Ayurveda and traditional blends have always been a popular choice for many for the remediation of numerous health problems. One of the most potent spices used in Ayurveda for ages is saffron. It is a one-of-a-kind spice that we use for multiple purposes as an aromatic agent to a beautifying ingredient. But when you plan to buy saffron from the market, you must opt for a brand that offers a genuine and authentic product. For making a smart choice, navigate through our list of the best quality saffron-producing brands in India. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Saffron Brands for You?

Wondering which is the best saffron brand in India? This list will give you some of the best options. But, before that, here are a few factors you can consider while choosing saffron from those brands.

Picking Process

How the saffron stigmas are picked is a factor that can bring a difference in the quality of saffron. Always choose a brand that offers handpicked saffron rather than mechanically picking it. 

Colouring Strength

The deeper the stain the saffron strands leave, the better will be the colouring strength and quality of the saffron.


According to ISO 3632, saffron is graded into 4 different types as per its quality. Grade 1 is the purest and best form of saffron. On the contrary, Grade 4 is the poorest type of saffron. Go for a saffron variant that is graded 1 (A graded) or 2. 

List of the Top 12 Saffron Brands in India

1. Lion Saffron

Lion Saffron
Lion Saffron

Lion Saffron originated in the year 1957 in Kashmir. It is one of the oldest saffron producers which handpicks some of the best variations of saffron in the world. It is the best saffron brand in India for luxurious saffron gift boxes with exquisite packaging. The company grows the best species of saffron in Jammu and Kishtwar and caters to consumers after several rounds of lab tests. 

Notable Features of Lion Saffron:

  • Lion saffron manufactures red Kashmiri saffron, which has several health benefits
  • It boosts immunity and keeps your digestive system calm and going.
  • It has several antioxidants good for pregnant women and the baby in their womb. 
  • Mongra Kesar and Lacha Saffron are the most popular saffron varieties of the brand Lion Saffron. 


  • Vegetarian 
  • Different varieties available
  • Available in various price ranges
  • A+++ and A++ graded variants only

Why We Picked Lion Saffron?

Lion Saffron is the best Kashmiri saffron brand in India that keeps no stone unturned to cultivate the purest forms of saffron in the laps of Kashmiri valleys. Plus, the company makes meticulous efforts to purify the saffron strands and bring the best to consumers. 

2. Upakarma


Upakarma Ayurveda is a unique brand that offers herbal products. It explores different forms of saffron and makes skincare and beverage products. Through meticulous research, the brand has developed different products like tea, resin, and pure shilajit capsules. It also makes health capsules like neem, giloy, and turmeric capsules, besides producing pure saffron. 

Notable Features of Upakarma:

  • The brand primarily cultivates Afghani and Kashmiri saffron
  • The Kashmiri kesar helps improve your skin texture and brightens it to impart a natural glow
  • It also deals with skin imperfections and heals them with the essential antioxidants in it. 
  • It can be used in food as a flavouring agent to enhance the aroma of any dish. 


  • 100% vegetarian
  • GMP certified
  • ISO certified 
  • Comes in handy packaging
  • Available in different variations


  • Little pricey

Why We Picked Upakarma?

Upakarma handpicks each stigma of saffron to assure no damage to the saffron threads. It also makes sure each of them goes through rigorous testing and quality checks. 

3. House of Saffron

House of Saffron
House of Saffron

House of Saffron is an eminent name in the saffron business. Fine artisans of Kashmir handpick each strand to maintain purity. The company produces various types of saffron to cater to different people’s requirements. 

Notable Features of House of Saffron:

  • It cultivates premium ranges of saffron like diamond, gold, and platinum according to ISO standards. 
  • It is one of the best quality saffron brands in India for pregnant women. Its assured quality makes it suitable for pregnant and gestating women to build immunity and remain healthy. 
  • The saffron ranges of this brand are alluringly fragrant for use in preparations like biryani and kulfi. 


  • A1+++ ISO graded variations available
  • Available in strand and powder form
  • All vegetarian variants

Why We Picked House of Saffron?

House of Saffron is among our best picks as it sustainably sources saffron from Pampore, Kashmir. Each strand is immensely effective in restoring immunity and building strength on a cellular level. 

4. Haldiram’s

Haldiram's Saffron
Haldiram’s Saffron

In over eight decades of its existence, Haldiram’s has changed significantly and for good. It has expanded its territories in different genres of savoury products and raw materials. The popularity of this brand is seen worldwide, and it keeps the traditional flavours of India alive through its delicious and authentic products. 

Notable Features of Haldiram’s:

  • Its saffron is plucked with perfection from the Kashmiri valleys to cater the best saffron to the consumers. 
  • It is suitable for boosting your health and can be used regularly. 
  • Haldiram’s is among the top 10 saffron brands in India as it is a transparent brand that hides nothing from its consumers. 
  • The saffron has a vibrant colour that entices your vision and satiates your taste buds. 


  • Vegetarian products
  • ISO certified 
  • HACCP verified

Why We Picked Haldiram’s?

Haldiram’s is a legacy as it is one of the first savoury brands to make a nationwide appearance. The saffron cultivated by this brand is abalone free, making it free from any allergens. It has a rich flavour providing you with a delectable experience. 

5. Everest

Everest Saffron
Everest Saffron
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Everest is a household name in the spice industry with a broad portfolio. It has a place in the heart of thousands of Indians for its purity and guarantee of quality. Each spice from this brand can intoxicate your taste buds and tantalise your senses. The pioneer of spices ensures you have a memorable culinary experience. 

Notable Features of Everest:

  • This brand is one of the best pure saffron brands in India that adds an enriching touch to every dish it goes into. 
  • Saffron stigma is handpicked from the best flowers of the season to infuse the best of flavours. 
  • It accentuates Mughlai dishes like pulao, biryani, and korma. 


  • No added preservatives
  • Hygienically packed
  • Sourced from the best farms
  • Affordable 

Why We Picked Everest?

Everest is chosen to be among the best brands of saffron in India as it is driven by quality and not quantity. The strands of saffron are carefully plucked from the flowers to retain their richness and effectiveness.

6. Keynote

Keynote Saffron
Keynote Saffron

Keynote is an international brand that produces export-grade products like honey and saffron. Its mission is to spread the goodness of its products sourced from exclusive farms in India and abroad. Gulkand, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and kokum syrup are some of its offerings to its customers. 

Notable Features of Keynote:

  • Keynote is among the best saffron brands in India that manufacture saffron by flash drying each strand to provide the best-graded saffron of optimal length and depth of colour.
  • Each package is vacuum-packed in airtight glass jars to reach the customers at its highest potential.
  • It sells the mongra variant of saffron
  • The saffron produced by Keynote has a phytosanitary clearance ensuring the best is served to you. 


  • No chemicals added
  • Instants acting saffron strands
  • Certified by NABL
  • Laboratory tested 
  • 100% vegetarian

7. Baby Brand Saffron 

Baby Brand Saffron
Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand saffron has a legacy of over 50 years in producing 100% pure saffron strands. The brand is all about saffron and has been a family-run business for generations. It presently has a fully-automated factory in Neemrana, India, to process saffron and proffer the best quality saffron to India. 

Notable Features of Baby Brand Saffron:

  • The saffron cultivated and manufactured by Baby Brand Saffron is handpicked and processed with utmost care.
  • Saffron is an immunity booster that empowers cellular activity and improves overall health. 
  • It brightens the skin and improves skin tone and texture through its antioxidants. 


  • Export quality saffron
  • Hygienically packed
  • Produces finest quality saffron
  • Value for money brand

8. Vedaka

Amazon Brand Vedaka Saffron
Amazon Brand Vedaka Saffron

Vedaka is a brand launched by the e-commerce site Amazon. It manufactures dry fruits and groceries of premium quality. It also produces different types of teas suiting the taste pallets of different populations. 

Notable Features of Vedaka:

  • It produces 100% authentic saffron threads which have no adulteration.
  • It is a versatile product of the brand that can be used as a flavouring agent, colourant, or even in skincare home mixes. 
  • It takes only a few seconds to infuse in any mixture to extract its aroma. 
  • It is sourced from a single origin point to ensure the same quality each time. 


  • 100% vegetarian
  • Laboratory tested
  • Comes in premium packaging

9. Healofy Naturals

Healofy Naturals Saffron
Healofy Naturals Saffron

Healofy Naturals is a skincare and nutritional expert that crafts products with natural ingredients, specifically for mothers and children. The brand takes 360-degree care of the body through its wide product range comprising personal care, pregnancy care, baby care, and nutrition care products. 

Notable Features of Healofy Naturals:

  • This saffron is specially manufactured for the nutritional care of mothers and their foetuses
  • It is one of the best organic saffron brands in India as it is directly sourced from organic farms.
  • By having Healofy saffron, pregnant women can wave off mood swings as it optimises the release of serotonin that modulates mood and improves the quality of sleep. 
  • The saffron is good for cramp relief and supports healthy digestion


  • A++ graded pure saffron
  • Affordable
  • Doctor’s approved
  • ISO certified

10. Truthsome

Truthsome Saffron
Truthsome Saffron

You can explore a vast range of hair care and skin care products offered by Truthsome. It makes every blend without any harsh chemicals and toxins. The company is also popular for its fine-quality saffron. 

Notable Features of Truthsome:

  • Truthsome is one of the best brands producing saffron that packs each saffron strand with delicate hands. 
  • This saffron has the power of multiple antioxidants that deal with free radicals, help brighten your skin, and reduce blemishes
  • It is a good digestion improver and helps with menstrual cramps
  • Pregnant women can have it daily to control mood swings and strengthen the baby’s bones. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Fights carcinogenic free-radicals
  • A+++ graded saffron producer

11. Surkh

Surkh Saffron
Surkh Saffron

Consumers across the globe love saffron produced by the brand Surkh. The brand brings you the best and finest quality of the most exotic saffron. Surkh is synonymous with deep red, and so is the saffron produced by this brand. 

Notable Features of Surkh:

  • Surkh saffron has natural antioxidants that benefit both women and men. 
  • You can use this saffron for cooking aromatic dishes, as a nutritional supplement, and for skin care. 
  • It is good for memory retention
  • Saffron produced by Surkh is a fine agent for weight loss if consumed regularly. 


  • ISO grade 1 tested
  • FSSAI certified
  • Easy on wallet
  • 100% vegetarian

12. Vedapure


Vedapure explores the bounty of nature and churns out 5000-year-old secrets of Ayurveda. It deals with products from different arrays to help people lead a healthy life. The enormous product range includes shilajit resin, saffron, tea, Ayurvedic juices, and immunity boosters. 

Notable Features of Vedapure:

  • Vedapure picks its saffron from the Herat province of Kashmir, where the climate and soil are perfect for growing saffron flowers. 
  • The harvested saffron is all-red, as high-quality saffron should be. 
  • The harvested saffron is naturally dried to ensure better shelf-life and potency


  • A++ graded saffron


  • Little pricey

Final Word

All the saffron brands added to the list are known for their quality and integrity. Some produce different variants of saffron, while others offer a single variant. As per the customer reviews, we found Lion Saffron and Upakarma to be the most liked and reviewed brands, but that does not mean the other brands fall behind. Each one of them has curated methodologies to offer saffron of the best kind and process them retaining its benefits. So, go through our list of the best saffron brands in India and select the one you like. Whichever you pick, you will receive quality saffron. 


Which grade of saffron is best?

Grade 1 or A+ saffron is the best. It contains only the red stigmas of the flower.

Which is the purest saffron?

Super Negin Saffron is the purest saffron in the world. It comes from regions of Afghanistan and Iran and is extremely labor intensive to harvest.

Which Kashmiri saffron brand is best?

Our top three brands for the best Kashmiri saffron are Lion Saffron, Upakarma, and House of Saffron.

Is Turkish saffron good?

Yes, Turkish saffron is good. The Grade of the saffron determines the quality of saffron from any place.

How can we identify pure saffron?

There are several ways to determine pure saffron.
1. You can check the threads of the saffron; real saffron has a trumpet-like shape, bulging on one end.
2. You can also rub a few strands between your fingers or in a mix of water and baking soda. Pure saffron will give a yellowish-golden hue, and a fake one will give a crimson shade.
3. The taste of pure saffron is also slightly bitter rather than completely sweet.
4. Pure saffron retains its red colour and takes some time, about 10-15 minutes or even more, to release its colour in water.

Does saffron expire?

Saffron usually does not expire but loses its strength over time if not preserved properly. Exposure to temperature, light, and oxygen can make it less potent, destroying its aroma and flavour.

How much does pure saffron cost?

1kg of saffron can cost you more than a good couple of lakhs.

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