10 Startups with Workplaces So Beautiful You’d Pay to Work There

The place where you work can have a whole lot of impact on how you work. Sitting in a cubicle all day long won’t definitely inspire creativity and hence the idea of open workplaces. Startups foster creativity and thrive on ideas and innovation. It is important that their workplaces are designed to stimulate and not restrict the free flow of new ideas.

Check out these 10 startups with beautiful workplaces that are bound to bowl you over!

1. Freecharge, Bengaluru

Whack the ball out of the park in this colorful office of Freecharge located at Indiranagar in Bengaluru. Filled with fun wall scribbles and abstract art, the office has cute and tiny meeting rooms filled with quotes from eminent personalities.

Freecharge Office

Freecharge Office Bengaluru

2. Chumbak, Bengaluru

The young and vibrant startup lives up to its beautiful products with a much more beautiful workplace. No wonder they love to flaunt those owls on big colorful walls.

Chumbak Office

Chumbak Office Bangalore

3. Freshdesk, Chennai

The SaaS startup Freshdesk has fantastic paintings and artwork on almost all its walls. You walk in and it feels like a home away from home.

Oh and btw, you can spot the demigod Rajinikanth among some of the murals and artworks.

Freshdesk Office Chennai

Freshdesk Office

Freshdesk Chennai Office

4. Coverfox, Mumbai

Trees grow inside the Coverfox office in Mumbai. There is an indoor golf turf, a relaxed cafeteria, and walls with pop art faces.

Coverfox Office

Coverfox Office Mumbai

5. Myntra, Bengaluru

When you can bring the outside world inside, why go outside?

Myntra’s super cool Bengaluru office is style personified. With little attention to every detail, you’ll love the cool working atmosphere.

Myntra Office Bangalore

Myntra Office

6. Nearbuy, Gurgaon

Work is play at the Nearbuy office in Gurgaon. The fun-loving work culture will leave you wanting to get up and rush to work every single day!

Nearbuy Office

Nearbuy Office Gurgaon

7. Treebo Hotels, Bengaluru

If you thought Treebo Hotels does a good job with their hotel chain, wait till you check out their swanky office. Treebo takes the design and mural art to even the office terrace.

Treebo Office

Treebo Office Bengaluru

8. Zomato, Gurgaon

Couches, couch potatoes, potatoes and more. Zomato office in Gurgaon reflects the life of a foodie. The relaxed setting is definitely gonna make you hungry… for food and more ideas.

Zomato Office

Zomato Office Gurgaon

9. Razorpay, Bengaluru

Razorpay’s new office in Bengaluru has beautiful walls, amazing floors, and comfy seats. One look at it and you’d totally fall for it.

Razorpay Office

Razorpay Office Bengaluru

10. CashKaro, Gurgaon

Ahem! We ain’t simply the number one cashback and coupons site just for all the amazing deals we bring every day.

Step into our office at Gurgaon and make yourself at home 😛

That’s how chilled out we are!

CashKaro Office

Feeling ready to work already? 😀

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