Did you know that having the topmost quality of beauty products does not mean that you’ve to shell out more money than you planned to? A signature red lipstick, an au revoir-ish perfume and a moisturizing hand and body lotion enriched with balanced SPF – that’s all a woman needs basically to look her beautiful best. And Avon Products, Inc. delivers these little gems to us in pure perfection. We can assure you that once you check out Avon creams price and other makeup & beauty essentials by Avon, you won’t regret it.


Avon Naturals Rose & Pearl Glow Whitening Cream SPF 15/PA++
This little tube of SPF20 solution helps rebuild damaged skin. We recommend this product for its easy absorption ability and immediate softness and smoothness. This works on skin brightening by controlling melanin production even during strong sun exposure. Start using this product now and see your skin become clearer and brighter within a week.

Price: Rs. 259

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Avon Nutraeffects Brightening Night Cream-625x638

Avon Nutraeffects Brightening Night Cream
The proven formula that works in all climate conditions to reduce dark spots, skin dryness and pigmentation by working on skin when you are resting should be a regular product for your skincare regime. Use it for a week and see your skin regain moisture and glow just within its first few applications.

Price: Rs. 629

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Avon Green Tea & Tea Tree Oil Purifying Cleanser
A cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin with just a pea-sized drop and doesn’t make your skin dry at all, the wonders that this product does are too good to be true. It reduces the occurrence of acne with gentle face scrubbing every day because of the tea tree oil present in it, which purifies and protects your skin for long hours. It’s suitable for all skin types, so you can easily include it in your regular CTM regime.

Price: Rs. 199

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Avon Extra Lasting Kajal Redesign


The one makeup item that changes our look from 6 to 10 is a thin dark line of Kohl under the eyes. This product by Avon is a long-lasting waterproof formula which glides smoothly and doesn’t have any chances of fading away or tugging at the edges. Just one line below the eye and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

Price: Rs. 299 

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Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick

The red lipstick that gives a crème finish matte look on your lips with only one swipe is driving the current generation of beauty girls crazy. Be part of the red matte lipstick revolution with Avon’s choices of Ruby Kiss, Coral Fever and Red Supreme that match your skin tone and complexion. Isn’t that all you need to look date-ready in no time?

Price: Rs. 479 

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Avon Gel Finish Nail Enamel (also available in Metallic Finish)

The nail paint that protects nails and also gives a full-coverage high glossy finish just in one coat is a must-have product in your kitty. If red nail enamel is you favourite, you’re going to love these variants – candy apple, wine and dine me and fire-cracker. You can also flaunt purplicious and lavender sky for variations in purple and pink.

Price: Rs. 249

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Avon Ideal Luminous Liquid Mousse Foundation
The liquid mousse that you apply once to conceal open pores and dark spots thus giving your skin a flawless look for at least 8 to 10 hours, this foundation creme is just the one you need to keep looking bright without spending an arm and leg every month. Use it once and see the difference in your skin texture now. It’s available in nude and crème beige variants for different complexion and skin tones.

Price: Rs. 559

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Avon Ideal Flawless Pressed Powder (Available in Nude and Creme Beige)
This compact foundation is good for eliminating any undue shine on the face and keep an even skin tone. Apply it by blending it with the foundation mousse or a CC cream to get maximum coverage on your face. The fresh matte look gives the ultimate flawlessness we crave for and when you get the perfect look at a price like this, you’ll thank yourself for being wise.

Price: Rs. 559 

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Avon Natural Milk & Honey Shower Gel


This product belongs to the moisturizing and water retention type of shower creams that not just remove dirt and dead cells from our hands and feet but also nourish it with keratin and vitamin E. The added benefits of having milk protein and honey are the reasons why this product is one of the best shower creams available today.

Price: Rs. 199

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Avon Simply Delicate Gentle Feminine Wash
The pH-balanced hygiene wash that is fit for sensitive skin areas has to be a part of your regular regime. Once you’ve applied it, you’ll love the calming and refreshing effect it has for the whole day. Also this takes care of hair follicles and dryness in intimate areas so that you don’t feel the problems of sweat when you’re out in the sun.

Price: Rs. 199

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Be smart, be wise, make Avon your beauty partner and transform your look now!

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