Best Hulk Action Figure Collectibles

If you’re a die-hard MCU fan, it’s time to refresh your collectibles. Check out these impressive Hulk action figures that you can add to your collection.

Hulk is a popular superhero that has a huge fanbase. Associated with Avengers’ founding member Dr Bruce Banner, Hulk has been a part of numerous movies in the series. While most Avengers fans gush over Ironman, Thor, or Captain America, there are a few who are swept by Hulk’s brute strength, indestructible build, and unwavering spirit. If you are one of those, here’s your cue to bring home these impressive action figurines and diversify your Avengers collection.

Check out the best Hulk action figures that will bring a smile to the faces of all Marvel fans out there.

Best Hulk Action Figure Collectables

1. POP! Avengers Smart Hulk Pop Bobblehead Figure

This POP bobble head figure stands 4-inches tall and can be a great addition to your Avengers action figure collectibles. This toy features Hulk in a bodysuit that enhances its appearance. It is made entirely of plastic and has stern expressions to bring it as close to its menacing personality. Get this toy if you’re looking for a nice addition to your desk or for your kids aged three years and above.

Desk Accessory

This bobblehead collectible is perfect as a desk accessory or a mini photography prop.

Editor’s Choice

2. Quantum Mechanix Gladiator Hulk

This Hulk action figurine measures 6-inches in height and is perfectly sized as table décor. It comes with a diorama that adds to its appearance. The figurine has impressive details like tattoos, body shape, and accessories like battle armour, sandals, war hammer, helmet, and more to complete the look. It is made of PVC and is ideal for adults and kids above the age of three years.

Movie Inspired

This Hulk action figurine is inspired by Thor: Ragnarok, one of the most highly rated movies in the MCU.

Popular Pick

3. Awestuffs Limited Edition Hulk Action Figure

This bobblehead mobile holder by Awestuffs is a wonderful car and desk accessory to have. If you’re looking for a utility product that is both cute and solves your purpose of keeping your phone stable, this one should be on your must-buy list. It is made of high-grade vinyl material and measures around 5-inches in height. Simply pull the base of the pedestal out and place your phone inside the given space. It can be used as a stand for adults and as an independent toy for kids aged above six.

Bobble Head

This action figurine bobbles its head whenever the car moves.

Most Loved

4. Marvel Avengers Bend and Flex Toy

This one has a classic design inspired by the Marvel universe. It has bendable arms and legs that can be twisted and flexed for various poses. The toy is made of safe plastic and makes for a great gift for kids and adults who are Hulk fans.

Blast Accessory

This figure comes with a blast accessory that enhances the overall look and allows you to twist it for different poses.

Next Best

5. Super Hero Adventures Marvel Mega Mighties Hulk

This Hulk collectable comes right out of the Marble Mega Mighties series. It is a 10-inch action figure and a perfect toy for kids. This Hulk toy features three points of articulation, including the head, the arms, and the waist; allows you to bend it into different poses.

Comfortably Sized

This Hulk figure toy is aptly sized for small hands and is thus perfect for kids.

Leading Contender

6. Marvel Avengers: Endgame Team Suit Hulk

This Hulk action figure is inspired by Avengers: Endgame and can bend and flex for different poses. The figurine stands 6-inches tall and is ideal for adults and kids above four years of age. It has a detailed silver and black suit and features a character inspired weapon.

Highly Articulated

This action figure of Hulk allows you to recreate action-packed scenes from the Marvel universe.

Also Consider

7. Marvel Legend Series Action Figure Hulk

From the Marvel Legends Series, this Hulk action figure stands 9-inches tall. It is a premium figurine that comes with two spare hands for uninterrupted play. The figurine has multiple points of articulation and impressive ability to pose for imaginative play as well as miniature photography. It is ideal for adults, and kids aged above four years.

Premium Design

This action figure flaunts a premium design inspired by the Marvel collection.

Runner Up

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