Top 5 Easy to Use Hair Trimmers for Men

Top Hair Trimmers

Maintaining the perfect stubble is a cakewalk with a good hair trimmer. A clean look guarantees a stellar first impression and increases your confidence level significantly. Even when you’re running late, they can help you groom your beard quickly. In this article, we’ll speak about the best hair trimmers that’ll help you get ready for any occasion. The best trimmers are compact and convenient for everyday use. These battery-charged products are the must-haves in every person’s grooming kits because of their versatility and utility. They save you from the hassle of running to salons every other day for a professional styling and are a great investment. Here is a list of our top favourites to help you bring home the right one.

Top 5 Hair Trimmers

1. Philips Hair Trimmer

After charging for 10 hours, you can use the Philips Hair Trimmer for 45 minutes straight. The DuraPower technology helps in lowering the friction on blades, which further enhances the battery of the product. The blades are sharp and skin-friendly to prevent irritation. Depending upon the look you want, you can adjust the trimmer up to 10 length settings. The product also has a battery charging indicator and a detachable head for easy cleaning.

Flexible Charging

It comes with a USB cable that can be connected to your computer, laptop, or adapter for charging at any place and any time.

Editor’s Choice

2. Havells Adjustable Trimmer

Ideal for cord and cordless use, this Havells trimmer is the right choice for hassle-free trimming. With a battery indicator LED, this trimmer runs for 50 minutes after only 90 minutes of charging. It comes equipped with a zoom wheel attachment to customize your beard length from 0.5mm to 10mm, allowing you to try a range of styles each time.

2 Times Faster Cutting

The Trim Technology ensures 2 times faster cutting with each stroke, giving a quicker, cleaner look.

Expert Recommended

3. Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

This trimmer has a fully washable body and comes with 40 length settings for trying several styles. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades are skin-friendly and come with a lubricant coating which can dry over time. This can be fixed by using some coconut oil to lubricate them again. The design helps you clean tough spots with ease. The product also has a travel safety lock which makes it travel friendly.

For Longer Use

After 2 hours of charging, you can use the trimmer for about 1.5 hours without any interruption.

Popular Choice

4. Kemei Hair Trimmer

Kemei Hair Trimmer requires absolutely no maintenance, even when you use it every day. You can use the trimmer with or without its cable, depending on the requirement. It is a quick, efficient, safe, and cost-friendly product as men and women both can use it. It can also be used on pets. The blades are adjustable, and the free-floating head can reach hard-to-reach areas for a smooth shave. The package includes a comb, a pair of scissors and an oil for the maintenance of the blades.

For Everyday Use

This heavy-duty product is made for everyday use. The blades of the product are lined with rubber to prevent rust and corrosion.

Smart Choice

5. Nova Hair Trimmer

With a sleek design that gives a firm grip, you can always have fun while trimming with the Nova Hair Trimmer. The blades are made of stainless steel with rounded edges to provide a close shave without tugging or damaging the skin. This trimmer should be charged for 8 hours straight before being used, and after being charged, it can be used for 30 minutes. It should not be used while plugged in.

Easy Cleaning

Parts of this trimmer can be detached and rinsed under the tap for easy cleaning. The ergonomic design is water-proof, ensuring better hygiene.

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