5 Reasons To Buy Power Shoes

Whether you’ve been an athlete all your life or have just decided to start running your way to good health, there cannot be a better decision than to invest in a pair of Power Shoes. These shoes, from the house of Bata, have been a favorite around the world for decades. The Canada based fitness shoe brand has been around since 1971 and are aligned with the motto – Style. Technology. Comfort. Durability. Today, we give you 5 reasons why you absolutely must buy Power Shoes before starting off on the path to fitness.

Here’s the List of Top 5 Reasons to buy Power Shoes

1. If You’re A Runner

Running Shoes

As you run, your heels bear the brunt of your entire body weight before it is distributed to the rest of your foot. The impact is about two or three times your body weight. Power shoes provide heel cushioning so the impact on your heels and toes is reduced dramatically. This means less injury and more comfort if you wear Power shoes.

2. If You’re A Walker

Walking Shoes

When you walk, your entire foot needs support as opposed to just the heels. Power walking shoes are lined with memory foam soles which provide cushioning while adhering to the contouring of your feet. These shoes are also super light and comfy just for your walking pleasure.

3. If You’re A Gym Lover

Gymming Shoes

Needless to say, if you’re working out, you need extra support and stability in your shoes. Activities such as cardio and strength training require you to wear shoes that provide maximum stability and grip to the ground so as to avoid injuries and accidents. Power training shoes give you exactly that with outsoles that maximize connection to the ground and soft material that keeps blisters at bay. These shoes are also made with flexible material so you can easily stuff them in your gym bag.

4. If You’re An Adventurer

Adventure Shoes

Love some hiking and other adventure sports? You need Power Outdoor shoes that are rugged and provide superior traction. These shoes come with mid-sole stabilizers that make it easy to stop and help avoid ankle injuries. These shoes can withstand the harshest of impacts and protect your feet from injury. Plus, they are one of the best looking shoes!

5. If You’re A Sneaker Freak

Lifestyle Sneakers

Get on the athleisure bandwagon with Lifestyle sneaker shoes from Power. Check out the most striking colors and designs or the quintessential white sneaker shoes that can be paired with your casual as well as formal outfits for a completely new look.

So, whoever you are, now you know why you need to bring home a pair of Power Shoes today. Good luck picking out just one pair of shoes!

Sunakshi Mehta
Sunakshi Mehta

Reader, writer, pizza lover and blogger: Sunakshi is all of these things. She believes language is the best thing invented by man and has a passionate new-word-learning fetish. Even though she is forever in a dilemma between weight loss and food love, her love for books surpasses all other addictions.

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