10 Best Gel Eye Liner Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Eye make is just not about applying some kohl in a hurry seconds before leaving the house. It has acquired the status of being some kind of an art form and the kind of eye liner one uses does much to ensure whether a particular look can be achieved. Gel eye liners are considered to be the best, because of their super stay formula and because any shape can be acquired with them. Here is a list of recommendations with price so that one knows what their options are.

Here are the best brands for Gel Eye Liner

1. Best Lakme Gel Eye liner

The leading cosmetic brand in India, Lakme has a number of premium eye products but the gel eye liner is one of the very best. The liner is gel formulation helps it to glide on smoothly and on drying there is no smudging at all. The liner comes in a pot and stays on for hour. The liner is priced around Rs 450 to Rs 550.

2. Best Maybelline Gel Eye liner

Maybelline is a number one brand and the gel formulation is glides on smoothly. The liner gives a jet black finish and stays put for hours. The gel also has a waterproof finish and that makes it the perfect eye make up for heat and humidity. The eye liner is priced around Rs 575 and Rs 750.

3. Best L’Oreal Gel Eye liner

L’Oreal is a globally rated brand and the gel eye liner is one of its best products. The liner is a hit in various ramp shows across the world and super smooth formula helps it to glide on smoothly. The liner is priced around Rs 750 and is one of the best selling products in the country. Many celebrities endorse the brand as well.

4. Best In Color Gel Eye liner

In Color is one of the best products in the market in the mid range segment and the brand is known to make some of the best products in the most affordable range, and they are in no way less than any other brand. The gel liner has a cooling effect and glides on smoothly during application. The products are priced around Rs 350 to Rs 650.

5. Best Inklot Gel Eye liner

Inklot is reputed name in the world of makeup and their products deliver exactly as they promise. The liner provides dense black color and provides great eye definition. It is great for day out as well as for a night out with friends. The liner is long lasting and smudges proof and that makes it a top product for the youngsters and mature women alike. The products are priced around Rs 1200 and Rs 1500.

6. Best Vega Gel Eye liner

Vega is a premium cosmetic brand that has tried to bring out the best product in each segment and the gel eye liner is one of them. Vega is also famous for making some very good brushes and the gel eye liner makes for very easy application with their brush. The products are priced around Rs 575 and Rs 800 and are available in all top online stores.

7. Best Colorbar Gel Eye liner

Colorbar cosmetics are unique because they always go by the user feedback and improve their product on their basis. The eye liners provide very high definition and the long lasting formula makes it suitable to be worn through the day. The liners can also be removed easily with the help of makeup remover and leaves no traces behind. They are priced at around Rs 350 to Rs 400.

8. Best MAC Gel Eye liner

MAC has always been among the top rungs of makeup brands and the gel eye liner only emphasizes that fact. The eye liner is available in other colors like blue and brown and they can be used to create a most distinctive look. The eye liners are priced around Rs 900.

9. Best Huda Beauty Gel Eye liner

Huda Beauty is a premium brand in the Middle East and their products are fast gaining prominence. The gel eye liner is dense and dark and provides the perfect eye definition. The liner sets very easily and dries quickly and one can get ready in a matter of minutes. The product is priced at around Rs 500.

10. Best Revlon Gel Eye liner

The gel eye liner from Revlon makes eye makeup look so elegant. The gel liner is available in both glossy and matte versions and this makes it one of the best products in its segment, suitable for use for all times of the day. The liner is priced around Rs 550 to Rs 700.

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Best Brands Of Gel Eye Liner

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