Tricycles for Kids to Have a Fun and Safe Ride

Best Kids Tricycles

Gift your kid a tricycle to build leg muscles, thigh strength and movement.

Cycling is a form of exercise that benefits all age groups. It makes for a fun and healthy activity to accommodate into your daily routine. It develops muscles, builds strength, balance, coordination, and movement of body parts which helps in overall growth. Much safer than bicycles, these three-wheelers don’t trip on the ground, protecting children from unexpected falls. Besides this, they are comfortable and easy to ride.

If you’re looking for some fabulous tricycle recommendations, check out our top picks here.

Best Kids Tricycles

1. Luusa RX-500 Kids Tricycle

Luusa Kids Tricycle is a two-in-one cycle suitable for kids from two to four years. This kids tricycle has multiple safety features and is available in a lovely contrast of orange and black. It has a removable parental control handle that can be used while strolling kids of one to two years, a foldable and rotatable footrest, cushioned seat for comfort, and a safety belt to keep the kid secured. Moreover, it has a bell for the kid to indicate that their vehicle will soon zoom past the other person. The alloy wheels attached to the frame further add to its appearance.


This kids tricycle comes with accessories like a front basket for storage and a sipper bottle for quenching thirst.

Editor’s Choice

2. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

Available in a bright red colour, this kid’s tricycle has a heavy-duty frame and an easy steering system. It has a long handlebar for the parents to steer and control its speed while walking alongside. The cycle is ideal for kids aged one year and above and has two storage baskets on the front and rear to keep the baby’s essentials. Besides having a high back seat to ensure comfort, it also has a three-point safety harness to keep them safe and secure. If your kid gets tired of pedalling the tricycle all by themselves, they can also use the footrest to relax for a bit while you steer them ahead.

Thick Tyres

This kid’s tricycle has thick EVA tyres that prevent kids from falling off the seat.

Popular Pick

3. Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle

Equipped with flashing LEDs and buttons for playing musical rhymes, this tricycle can keep the little ones entertained for hours. The bike is made of safe plastic and electrical components that add to its charm. It is suitable for kids aged two to five years and requires two AAA batteries to use all the functions. The tricycle has sturdy back support to keep the kid comfortable while sitting and preventing them from falling off their tiny vehicle. In addition to this, it has a canopy to protect young kids, a playing toy to keep them entertained when not riding, and a storage bucket to keep their essentials like water bottle, snacks, etc.

Bike Style

This tricycle is a bike style tricycle that attracts young kids due to its unique design.

Most Loved

4. Fun Ride Kids Tricycle

This tricycle comes in a lovely contrast of green and blue colours. It has a sturdy frame made with high-grade material that offers it durability and strength. While this kids tricycle has an independent steering handle and pedals for kids to control where the vehicle goes, it also allows parents to control the direction through its push handle. Accessories like a rear basket, backrest, and sipper make it a much more fascinating choice for parents as well as kids.

Steering Push Handle

This tricycle for kids has a push handle that can steer the tricycle as per the guardian’s choice.

Next Best

5. R for Rabbit Tricycle for Kids

This tricycle for kids has a bright contrast of orange and black. A certified baby ride, it offers your kid the best safety overall. It can be used for kids up to five years of age. The tricycle features a push bar that can be used to control direction. When the kid grows up, you can remove this bar and allow full access of the vehicle to your kid.

It also has a storage basket and cup holder to place milk mugs and water bottles. Thanks to its two-point safety harness, the kid can sit on the seat comfortably without the fear of jerks and falls.

Simpler Alternative

If you’re looking for a simpler alternative with lesser accessories and more safety features, this tricycle is for you.


6. Dasan Baby Royal Tricycle

This three-wheeled vehicle is a Doraemon-themed tricycle for young kids aged up to four years. It has a lovely yellow colour and features a front basket to keep essential things like toys, water bottle, snacks, and more. For safety, it features alloy steel guards on either side to keep the baby from falling off. The sturdy handlebars and pedals further add to its mobility, control, and direction. The wheel size of this tricycle is comparatively bigger than the other options offering it improved grip on most surfaces and making it much more stable.


This tricycle by Dasan has the original tricycle design, is well within the budget and introduces kids to movement and motion.

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