What Does A Mild Shampoo Mean? How To Choose One?

Mild Shampoo Means

Most of the people don’t usually know what a mild shampoo is and how to recognize or classify one. However, when asked to our audience which mild shampoo do they use if they use one. They mention “Dove” which in fact is not really a mild shampoo. Dove is not harsh either, though it’s milder than most of the shampoos available in the market.

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What Is A Mild Shampoo?

Mild Shampoo means a shampoo which cleanses your hair effectively but is mild in treatment to your scalp and hair without damaging it or stripping out natural oils from your hair.
Mild Shampoo Means
“Mild” can have different meanings depending on the factors that people are treating for

  • Shampoo that should not irritate skin or scalp.
  • Shampoos that won’t break your fine hair OR help the damaged hair.
  • Mild Shampoos that lather well and cleanses the scalp.

Depending on the above factors, you can buy a mild shampoo of your choice.

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What Should You Look For In A Mild Shampoo?

There are so many detergents or cleansers used in a shampoo. A mild shampoo can only be mild if it has hair conditioning agents. Make sure to look for the ingredients as mentioned below

Conditioning Agents:

  • Polymers such as Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
  • Guar Gum or Guar
  • Glucoside
  • Polyquaternium – 7/10/11/44 any of the code numbers will do good.
  • Quaternium 8o

Natural Ingredients

  • Natural Oils or Essential Oils
  • Botanical extracts
  • Supplements like Vitamin E, D or

NOTE: We recommend you prefer organic or herbal shampoos over regular ones.

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Important Things To Consider While Buying

Shampoo should not contain SLS or SLES. Although Laureth is still better than Lauryl but prefers to not to use any sort of Sulphates.

  1. It should not contain any Parabens or Preservatives as well.
  2. It should not even contain sulphonates.
  3. Ensure it does not have Sodium C14-16 or C12-14
  4. Silicones should be avoided to minimize the risk of long-term hair damage.

Mild Shampoo – Important Questions Answered

Q. What are the mild shampoos to get silk and frizz free hair?

A. For a mild shampoo the important properties are to clean and condition hair. It should also contain natural ingredient which are less harmful. For this purpose Patanjali and Himalaya shampoos are good to go.

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