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Check Dove Product List In India

Conceptualised in 1957, Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever and based in the United States. It earned its name as the world's number-one cleansing brand in 2007 in the health and beauty sector. At present, Dove is a brand with tremendous brand loyalty, especially when it is hard to achieve consumer loyalty. Their success is largely attributed to their brand building which focuses greatly on empowering women. Have a look at the Dove product list at different online stores and make use of offer codes and coupons to get the best deal on your purchase. In addition to it, you can also grab extra cashback offers on Dove products when you shop via CashKaro.

Best Dove Product List In India

Dove Product ListPrice*
Dove Baby Rich Moisture Soap BarsRs. 124
Dove Dryness Care ConditionerRs. 161
Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair ConditionerRs. 152
Dove Intense Repair ShampooRs. 106
Dove Hair Fall Rescue ShampooRs. 184
Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bars - Pack of 3Rs. 149
Dove Dryness Care ShampooRs. 192
Dove Daily Shine ShampooRs. 429

Types of Dove Products

  • Dove Shampoos and Conditioners

Dove is a leading skincare brand that produces some of the best shampoo and conditioners, known for its gentle properties, for women and men. Dove shampoos contain natural moisturizing milk, which makes them extra nourishing. Shampoos from the brand are available for dry hair, dandruff prone hair, hair fall, and other concerns. You must also check out Dove's Environmental Defence shampoo that protects the hair from environmental pollutants, a prevalent cause of hair damage in the present time.

  • Dove Soaps

Dove soap bars are also commonly known as beauty bars because of their enriching properties that work wonders on the skin. Dove soap bars are renowned for containing 1/4 moisturizing cream and are made using mild cleansing properties that do not cause any reactions, even on sensitive skin. Regular use of Dove soap bars maintains skin appearance, texture, clarity, tone and brightness compared to ordinary soap.

  • Dove Baby Skincare Products

Baby Dove is the unique baby product line by Dove specialising in baby products, safe to be used for infants and babies until the age of four. Each Baby Dove product is made with nourishing, gentle formulas that contain no dyes, parabens, phthalates or sulfates. The brand believes mildness is not enough for a baby's skin, and hence their products go beyond mildness; they work towards keeping the moisture in a baby's skin intact all day.

  • Dove Body Wash

Dove Body Washes are considered one of the safest and healthiest body washes that one can get. They are available in a delightful variety of flavours, packed with the most delicious fragrances. Some of the best Dove body washes include the Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk Body Wash with Jasmine Petals, the Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash, and Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash. You can also check out the Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Body Wash with Warm Vanilla, which is paraben-free and ideal for daily use.

  • Dove Deodorants

Dove has been among the pioneering brands in manufacturing antiperspirants and deodorants, so if you are looking for a deodorant that goes beyond tackling armpit odour, then you can count on Dove. One of Dove's antiperspirant deodorants' best aspects is that they cater to both men and women's needs and are safe to be used on sensitive skin types.

Best Dove Products for Skin and Hair

  • Dove Fall Rescue Shampoo

One of India's best shampoos for hair fall control, the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo profoundly nourishes the hair from root to tip and makes hair visibly fuller. A gentle shampoo that can be used every day, it is made with nourishing, gentle formula and contains no dyes, parabens, phthalates, or sulphates.

  • Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar

Dove Cream Beauty Soap Bar combines a gentle cleansing formula with the brand's signature moisturizing cream to provide you with soft, smooth, and glowing skin. This Dove bar even helps to replenish lost nutrients during the cleansing process; where a regular soap bar might leave your skin feeling dry and tight, a Dove White Bar leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

  • Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

The Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash works toward making your skin look nourished, and well looked after. Regular use of this Dove body wash helps retain your skin's moisture and keeps it hydrated, leaving you with soft and supple skin.

  • Dove Dryness Care Conditioner

The Dove Dryness Care Hair Conditioner has proven that dry and flaky hair is a thing of the past. Formulated with a special Pro-Moisture Complex, this conditioner smoothens your hair, making it silky soft. While it softens your hair on the outside, it deeply nourishes your hair from within, making it visibly smooth and healthy.

  • Dove Men's Care Shampoo

The Dove's Men Care Shampoo is a unique two-in-one hair product designed for men concerned about thinning hair. It helps strengthen the hair from root to tip and leaves hair visibly healthy, thicker, and resilient. The combination of shampoo and conditioner is fortified with caffeine and conditioning ingredients, making it ideal for regular usage. This scalp cleaning shampoo helps ameliorate dryness directly where it starts by treating the scalp and the hair.

Best Places to Buy Dove Products Online:

  • Dove Website

Dove's official website is one of the best online platforms to shop Dove products and stay updated with exciting new launches. Browsing through Dove's website will help you gain an informed outlook on the various skincare categories that the brand caters to and make an informed choice.

  • Amazon

Find the best discounts on Dove skincare products at Amazon India, one of the best platforms for online shopping at affordable prices. Be Dove deodorants or Dove hair care products for much-needed self-pampering, you will find everything that you need on Amazon.

  • Flipkart

Flipkart is India's leading online shopping platform where you can find a wide range of Dove products with detailed user reviews. If you have been looking for a Dove shampoo for hair fall or want the best Dove bathing soap for your skin, Flipkart will meet all your requirements.

Shop Dove Products Online at Discounted Prices

Dove believes that beauty is not one dimensional; your age does not define it, the shape or size of your body, the colour of your skin or your hair - it is feeling like the best version of yourself. Get big discounts on shopping for Dove shampoos and conditioners, Dove deodorants, Dove soaps, and more with the use of coupons and promo codes.

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