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Find the Best Deals on Parachute Products via CashKaro

Parachute is one of the oldest brands under the flagships of Marico. They aim at bringing the excellence of coconut and revitalizing its traditional benefits. This is one of the leading consumer-goods brands in India and provides high-quality grooming products that include edible-grade oil, moisturizers, serums, shampoos, and much more. What makes the brand stand apart is the trust it has established with its consumers and it promises unchanged quality of its products. Their leading objective is to use ancient ingredients and modify them for modern-day consumption, thus remaining contemporary.

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Popular and Latest Parachute Products

  • Parachute Coconut Oil

Bless your hair with the gift of a hundred percent pure coconut oil from Parachute India. This sulfate-free oil is organically manufactured while keeping the health of hair in consideration. All coconuts are hand-picked and have to pass a five-step purification process so that the customers get five times purer products than what is available in the market. The nourishment of their coconut oil promises strong and long hair, so say bye-bye to frizzy and damaged hair and bring the Parachute pure coconut hair oil home!

  • Parachute Advanced Coconut Serum Oil

The fast-paced and hustling lifestyle has made it difficult to care for your hair, but the Parachute Advanced coconut serum oil has got you covered. It provides the goodness of oil in your hair in the form of a modern serum. This is a practical and nourishing formula that will preserve your hair from environmental damages. No need to worry about having an oiling routine on weekends, flaunt your silky-smooth hair and be your confident self. This blend of coconut oil and conditioning serum is not at all sticky on your head and does not feel heavy. Do not let your hair weigh you down by getting your hands on this product.

  • Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Intense Coconut Hair Oil

The miracle blend of the majestic aloe vera and nourishing coconut oil is here to save you from dry and frizzy hair. It is suitable for all hair types. The conditioning properties of coconut oil penetrate 10 times deeper than any other head oil, thus making them strong. It is well known for employing the soothing properties of aloe vera which leaves the hair silky and non-sticky. This is the perfect product for days when you need your hair to be set in place without any stickiness. Use this Parachute oil to ensure your hair is slick and smart throughout the day!

  • Parachute Advanced Soft Touch

Combat the dryness and restore moisture into your skin with Parachute advanced soft touch body lotion. With the gentle touch of honey to give you elasticity and almond to lock all of the moisture back, it requires a simple application for all skin types and all areas of the body. The endless benefits of enriching coconut milk include it being light on the skin and absorbs quickly. Protect your body from chemicals and get used to this 100% natural moisturizer equipped with hand-picked ingredients, delivered straight to your doorstep.

  • Parachute Summer Refresh Lotion Spray

Take a whiff of fresh air with the Parachute summer refresh lotion spray. It is a spray-on body lotion that is perfect for a busy day and soothes your body with the formulation of cool mint extracts and coconut milk. It has double protection of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun, making for the best product you could purchase for tackling Indian summers!

Popular Parachute Products to Buy via CashKaro

  • Parachute Hair Oil

Parachute has established itself as the most trusted brand for coconut-based products in India. The brand aims at revitalizing the traditions of Indian civilization which were known for using the power of coconut to its full potential. The organically manufactured coconut hair oil from Parachute holds the ability to nourish, preserve, protect, and beautify the hair. Their time-tested legacy and the allegiance of their customers to the brand speak about the premium quality and purity of their product.

  • Parachute Advanced

The range of Parachute advansed was released to cover the needs of consumers with varying hair care problems. There are various products that fall under the umbrella of Parachute advansed: scalp therapy, Parachute men, jasmine oil, deep conditioning, hot coconut head oil, Ayurvedic oil, and aloe vera enriched coconut hair oil. This range primarily aims at blending natural and herbal hair essentials with coconut oil. Ingredients such as hibiscus, pepper, and malkangani keep dryness and dandruff. Step up your hair game with Parachute Advansed!

Parachute Advanced Body Lotion

This category of product has been crafted for strengthening the skin barrier from the inside. It provides a soft and irresistible touch with just one application. The Parachute advansed body lotion is available in numerous variants - soft touch, deep nourish, refresh, and butter smooth. Loaded with the goodness of coconut milk and almond, the Soft Touch makes the skin feel soft. The Deep Nourish provides intense moisturizing for extremely dry skin. Advansed Refresh aims at making the skin feel cool and also protects from the sun. It is available in a lotion spray form. Butter Smooth is designed especially for winters for when the skin needs to lock moisture that is lost by the wind.

  • Parachute Advanced Coconut Creme Oil

This range offers a complete package for hair care that includes the creme oil, serum oil, and intense nourishment shampoo to keep the hair thick and long. It seeks at reinventing the old and monotonous ways of conditioning the hair. This range is for the new age woman who expects a hassle-free hair experience. All of these products are non-greasy and compact with coconut oil extract. The brand facilitates a 100% nourishment with 0% effort and encourages to provide a new and unique avatar of coconut oil.

Where to Buy Parachute Products Online with Discount

  • Purplle

The leading guide to makeovers, Purplle is the perfect locale where technology meets beauty. You can now avail reviews, question and answer corner, salon appointments, and more under one roof. This app is easy to use and offers a variety of discounts to its customers. All Parachute products are genuine and are readily shipped when ordered via

  • BigBasket

BigBasket gives you the freedom to shop for all your daily needs with a few clicks. Established in 2011, the company has sought perfection and has expanded its operations ever since. With its transparent product features and super sale offers, BigBasket is one of the best platforms to buy Parachute coconut oil and more.

  • Amazon

Evidently, what makes Amazon the biggest online retailer is the wide range of products that it offers. Amazon prime and Choice assist the customer to make a comfortable decision and buy products hassle-free. Parachute products can be easily delivered at your doorstep with Amazon at your service!

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