glow that makes makeup worth it. The products are priced upwards of Rs 700.

8. Best Oriflame waterproof makeup

Oriflame has always lived up to the expectation of the buyers and it has managed to deliver each time with its stupendous range of waterproof make up. The products are light and weightless and yet they stay on for hours at a stretch. The mascara and eye shadow deserve special mention. They are priced around Rs 800 and above.

9. Best Lacome waterproof makeup

Lacome is a world renowned brand and their waterproof variants are one of a kind. The pigments stay on for long duration and the makeup does not come off with perspiration or water. The products retain their intensity and shine throughout and they are also amazing in terms of coverage. The products are priced upwards of Rs 999.

10. Best MI fashion waterproof makeup

MI Fashion is a new brand but some of the waterproof makeup does perform a good job, in spite of being a mid range brand. It has opened up a whole lot of options for those who want to do makeup on a budget. The lipsticks and eyeliners hardly require any touchup and are recommended for new users. They are priced upwards of Rs 500.

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