Types of Air Conditioner – Explained in Detail

There are 4 Different types of Air Conditioners. You can select an AC depending on number of factors like room space, usage, capacity and others. Each type of AC has its own advantage. This ultimate guide helps you understand the advantages and usage of all 4 types of air conditioners.

Major Types of Air-Conditioners Available in Market

1) Window Air Conditioners:

  1. Limited to use in a single room.
  2. Ideal for small rooms without more than 1 window.
  3. Can be installed into window space and no need for extra outdoor space like split AC.
  4. It comes with one unit and can be installed very easily.
  5. These are comparatively cheaper than Split AC.
  6. Capacity Range is from 0.75 to 2 Ton.
  7. Inbuilt Dust filter to control small particles.

Top Brands:
Blue Star AC Offers
Carrier AC Offers

2) Portable Air Conditioners:

  1. Easy to set up and no need for installation.
  2. Ideal for small rooms without windows.
  3. Can be moved from one room to another room easily.
  4. It takes up the floor space.
  5. These are not as good as window/Split AC and are costlier also.
  6. They are noisier than window ACs.
  7. They consume more energy when compared to Window AC.

Top Brands:
Daikin AC Offers
Hitachi AC Offers

3) Split Air Conditioners:

  1. Can be used in Medium and Large Rooms.
  2. Basically comes in two parts – Outdoor and Indoor unit.
  3. It can be installed on a mounted wall only and needs more space.
  4. These are comparatively expensive compared to Window AC.
  5. Capacity Ranges from 0.75 to 3 Ton.
  6. Make very less Noise when compared to window AC.
  7. You can control both Hot and Cold Temperature variations.
  8. Pre-Installed with Various filters and functions such as Dust filter, Anti-Bacteria Filter, Auto-Clean Function and Dehumidification.

Top Brands:
Lloyd AC Offer
Voltas AC Offers

4) Inverter Split Air Conditioners:

  1. Ideal for Large Rooms and Outdoor Spaces.
  2. These are comparatively more expensive than Split AC.
  3. Capacity Ranges from 1 to 3 Ton.
  4. Consumes very less electricity and gives maximum cooling.
  5. It reaches the desired temperature very quickly.
  6. Very less Noise when compared to Non-Inverter AC.
  7. It can maintain a Constant Room Temperature.
  8. Due to less Load on the compressor, the span of Inverter Split AC is longer.

Top Brands:
Mitsubishi AC Offers

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