Target and Dart Games

Target and dart are super fun and engaging. Beneficial in many ways, especially for kids, these games help in their development. Besides being a stress-reliever, this game also helps build precision and persistence. The hand-eye coordination is undoubtedly the best benefit of playing target and dart games. This game also helps build self-control, exercises the brain, and provides for slight exercise for multiple muscle groups in their body.

Top 5 Target and Dart Games

1. Famous Quality Dart Board

This dartboard by Famous Quality has dual dart surface and a heavy metal wiring steel. It is made with grade A wood that offers it sturdiness, strength to last a lifetime. It is an 18-inch dartboard that comes with 6 dart pins. The board features vivid colours and is perfect for your kid’s game room. The process needed to aim right helps in developing your kid’s aiming skills.


One can enjoy two games on this dartboard. One side has the classic bulls-eye dart board whereas the second side has a tournament board for competing with your friends.

Editor’s Choice

2. Shanbuyers Foldable Dart Game

This magnetic dartboard by Shanbuyers comes with a 12-inch double-sided playing board. It has four standard and lightweight magnetic darts that stick to the board when thrown. This target game is light in weight and portable, making it easy to be used indoors and outdoors. It allows you to practice nailing the target and play tournaments with your friends. Additionally, it features an easily foldable design that can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

Magnetic Dart Holder

This target game has six magnetic flat-tipped red and yellow darts that can be placed in a holder to keep them safe.

Versatile Option

3. Amitasha Kids Archery Bow And Arrow

Archery is one of the most popular target games among all age groups. This target game by Amitasha includes an archer bow, 3 arrows, strong string thread and a target board at the back of the box. It is made with durable ABS plastic that offers it strength and sturdiness for long term usage.

Strengthens Muscles

A perfect gift for kids, this dartboard ensures that your kid gets ample physical strength during their growth years.

Most Loved

4. Supreme Deals Dartboard

This dartboard by Supreme Deals is a 17-inch board that has superb magnetic qualities. The board is durable and light in weight, while the darts have round heads and don’t hurt or wound kids. Hang it on a wall inside your home or anywhere outside your house for a fun gaming session.

Vivid Colours

This dartboard game has dense and high visibility, making the colours more vivid.

Value for Money

5. YSI 12-inch Dart Board with 3 Darts Set

This target game by YSI has a 12-inch dartboard, three darts, and a plastic hook to offer perfect gameplay. The dart set is safe for children to play with. It is made of plywood with a cork surface and helps a child develop hand-eye coordination and learn to aim. Enjoy a good game of archery with this dartboard set and spend ample time with your kids.


This long-lasting dartboard is made of quality material and medium density fireboard.

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