Popular Dumbbell Sets

If you’re looking for dumbbells to amp up your home workouts, check these out.

Dumbbells are perfect for warming up before beginning an intensive workout routine. These heavy weights and barbells can help you tone your muscles to perfection and offer enough strength to your body for exercises other than weightlifting. While choosing the right set of dumbbells to work out at home, you need to consider the dumbbells’ weight that you wish to buy and the build-quality. Check out some of the most popular dumbbell brands that make an excellent buy to be a part of your home gym.

Popular Dumbbell Sets

1. Aurion PVC Dumbbells

This is a set of two fixed weight dumbbells that can be used by both men and women. Each dumbbell weighs 1 kg and is ideal for toning up your arm muscles. Perfect for those who are starting their workout regime, these can be of significant use while doing resistance training. They are also available in a 2 kg variant.

Comfortable Grip

These dumbbells offer perfect and comfortable grip for a smooth workout at home.

Editor’s Choice

2. Kore Dumbbells Kits

Exceptionally durable, this dumbbell set contains a pair of hexagonal shaped dumbbells fitted on to a strong rod. The set features non-detachable weights and as a result, uses less space compared to its counterparts from other brands. Each dumbbell weighs a total of 7.5 kgs and can be used to build strength, biceps, and triceps. This set is suitable for both beginners and intermediaries.


This dumbbell set is made with sturdy material that is durable and has a long life.

Popular Choice

3. Cockatoo Professional Dumbbell Set

Ideal for professionals, this hex dumbbell set can help you gain muscle mass and tone your arms. Due to its hexagonal shape, this dumbbell does not roll on the floor and stays put. Best in quality, this professional dumbbell set can also be used by beginners who wish to get toned arms and chest.

Long Lasting

This set is perfect for a rigorous workout routine as it is made with the best quality steel, which is durable and lasts longer.

Most Trusted Choice

4. Bodygrip Dumbbell

This set of two 2 kg dumbbells makes for a perfect workout partner for you. If you are planning to begin with your daily workout, this set is best to warm up your muscles. With these, you’ll be able to tone your arms and move ahead to resistance training as well.

Easy Workout

This set of 2 dumbbells is excellent for those who want to stay fit with minimal investment.

Next Best

5. SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell

Featuring an ergonomic hexagonal shape, these vinyl dumbbells by SportSoul are perfect to be used by beginners. Each dumbbell has a balanced weight of 2 kg that makes it ideal for warming up and building endurance and strength. They have a smooth vinyl coating that prevents them from slipping and offers a tight grip to the user for maximum control.


These dumbbells come in a compact size that can be rolled under the bed, sofa, on shelves or at any other place.

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