Himalaya Baby Shampoo – Review, Ratings & Best Price

Herbal products from Himalaya are just the right balance between nature and science. The products, including face washes, shampoos, soaps, body washes etc, gently cleanse and nourish.

Today, we will be reviewing Himalaya Baby Shampoo, which is a soothing, gentle, no tears formula which makes baby hair soft and keeps it hydrated. Plus, adults with sensitive scalps can also derive its benefits by using it once in a while.

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Baby Shampoo Review


What The Shampoo Claims

Gentle Baby Shampoo for Healthy Baby Tresses. The mild and soft Himalaya herbal shampoo moisturizes and nourishes your baby’s hair improving its texture. Its core ingredients include chickpea, hibiscus and khus khus.


  • Nourishes hair and makes them shine
  • No sulphates or parabens
  • Makes hair silky smooth
  • No tears formula safe for babies


  • Does not work on very thick hair
  • Does not lather well

CashKaro Verdict

The shampoo is one of the best for babies as the formula is gentle and nourishing. Sensitive scalps can also derive the shampoo’s benefits but may not clean hair completely.

CashKaro Rating


11 Important Questions About Himalaya Baby Shampoo Answered

1. What is the pH (potential of hydrogen) level of Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo?

The pH level of Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo lies between 4.5 – 6. This is an ideal range for gentle and mild baby shampoo.

2. Which is the most natural and safest baby care brand? Why?

Himalaya is one of the best natural and safest baby care brands because it has an extensive range of Ayurvedic baby care products that are available at pocket-friendly prices. You can find these online or at offline beauty stores near you.

3. Which is the best mild shampoo for babies available in India?

The best mild shampoo available in India is Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo. Having a pH level between 4.5 – 6, this shampoo is purely a natural product that supports a gentle no-tears formula and is rich in proteins and Ayurvedic herbs that provide healthy hair.

4. What are the best baby care brands available in the market?

Two of the best baby care brands available in the market are Himalaya and Johnson & Johnson.

5. Is Himalaya Baby Shampoo safe for use?

Yes, Himalaya Baby Shampoo is safe for use as it is a mild and bio-based shampoo that offers total care to the baby’s skin and facilitates hair health.

6. Can I use Himalaya products for my baby?

Yes, you can use Himalaya products for your baby. Himalaya has an extensive range of baby products that are suitable for use on the soft baby skin. Choose the type of product that you want and give your baby the best experience.

7. Which is the best mild product Johnson Baby Shampoo or Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo?

Both the baby shampoo brands offer mild products to suit the soft and gentle baby hair and skin. Johnsons Baby Shampoo is a mild product designed with a no-tears formula that is gentle on your baby’s hair and skin. It has a pH level that ranges from 5.5 – 6. While Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo is also a mild shampoo with no-tears formula and has a pH level that ranges between 4.5 – 6.

8. Is Himalaya Baby Shampoo suitable for adults?

Yes, Himalaya Baby Shampoo is a sulphate-free shampoo that is specifically designed for the soft baby hair. Being a chemical-free shampoo, this product is also suitable for use by adults.

9. Can baby shampoo help in hair growth?

No, baby shampoos do not help in hair growth. However, if used regularly, these shampoos can help nourish your hair and make them clean and soft and provide a shiny lustre. For naturally shiny and silky hair, choose Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo.

10. Is baby shampoo better than regular shampoo?

Yes, Baby shampoos are specifically designed for the baby’s gentle skin and hair care needs. Being a sulphate-free and chemical-free product, these shampoos are usually used on the gentle and sensitive skin of the baby. While the regular shampoos contain parabens and sulphates that make the hair brittle. If used regularly, the baby shampoos offer you soft hair. The best baby shampoo that can be used is Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo.

11. What will happen if I apply baby shampoo on my face?

Baby shampoos can be used as facial skin cleansers as they have a special hypoallergenic formula that does not cause any irritation while cleaning the sensitive facial skin. Himalaya Baby Care Shampoo is one such product. The shampoo has Ayurvedic herbs and is purely harmless on the facial skin.


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