Water is the essence of life, and you must consume safe and potable water. In India, many regions face challenges such as poor water conditions and worsened water quality. To tackle this issue, many brands have started manufacturing mineral water in cans and bottles. Mineral water is considered safe and is much safer to drink than regular tap water. If you don’t like drinking unsafe water, you can rely on bottled water manufactured by the best water companies in India.

List of the Best Water Companies in India

1. Bisleri


When asked to name a water brand, Bisleri is one of the first ones that come to mind. It is an originally Italian mineral water brand that retails bottled mineral water and soda. The company was founded by Felice Bisleri and Jayantilal Chauhan in the year 1969. Over the years, the brand has evolved a lot and has its own e-commerce store today.

Bisleri’s Mineral Water comes in a safe plastic bottle. Since it is rich in minerals, it helps in the removal of toxins from our body. Regular consumption can help in hydrating your body and make your skin appear healthier from within.

2. Aquafina


Owned by Pepsico, Aquafina is another top-selling brand in India. It was launched in the year 1994 in the US and has travelled throughout the world due to its great quality. You get both flavoured and unflavoured bottled water under this brand. Aquafina’s water is so safe that it is licensed to be used in skincare products. With headquarters in Kansas, the brand has created a formidable reputation in the global market.

Aquafina’s Mineral Water gives your body an instant boost of hydration. It ensures that you feel healthy and removes all the harmful toxins from your body. This water goes through a 5 step purification process so that you receive safe and pure water.

3. Kinley

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Kinley is one of the largest distributors of packaged drinking water in India. It is owned by The Coca Cola Co. and supplies products to European and Asian regions. The brand also produces carbonated water that comes in various flavours and is loved by millions.

Kinley’s mineral water goes through a thorough purification process that removes fungi or bacteria. Its sweet and pure taste will quench your thirst and keep your body hydrated.

4. Himalayan


Himalayan is one of the first natural mineral water brands in India. The brand sources its water from the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas. It’s free of any contaminators and very rich in minerals that are beneficial for your health.

The most striking thing about Himalayan Water is its sleek pink packaging. The brand claims that its water has mild alkaline levels that are perfect for the human body. The water is purified through layers of Himalayan rocks that make it tastier and much sweeter to drink.

5. Bailley


Bailley is a packaged drinking water brand owned by Parle Agro. It was launched in 1993 and is known as a trusted brand in the country. Its water is considered safe and healthy for drinking and comes in plastic bottle packaging. You can get 250ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, or 20 ltr bottles from a nearby store or order them online.

The Bailley Water Bottle has a rich mix of minerals and electrolytes that keep your body energised. Drinking this water every day can lead to the removal of toxins from your body and will make your skin glow from within. All of Bailey’s products are free of any contaminants, which make them super safe to consume.

6. Patanjali


Patanjali is a popular Indian packaged goods company that heavily relies on Ayurveda to make its products. It was launched in the year 2006 by Baba Ramdev and Balkrishna. With headquarters in Haridwar, the company supplies products to almost every part of the country and has gained a lot of popularity due to its great quality.

The Divya Jal by Patanjali comes in various sizes and is completely free of contaminants. The water is super healthy for you and is rich in minerals that are essential to fulfil the needs of the human body.

7. Qua


Owned by the Narang Group, Qua is a water brand that uses French bottling expertise. The water is sourced from the Himalayan foothills and is completely untouched by humans until you open the bottle.

This water bottle by Qua contains mineral water that has a natural sweetness and a pleasant taste. It is rich in minerals and electrolytes that help keep your body healthy. You will feel instantly replenished after drinking Qua water.

8. Tata


Founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata, this brand has become a large conglomerate today. It has a global reputation for producing high-quality products and owns brands such as Starbucks and Tata Cliq. If you’re looking for a trusted brand that serves packaged drinking water, you can rely on Tata without any second thoughts.

Tata Copper Water is created for people who like to follow an active lifestyle. The water is stored in copper vessels for a long time, and consuming it builds immunity and keeps you energised at all times. You don’t need to worry about its taste or colour as it will be exactly like normal mineral water, with the added goodness of copper.

9. Vedica


Vedica is another natural mineral water brand from India. It sources the water from Himalayan ranges and ensures that the water is not stripped of minerals and electrolytes. The packaging looks very premium, and you can reuse the bottle a couple of times after as well.

The Vedica Water Bottle contains the water directly from the clear springs of the Himalayan ranges. It has the right balance of minerals and alkaline levels, enhancing its taste and making it much more healthy to consume.

10. Rail Neer

Rail Neer
Rail Neer

Every Indian who’s travelled in the Indian railways has heard of this brand. Rail Neer brings a lot of nostalgia and good train travel memories. This packaged water brand was launched by IRCTC to serve the people travelling in trains and slowly became really popular in India.

Rail Neer Water is purified and comes with the assurance of IRCTC. It has a lot of minerals that give it a sweet taste and makes it healthier for your body.

11. Kingfisher


Kingfisher is an Indian brand that majorly retails beer, sodas, and water in the country. It was launched in 1857 and has a dominant presence in the Indian market. You can easily find its products at your nearby stores or buy them online.

This water bottle by Kingfisher is super rich in minerals and electrolytes. Regular consumption can help you release toxins from your body. You can get this bottle in various sizes as well.

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Best Water Companies in India With Price List

Names of Water Brands in IndiaPrice*
BisleriStarting at Rs 12
AquafinaStarting at Rs 15
KinleyStarting at Rs 19
HimalayanStarting at Rs 61
BailleyStarting at Rs 11
PatanjaliStarting at Rs 8
QuaStarting at Rs 40
TataStarting at Rs 20
VedicaStarting at Rs 57
Rail NeerStarting at Rs 15
KingfisherStarting at Rs 12
*Prices are subject to change

Best Water Brands in India – FAQs

What are the best mineral water brands in India?

Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley, and Bailley are some of the best mineral water brands in India.

Which water is best to drink?

Spring water is best to drink as it’s rich in minerals and electrolytes.

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