Do You Have These Safety Apps In Your Phone?

Women’s Safety is an extremely sensitive as well as grave matter for the nation where only 25% of women-related crimes are being reported. Such is the situation now that we, the working women citizens are bound to safeguard ourselves before we approach any external authority for it. So I was actually happy to see that some IT companies, as well as government bodies have made help more approachable for women by launching women security apps. I have tried using a few of them and want to help more women like me who commute distances of 20 – 30 kilometres every day for work. Read below to know about the top rated apps available currently so that you can start using them right away!



Salient features of this app are

  • It is lightweight (just about a few KBs)
  • Design is simple and actions on app follow a straight-forward approach
  • Uses phone’s mobile data, SMS service to send emergency messages
  • Can store 2 email addresses and 2 emergency contact numbers.



This is a frequently used app for its efficiency and high alertness. More features are:

  • Easy registration with storage of 3-4 emergency contact numbers
  • Can create a group (like Whatsapp groups) for alerting members of the family/friends
  • Can send a message calling for help using the Volume Buttons while the phone is in Sleep mode.
  • In a location where internet is not accessible or network is not consistent, it automatically sends a message.
  • Presented by Dr. Kiran Bedi


01-1420113056-mobile-app-himmatA must-use app for women living in Delhi, this app has some really good features.

  • User friendly registration portal (with OTP verification)
  • Supported on Android and Apple OS
  • Immediately connected with Delhi Police IT Centre Police headquarters
  • SOS button causes a buzzer to ring, immediately sends a message to Delhi Police
  • Can store up to 25 contacts and also create message groups

Red Eye

unnamed (1)Rated 4.9 stars on the Google Play Store, this app looks most promising in terms of assuring safety.

  • Automatic rescue button can sense a scream, and immediately send an alert message to emergency contact numbers.
  • Sends alert when the GPS location is the same for a long time (anticipatory alert)
  • Three power button clicks enable a phone call to emergency contact
  • Disables ‘switch off’ mode in times of trouble.

ResQ Button


Salient features of this app are:

  • Uses Internet connectivity to inform entries and exits to parents, guardians.
  • Can be easily programmed for all environments – home, office and outdoors.
  • Senses scream and automatically sends message.
  • Applicable for women, children and elders for sensing ‘Safe’ and ‘Unsafe’ areas.
It’s safe to say that with these apps in your phone, you can actually feel rest assured about your personal safety, whenever wherever!
Mahasweta G Pal
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