Gel Nail Polish

Gel paints have become the talk of the town thanks to their longevity and pro-like finish. The best thing about gel nail polishes is that they last for about 3-4 weeks and look freshly applied all the time. So if you are tired of old nail paints that get chipped within two days of application, gel nail paints can be your new best friend!

They give a smooth and shiny finish, ensuring salon-like nails without spending thousands of bucks at once. Today, many brands have come up with gel nail paints fitting your budget and giving you professionally done nails at home. If you have a fascination with beautifully manicured nails, we have listed some of the best gel nail paint brands for you.  

List Of 15 Best Gel Nail Paint Brands In India

1. Lakme

Lakme Nail Polish
Lakme Nail Polish

Lakme is no doubt India’s most popular cosmetics brand that specialises in a wide array of skincare and beauty products. Its Absolute Gel Stylist has a huge range of gel nail paints that are easy to use.

The formula is highly pigmented and leaves a glass-like finish on your nails. It offers a clean, one-stroke application that works for a beginner as well as a professional. All the shades are designed perfectly to complement Indian skin tones.

2. Maybelline

One of the several subsidiary brands of L’Oreal, Maybelline was founded back in 1914 by a 19-year old entrepreneur Thomas Lyle Williams. The 107-year-old company’s headquarters is in New York and enjoys global popularity.

Their gel nail polishes have a premium texture that glides beautifully on your nails. They come with a fluffy brush that lets you apply the nail paint like a professional. The pigments are vibrant and last for up to 7 days without chipping off.

Maybelline Nail Polish
Maybelline Nail Polish

3. OPI

OPI Nail Polish
OPI Nail Polish

If you love manicures, you’ve probably heard the name OPI in many salons. OPI is a well-known nail polish brand based in America that has made a name in most parts of the world today.

Its Nail Lacquer is one of the best nail polishes out there, and you should definitely give it a try. It is made with high-quality ingredients that do not harm your nails and last for up to 7 days without chipping.

4. Colorbar

Colorbar Nail Polish
Colorbar Nail Polish

Colorbar produces premium quality makeup and is a prominent name in the Indian market. If you are a makeup enthusiast, we’re sure you’ve used at least one of Colorbar’s products.

Its Wonder Gel Nail Lacquer has a rich and creamy formula that glides smoothly on your nails. The nail paint comes in a compact and sturdy bottle which is totally travel-friendly. If you are looking for a nail polish that takes care of your nails and makes them look healthy, go for Colorbar today!

5. DeBelle

DeBelle Nail Polish
DeBelle Nail Polish

DeBelle is a trendsetter when it comes to nail polishes in India. Its Gel Nail Polish has a smooth and glossy texture that sits beautifully on your nails. The product has a self-levelling formula, so even beginners can apply it with ease. Enriched with seaweed extracts, this nail polish keeps your nails nourished and prevents yellowing.

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6. Chambor

Chambor Nail Polish
Chambor Nail Polish

Chambor is a pioneering beauty brand that was established in 1994. It employs cutting-edge technology to bring to the modern-day woman the best makeup solutions.

Their Gel Effect Nail Lacquer will give a rich and mirror-like finish to your nails. The nail polish formula is UV resistant that protects your nails from sun damage and yellowing. They have released a wide range of gel paint colors which are very pigmented and last for a couple of days before wearing off.

7. Revlon

Revlon Nail Polish
Revlon Nail Polish

Revlon has always been known as a reliable and responsible brand with customers from all over the world. Its Colorstay Gel Nail Enamel is blended with brighteners to make the shades more vivid and glossy.

It comes with a flat and wide brush that offers even application over your nails. As this formula has a 2-in-1 coat, you don’t have to worry about applying a protective coat to prevent chipping.

8. Faces Canada

Faces Nail Polish
Faces Nail Polish

Faces is a Canadian brand that offers an exclusive line of makeup, skincare products, and personal care accessories to clients worldwide. Their products are completely cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a product that allows easy application and salon-like finish, the Ultime Pro Gel Lustre is the one! It has a pigmented formula that leaves an opaque finish on your nails after application. The nail paint has a chip-resistance feature and is known to be highly long-lasting if applied properly.

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9. Elle 18

Elle 18 Nail Polish
Elle 18 Nail Polish

Known for trendy and affordable cosmetics, Elle 18 will leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to gel nail paints. The best part is these are extremely easy on the pocket, so you can grab as many shades as you want!

Elle 18 Nail Pops are gel-based colors that are highly pigmented and last for a very long time post-application. They have a smooth and glossy finish that looks chic and premium. The bottle is quite handy and made with durable material.

10. Shills Professional

Shills Professional Nail Polish
Shills Professional Nail Polish

Shills Professional produces nail polishes that stay high in demand all year long. Its base and shiny coat combo will give you glossy and pro-like nails. The products have a smooth gel consistency that glides perfectly on your nails. Regular usage can help strengthen your nails and make them look healthy.

11. House Of Makeup

House of Makeup Nail Polish
House of Makeup Nail Polish

House of Makeup has a wide range of manicure products made with top-grade materials and last very long. Its Gel Nail Polish is infused with vitamin E, which adds a healthy sheen to your nails. The formula is highly pigmented, which gives you the perfect one-stroke application. Now you don’t need a UV lamp to dry the nail polish and get the nails of your dreams!

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12. Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven Nail Polish
Blue Heaven Nail Polish

If you’re searching for a brand that creates amazing cosmetic products at affordable prices, Blue Heaven is the one to go for!

Its Hypergel Nailpaint is a pigmented formula that offers a precise and even coat of color on your nails. The whole range consists of 48 beautiful shades that look vibrant, classy, and glossy. The nail paint gives a premium appeal and has a long-lasting finish.

13. Nugel

Nugel Nail Polish
Nugel Nail Polish

Nugel’s Non-UV Gel Nail Polish is made with creamy and highly pigmented shades that last forever on your nails. Unlike other gel nail paints, you don’t need an LED lamp to dry your nails after applying it. The formula is smooth and dries up within minutes which makes it hassle-free.


ROSALIND Nail Polish
ROSALIND Nail Polish

ROSALIND’s gel nail polish is made with natural ingredients that are completely safe on the skin. The entire range has vibrant shades which leave an opaque finish on your nails. However, you may need a UV lamp to dry them as they may not air dry properly.

15. Gala of London

Gala of London Nail Polish
Gala of London Nail Polish

Gala of London’s gel nail polish has a super-pigmented formula so you just need one stroke of application to cover your entire nail. It has a glossy finish that leaves a mirror-like look on your nails. If you love glam and chic nails, buy Gala of London’s nail paint today!

List Of Best Nail Paint Brands In India With Price List

Best Nail Paint Brands In IndiaPrice*
LakmeStarting at Rs 250
MaybellineStarting at Rs 330
OPIStarting at Rs 850
ColorbarStarting at Rs 350
DeBelleStarting at Rs 295
ChamborStarting at Rs 325
RevlonStarting at Rs 399
Faces CanadaStarting at Rs 229
Elle 18Starting at Rs 50
Shills ProfessionalStarting at Rs 1,798
House of MakeupStarting at Rs 249
Blue HeavenStarting at Rs 95
NugelStarting at Rs 297
ROSALINDStarting at Rs 975
Gala of LondonStarting at Rs 199
*Prices are subject to change

FAQs Answered about The – Best Gel Nail Paint Brands In India

1. What is gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is made up of acrylic polymers that are cured under UV light to form a hard, gel-like finish on your nails. If you are tired of ruining your natural nails with fake nails, going for gel nails can be a great choice. Gel polishes don’t harm your nails and give a pro-like appearance.

2. Is LED or UV better for gel nails?

Gel nails require UV or LED dryers to harden the nail paint quickly. While UV light takes 8-10 minutes to dry your nail polish, LED does the job within 30-45 seconds. UV light is not good for your skin and this is why many people prefer LED dryers. LED dryers also last longer than UV dryers.

3. Which brand of gel nail polish is the best?

There are several brands topping the gel nail paint chart in India. Some of them are OPI, Lakme, Colorbar, and DeBelle. All these brands have a wide range of nail products that you can check out online.

4. How long does gel nail polish last on natural nails?

Gel nail polishes are very different from regular nail polishes due to their longevity. A regular gel nail paint will last from anywhere between 1-3 weeks if you apply and cure it properly.

5. Is gel nail polish good for your nails?

Although gel nails look brilliant, they come with some adverse effects. Regular usage of gel nail polishes can deteriorate your nail’s health and make them prone to damage. It is suggested that you intake protein and keratin rich foods to keep your nails strong.

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