5 Best Beard Oils for a Thick Flowy Beard

Best Beard Oils for an Amazing Beard

A well-groomed beard is every man’s dream but let’s be honest, styling a beard could be a big concern for some. From a stubble to a magnificent full beard, taming and grooming a beard is an essential part of staying presentable. Beard oils are a magical product that help in growing and nourishing your beard. They are infused with essential oils and natural extracts that act as a powerful hair growth booster as well as a styling essential. They also moisturize your skin and facial hair. Regular application of these oils can also help you get rid of a patchy beard while leaving it long and flowy. But choosing the right beard oil could be a tedious task for many, considering the availability of many brands in the market. So, here is a list of 5 best beard oils that you can invest in.

5 Best Beard Oils for an Amazing Beard

1. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

Get a flawless beard with the UrbanGabru Beard Oil that provides extra care to your beard. It is formulated with 16 powerful ingredients like onion oil, amla, sunflower seeds and more that leave your beard soft, smooth, and shiny. This beard growth oil penetrates in every single cuticle in your beard to provide intensive growth and nourishment. It is also enriched with natural essential oils that help in the growth of hair follicles while restoring lost nutrients.

Promotes Growth

This product is perfect for men who wish to experiment with their beard. It keeps your beard nourished, conditioned and healthy.

Editor’s Choice

2. Beardo Beard Oil

Keep your beard healthy with the Beardo Beard Oil that is ideal for revitalizing your facial hair and scalp. It is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, amla, hibiscus, sesame seeds and more that leave your hair healthy and shiny. Apart from providing nourishment to your hair, this beard oil also helps in hair growth, fighting dandruff, premature greying, breakage, and split ends.

Intensive Nourishment

This product is an excellent pick for men who wish to get rid of a patchy beard. With regular application you can get a dense and full beard.

Most Loved

3. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil

A beard oil designed to cater to every man is a hard catch. This Bombay Shaving Company beard oil is one product that can be used by men with all kinds of beards, including light, thick, or magnificent moustaches. It is formulated with a rich fusion of vetiver (khus-khus) and four essential oils that nourish your facial hair from within. This beard oil contains coconut oil, sesame seeds, vetiver oil, jojoba seed oil, brahmi and amla that work together to fight patchiness and hair fall.

Fights Patchiness

This product helps to promote healthy skin and beard growth with regular application. It also contains notes of musk and amber.

Premium Choice

4. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

If you are looking for a beard oil that boosts hair growth, then this Ustraa Beard Growth Oil must be your pick. It is formulated with eight essential oils, fatty acids, vitamins, and redensyl that work on the hair follicles. These ingredients help in beard growth while strengthening and nourishing your hair. It can also be used on your scalp to activate hair growth.

Boosts Hair Growth

This product is free from parabens, silicone, mineral oils, and sulphates. Its ingredients repair damage and promote hair growth.

Next Best

5. Beardhood Beard Growth Oil

Dive into the old-world charm with Beardhood Beard Growth Oil that is infused with irresistible coffee notes. It is made with natural plant extracts like jojoba oil, argan oil, rice bran oil, and essential oils that are handpicked from Morocco, Indonesia, and Italy. This beard oil helps in nourishing facial hair while filling thin spots, reducing greys and dryness. Infused with Vitamin E, this beard oil acts as an antioxidant that helps to regrow hair and minimise damage.

Amazing Smell

This product is perfect for men who wish to smell great and have a soft, shiny beard.

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