If your girlfriend believes that you cannot match the level of effort she puts into making your birthday special, then it’s time to prove her wrong. Whether you’re planning to surprise her at midnight or spending long distance wishes, we’ve got it all covered. Whatever way you choose, make her feel loved and cared for with romantic gifts. Here, we have listed down the gifts and the places from where you can shop for these romantic gifts for your girlfriend in India and abroad. Here you can also check best birthday gifts for girl, best friend.

Check out the below listed romantic and special birthday gifts for girlfriend.

Most Special Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend:

1. Love Letters

Birthday Love Letters Oye Happy
Love Letters for Girlfriend

Guys, we may be living in the 21st Century and calling ourselves millennials, but love letters are still a very major part of our idea of being made to feel special. We bet your girl has secretly always wanted those cute little letters from you but hasn’t said it out loud yet. So, the first pick on our list of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend has to be love letters!

2. Scrapbook Photo Album

Scrapbook Photo Album
Scrapbook Photo Album

The second pick in our list of special birthday gifts for your girlfriend is a scrapbook photo album. Have you always wanted to create a cute scrapbook for your girlfriend but didn’t know where to begin because it seems way too tough? Put all your worries to an end with this handy DIY scrapbook kit and make your girlfriend gleam with happiness. All you have to do it paste your photographs together and write some lines that you wish to convey to her. To add an extra dose of cuteness, try finding some old movie tickets or anything else that you may find and paste those as well!

3. Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement
Flower Arrangement

Well if you’re in a long-distance relationship and find very little time to spend with each other then send this beautiful and lovely flower arrangement bouquet reminder to your girl telling her how eager you are to meet her. Let her know that she is in your heart no matter the geographical distance between. Surprise her with a custom message for her on the card and make her blush to the extreme.

4. 100 Reasons I Love You

100 Reasons I Love You Gift for Girlfriend
100 Reasons I Love You Gift for Girlfriend

An adorable girlfriend’s birthday gift, telling her what she means to you has never been this easy. This 100 Reasons I Love You box consists of 100 cards which each have a special reason ideal for conveying your feelings to your girlfriend. When was the last time she had a million-dollar smile on her face? Well, this romantic and cute gift will surely be it!

5. Skinn by Titan Perfume for Women

Skinn by Titan Perfume for Women

What’s more romantic than gifting your girl a set of feminine and light perfumes by a popular brand that evokes the breezy fragrance of a summer romance. The aroma is a lovely blend of sparkling lychee, raspberry with the playfulness of citrusy bergamot and rose. One of the best perfumes for women, this makes for an ideal gifting option for your girlfriend. Pair this with a small bouquet if you’d like and a personalized birthday card to make her feel special and pampered.

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6. Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Fairy Lights Mason Jar
Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Does your girlfriend love all things pretty? Get her this gorgeous mason jar decoration for her room which has fairy lights adorned around it. She’s definitely going to love this rustic piece which has a lovely vintage vibe to it. The best part about this gifting idea for your girlfriend is that it will always remind her of you whenever she glances at it hanging on her wall. Sweet, simple and beautiful (just like her!)

7. Romantic Wall Frame

Romantic Wall Frame
Romantic Wall Frame

Small gestures like these are the ones that are always cherished and that’s why our 7th pick on this list of the best girlfriend’s birthday gifts is this loveable frame. Surprise your girl by getting her this cute wall frame that lovingly describes your relationship which is better together. Classic and adorable, this digitally printed poster frame for your girlfriend is going to look extremely cute on her wall or on her desk and will always remind her of how special you made her feel on her birthday.

8. Pretty Pendent Necklace

Pretty Pendent Necklace for girlfriend
Pretty Pendant Necklace

Gift your girl a beautiful heart-shaped pendant necklace because it does not get more romantic than this guys! One of the most romantic gifts for your girl, this pendant is all about grace and simplicity. A perfect gift for a romantic setting, this can be one of the best birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend which she can wear on a daily basis or can save for special occasions. To add a dash of touch, you can also pair this gift along with a cute message and a bouquet of red roses for her and seize the moment.

9. Watch Gift Set for Women

Watch Gift Set for Women
Watch Gift Set for Women

The 9th suggestion on our list of the most special birthday gifts for girlfriends is this elegant yet quirky watch set. There are many trendy brands in town that have an impressive collection of fashionable items for women, be it jewelery, apparel or accessories, and this watch set is sure to win your girl’s heart. It consists of one women’s wristwatch along with a pretty bracelet that looks amazing when worn together. Isn’t this a steal deal? Oh, yes!

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10. Romantic Scroll

Romantic Scroll
Romantic Scroll

Who said scrolls were romantic only during the Romeo and Juliet era? However cliché this might sound, romantic scrolls have always been a saver. Tell her how much she means to you with the help of this romantic scroll which speaks out all those lines that you want to convey to her but have always felt shy to do so. This scroll can be used by her as wall décor or can be neatly tucked into a cupboard to preserve it forever.

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