Straw Sippers and Cups for Babies to Drink Easily

Best Straw Sippers

Looking for the best sipping cups for your tiny tot? Bring home straw sippers that allow appropriate amounts of fluid into the mouth and build tongue strength.

Straw sippers are one of the best sipping cups for little kids and infants. Drinking from straw sippers helps build lip and cheek strength while also ensuring a proper tongue position. These sippers prevent spillage of water, juice, or any other drink. Besides this, they prevent unnecessary mess and are suitable for kids as young as six months.

Check out our top recommendations here.

Best Straw Sippers

1. LuvLap Tiny Giffy Sipper

This sipper is available in an elongated shape and a purple colour that attracts young kids. It is made with BPA free, non-toxic material that makes it suitable to be used by kids as young as 18 months. The spill-proof straw design further makes it easier to drink, while the silicone straw prevents mouth injuries. This tumbler can hold approximately 300 ml of drinks. It also has detachable handles, which can be removed as the baby grows to improve the hold.

Sterilisable Bottle

This bottle is safe to be sterilised and washed in a dishwasher.

Editor’s Choice

2. Philips Avent Straw Cup

Philips Avent straw cup is a compact-sized sipper that has a capacity of 200 ml. It is available in lovely colours that attract the kids and ensure that they have a fulfiling drinking experience. The flip-top design reveals a silicone straw that allows the kid to sip the drink easily. The cup is made with BPA-free material, making it safe for young babies aged nine months and above.

Lower Straw

This straw of this sipper by Philips is lowered deep into the bottle, making it easier to suck the drink till the last sip.

Popular Pick

3. Mee Mee Straw Sipper Cup

Mee Mee straw sipper is made with polypropylene plastic that is free of toxins and other harmful agents. It is suitable for kids aged six months and above. The attachments are made using BPA-free, soft silicone that is bite resistant and prevents injuries inside the mouth. This sipper can hold up to 210 ml of any drink, including water, juice, milk, etc. It is available in an attractive blue colour and has detachable grip handles that can be washed separately.


This sipper has a large tumbler that can be attached to a spout or straw as per the requirement.

Most Loved

4. R for Rabbit Premium Bubble Sipper

This sipper is equipped with a weighted straw that ensures sipping from every direction. It can capacitate up to 300 ml of drinks and has a light blue colour that makes it an elegant choice for carrying around. The sipper has a flip-top cap that keeps the straw hygienic and prevents spillage, while its smooth handles ensure an easy grip. It is made with BPA-free polypropylene that is safe for young kids aged 12 months and above.

Lovely Prints

This sipper has lovely panda prints all over its cup, making it even more attractive for young kids.

Next Best

5. Fisher-Price Baby Sipper Training Cup

Brought to you by Fisher-Price – a leading brand in the baby care segment, this sipper can be used as a training cup for young kids. It has a capacity of up to 230 ml and comes in a lovely contrast of orange, yellow and green colours. The sipper is made with polypropylene and has a flip-top cap that protects the straw from dirt and dust after usage. You can get it for kids aged 12 months and above.

Complimentary Glass

This sipper comes with a complimentary plastic glass that allows kids to practice drinking without the use of a spout or straw.

Also Consider

6. Kelvee Glass Drinking Mug

Kelvee mugs are perfect for kids as well as adults. They have a beautiful design and can be used to drink milk and fruit juice, or consume any other liquid at any time of the day. The mugs have a cute print, and a measurement scale that helps keep track of your kids’ diet conveniently. Thanks to the BPA-free high Boron glass, these mugs have impressive insulation capabilities. You get a multi-functional straw and a leak-proof lid that prevents the drinks from spillage.

Microwave Safe

These mug sippers are suitable to be heated directly in microwaves and do not break easily.

Runner Up

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