15 Best Football Live Streaming Apps in India

As a football enthusiast, you would be passionate about the world’s most popular sport. You would ideally like to be informed of everything that takes place on the field. Therefore, the best football streaming app is a necessity for you. The most popular apps for live streaming of football games are included in this article. We provide a list of the top football apps for Android and iPhone users in this curated list.

What do Football Live Streaming Apps Do?

With our list of the best football streaming apps, you can enjoy all the recent football matches. You may also learn about all the outcomes, statistics, and breaking news. Follow all official competitions held in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, and other European leagues, as well as other football-playing nations across the world.  

With this fantastic collection of apps we have curated for you, you can choose to watch football for free online. This list features the top football streaming apps for Android, iPhone, or iPad. Some will provide you with an in-depth live match analysis. 

You will be able to get real-time information on statistics, goals, cards, and much more. Additionally, this list includes apps that lets you watch the football game you want, whenever and wherever you want. What more could you desire than unlimited live and direct access to Football?

List of Top 15 Football Live Streaming Apps in India 

The following is the list of the best football live-streaming apps we have curated just for you. You may download the apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

1. ESPN 


One of the most influential networks in the whole globe, particularly in most of America. ESPN brings the most significant athletic events across the globe closer to you. You may watch various Football, American Football, NBA, tennis, golf, and other sporting events online. 

You can also learn about the most recent football news, including LaLiga Santander news and news from other European, American, and Asian leagues. 

Use the ESPN app to keep up with football games. You may get various comments, real-time alerts, results, news, statistics, viewpoints, and the finest video summary. On ESPN, you may learn all there is to know about soccer and many other sports.

Additionally, you will be able to access ESPN channels where you can watch football games and various other sports, including the NBA. 

2. LaLiga TV 

LaLiga TV 
LaLiga TV 

LaLiga TV is the official app for all Spanish tournaments, including LaLiga Santander. You can see all the recaps and scores for every matchday on the LaLiga TV app. 

The program may be tailored to your team’s needs, including objectives, press rooms, and other features. You can also access exclusive material since you can watch Football on the official Spanish La Liga television channel for free. 

Save your favorite goals and plays so you may watch them again later or share them with your friends. 

Additionally, you’ll get access to all the details on La Liga’s women’s Football. With LaLiga TV, the official LaLiga app that will provide you with all the information you need in-depth, you can accomplish all of this and much more. 

3. Vodafone TV 

Vodafone TV 
Vodafone TV 

If you are a Vodafone user, you may access all the material by downloading the Vodafone TV app. You won’t miss an online football match with the active soccer bundle since you can watch all the soccer stations live.  

With Vodafone TV, you will get access to all of the current Football and a variety of programming that is only available to Vodafone ONO members. You may be confident you can watch every football game live if that is your main priority. 

You have the option to view all of the TV channels you have subscribed to on Vodafone TV from any location at any time. 

4. Yacine TV 

Yacine TV
Yacine TV

Yacine TV is one of the top Android apps for watching live football games. Its ability to broadcast games in various video formats and resolutions is one of the reasons it is the finest. At the same time, streaming football games using the lowest video quality can help you save internet usage. 

For instance, if you decide to stream the whole 90-minute match at 244p, your data use will be less than 270MB. Therefore, it’s fantastic for those who need more data on the go. 

Additionally, you may choose the 720p format if you wish to broadcast at a better quality. The commentary on the Yacine TV app is not in English though, which is a huge drawback.  

5. Live Football TV 

Live Football TV
Live Football TV 

Another excellent Android app for watching live football games for free with English commentary is Live Football TV. 

You may watch live games in clear HD (High Definition) quality with this software. Each match’s live-streaming URL is updated 1 hour before kickoff. 

This app’s main drawbacks are the intrusive advertisements and the inability of users to choose a lower video quality to save data. Nevertheless, it is an amazing application. 

Moreover, we would also like you to check our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the top football shoe brands available online in India, Do have a look.

6. FC Barcelona Official App 

FC Barcelona Official App
FC Barcelona Official App 

With the official FC Barcelona app, you may watch the Barça TV channel and all of your favorite team, FC Barcelona, games. 

You will also be able to get information on the schedule, division, and outcomes of every LaLiga game, particularly those involving Barça. You can’t have this app on your phone if you’re a huge FC Barcelona supporter. 

Learn more about the blueprint for your aspirations. Learn trivia, statistics, and interesting tidbits about the athletes you like. Purchase Camp Nou tickets, keep up with the most recent team news, view videos, and more with the FC Barcelona Official App. 

7. Real Madrid App 

Real Madrid App 
Real Madrid App 

With the official Real Madrid app, you can watch every Real Madrid football game live anywhere in the world. The summary of all the team’s games, the goals, and even whole matches will allow you to experience any game of your favorite club. 

With the Real Madrid App, you won’t miss anything. Access the game’s statistics, including possession, chances, hits, offsides, corners, cards, travel distance, and more.

8. Moko TV 

Moko TV 
Moko TV 

Moko TV is one of the best apps for viewing live football games on your Android phone for free. You need to click on the game you want to watch to start streaming since all of the day’s best live matches are updated daily. 

You may watch daily live sports video updates on Moko TV, including football, WWE Wrestlemania, basketball, tennis, and even some popular entertainment movies. Regardless of whether you are connected to a 4G, 3G, or 2G network, it loads a database of sports TV channels that are compatible with your mobile device.  

9. Eurosport 


You can watch the Eurosport channel live with the Eurosport app, making it simple to watch any sporting event that piques your interest. 

You will also get access to all of Eurosport’s premium programming. Discover the most recent information on nearly every sport, including news, videos, photographs, and statistics. 

It also has live results and broadcasts of major football games and other sports activities, including rugby, basketball, boxing, auto racing, and many more. 



An excellent app for streaming live football matches is MOVISTAR+. There are no restrictions while using this app, so you can view whatever you want. You may access all the material you want and wherever you are, anytime you want with the MOVISTAR+ app. 

Watch all the live football matches you want on your phone or tablet with the MOVISTAR+ app. All the live channels you purchased with your MOVISTAR+ subscription will be available. 

You can also access the huge library of entertainment content MOVISTAR+ makes available to all its customers in the video club area. 

Enjoy the top television shows, motion pictures, documentaries, and shows. With the help of the beIN Sports channel, you can watch all of the LaLiga Santander games, the Champions League, and much more. 

11. Orange TV 

Orange TV 
Orange TV 

Orange TV gives all its customers a choice to access their content from any location. You can watch live football games on Orange TV if you have a subscription to the football package. 

You will be able to stream live TV stations online with the help of Orange TV. So make sure to catch up on every game. 

Orange TV also provides access to premium material from its video club. A video club where you get family-friendly entertainment of all types. Stream content from the top new programs to the best recent movies and the most watched documentaries or reality shows. 

12. DSTV App 


One of the biggest media firms that offer premium football streaming and other TV shows is DSTV, which is owned by Multichoice. Its mobile app may be used to watch live football games, but you must connect your DSTV account to the app before it can function properly. 



The official app of the sports network beIN, the beIN CONNECT TV broadcasts all Spanish Football and European championships. You can watch every football game played in Europe with beIN Connect. 

The live broadcasts of LaLiga Santander, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Europa League, and several more European events are available for viewing. 

The beIN CONNECT TV is available for download on Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPad. Additional entertainment channels like AXN, History, National Geographic, FOX Life, and TNT are available as well. 

14. Sports TV Live 

Sports TV Live 
Sports TV Live 

You will be satisfied with the Sports TV Live app for Android and iOS, as it is one of the best out there. You will be able to watch the finest football games for free, thanks to Sports TV Live. 

You can watch some of the most-watched sports networks worldwide, not just in Spain. The HD picture quality is outstanding, and the playing and visual smoothness are also flawless. 

Sports TV Live offers a wide variety of channels, some of which include the following: Football HD, Silk Universal, ASky Net Sport, Football HD NFL Network, Fox Sports, Real Madrid TV, Sportal BG HD, PAC-12, Dubai Sport, and many more. 

15. Live Football Streaming

Live Football Streaming
Live Football Streaming

The Live Football Streaming Application helps you stream matches in HD video. The app functions in a similar manner as the Live Football TV app. 

This app was created for football enthusiasts. Everything a football fan could desire is available on this app. Additionally, this app’s clean and straightforward design makes it easy for fans to use. 

Final Word 

With the practical applications described above, you may watch live sports right now on your Android, iPhone, or PC. Our top picks for the best football streaming apps are ESPN, LaLiga TV, and Vodafone TV. We considered factors like faster loading time, user interface, and user-friendliness while curating our list. Pick your favorite one from among the applications and enjoy your football match. 

Koushik Roy
Koushik Roy

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