Makeup Primers Decoded!

Do you notice the below behaviors on your skin when putting on makeup?

  • Enlarged pores
  • Redness
  • Foundation lines
  • Dullness

If you answered yes to even one problem, you definitely need a primer in your life. A primer won’t help you eliminate only these problems but will also make your makeup go on smoother and last longer. You may think of primers as just another marketing gimmick but once you find the right one, you will get hooked on to using them. It will become an essential part of your makeup essentials. So the big question which pops up now is how to find the perfect primer for your needs.

Decoding all type of makeup primers here for you:

Pore minimizing primers

Pore minimizing primers work great to help you reduce your pore size. In short, they will help you blur your face to perfection. Ensure to choose a pore reducing primer in a mattifying finish as extra shine also contributes towards making pores look obvious. The percentage to which your pore size will shrink will depend on the quality of primer chosen by you.


Mattifying primers

If you are fed up of re-touching your makeup frequently because of how oily it is, say hello to mattifying primers! Mattifying primers are your sure shot ticket for eliminating greasiness on your shiny skin for long hours. They are literally an oily skin lifesaver. They will help your oily skin from looking like a disco ball.


Illuminating primers

The shortcut to faking a radiant skin lies in owing an illuminating primer. They contain tiny light reflecting particles which lend a beautiful glow to face. Illuminating primers are best for normal-dry skin as the healthy glow they provide is mostly accompanied by a dewy finish. Skip it if you have an oily skin. You don’t want extra shine on your already shiny skin.


Color-correcting primers

From reducing redness on your skin to balancing pigmentation to counteracting yellowish skin, color-correcting primer won’t disappoint you. A primer of lavender/purple shade helps correct unwanted yellow tones for a brighter complexion. A green primer conceals areas of redness. A peach primer is ideal for those who want to disguise hyper-pigmentation such as dark circles or sun spots. India’s online mega store i.e. Nykaa has a range of makeup primers from which you can choose the most suitable one for your skin type.


Lightweight primers

Most primers are loaded with silicones which can cause allergy on sensitive skin if used in daily beauty routines. Opt for silicone-free primers as they have a lighter texture and won’t cause breakouts on your skin. Water-based lightweight primers are a good fit for dry skin types as they add moisture too.


Hydrating primers

If you have a dry skin, hydrating primers can help you create a perfect canvas by giving your skin a moisture boost. Hydrating primers are infused with conditioning properties and help seal in moisture.


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If you have any queries regarding makeup primers, ask me in the comments section below!


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