11 Best Antiseptic Cream Brands In India

When you get hurt or burn yourself or get bitten by an insect, you must apply an antiseptic cream immediately. This will prevent the occurrence of infection, reduce pain, and soothe inflammation. Whether you have kids, or live alone, you cannot do without an antiseptic cream lying around. If you still haven’t zeroed in on the best antiseptic cream for your family, here are some of the best anti septic cream brands to choose from this ear.

List Of 11 Best Antiseptic Cream Brands for All Your Needs

1. Himalaya

Best Antiseptic Cream
Himalaya Antiseptic Cream

Himalaya Drug Company was founded by M Manal in 1930. One of the best health and skin care brands in the country, they manufacture some of their best products using ayurvedic ingredients. The Himalaya antiseptic cream is a safe and viable option for adults as well as kids; it treats cuts, wounds, rashes, burns, and fungal and bacterial skin infections.

2. Boroline

Boroline Antiseptic Cream
Boroline Antiseptic Cream

One of India’s most trusted brands, Boroline Antiseptic cream works like magic on your skin. Formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients, Boroline soothes general skin infections, softens post-procedure sutures and stiches, relieves dryness and itching, and is effective on minor cuts, burns, and scratches. Effective also on chapped lips and cracked heels, it is truly the one-stop solution for your skin woes.

3. BoroPlus

BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream
BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream

From summers to winters, Boroplus is an all-season favourite among Indians. Formulated with the goodness of skin loving herbs like tulsi, haldi, chandan, neem, and aloe vera, this antiseptic cream doubles up as a cold cream to treat dryness. Suitable for cracked heels, chapped lips, dry elbows and knees, BoroPlus is also effective on minor cuts and scratches.

4. Bakson’s

Bakson's Antiseptic Cream

Bakson’s Homeopathy has a range of medicinal skincare products that are constituted from natural ingredients. The Aloe Vera Calendula cream works as a great antiseptic in relieving minor cuts and wounds, and preventing scarring, burning, and skin ageing. The Calendula in the cream has potent anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties that heal damaged and dry skin.

5. SBL Co.

SBL Co. Antiseptic Cream
SBL Co. Antiseptic Cream

The SBL Co. Calendula All-Purpose Healing cream is manufactured by HOMEOBUY REMEDIES. If you’re a fan of homeopathic healing solutions, this antiseptic cream is the one for you. Meant to relive dryness and roughness, it also helps heal minor cuts, abrasions, scratches, wound scars, and insect bites.

6. Savlon

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Savlon is one of the most commonly used antiseptic brands in India. Savlon was acquired by ITC from Johnson and Johnson in 2015. Savlon Antiseptic Cream is used to clean and prevent infections in skin lesions like small cuts, blisters, and minor burns. A first choice of many Indian mothers, Savlon antispetics do not sting or burn, and are highly effective in providing first aid.

7. Dettol

Dettol Antiseptic Cream

Dettol is one of the brands owned by Reckitt Benckiser Group, a British multinational consumer goods company. Their antiseptic creams provide rapid relief and the effects are long-lasting.  Along with antiseptic ingredients, it also has almond oil which soothes and moisturises the skin. It can be used for cuts, bites, stings, abrasions and even as an antiseptic hand cream.

8. Germolene

Germolene Antiseptic Cream
Germolene Antiseptic Cream

Germolene offers a wide range of antiseptic products. Produced by a German multinational pharmaceutical company, Bayer AG, Germolene is suitable for all age groups. The formula is used as an antiseptic to prevent infection, local anesthetic to numb pain caused by abrasions or cuts, and to treat minor skin conditions like rashes or inflammation.

9. Neosporin

Neosporin Antiseptic Cream

A favourite of healthcare professionals across the world, Neosporin antiseptic cream is produced by Johnson and Johnson. Formulated to provide quick pain relief, it can be used on cuts, burns, and other minor skin infections. The classic first aid antibiotic, it has a non-stingy action that gives you protection from infections for as long as 24 hours.

10. Thursday Plantation

Thursday Plantation Antiseptic Cream
Thursday Plantation Antiseptic Cream

Thursday Plantation offers a range of healthcare and beauty products made from natural oils. Their antiseptic cream uses the antibacterial qualities of tea tree oil to treat various skin conditions. Meant to soothe your skin, it can also help treat cuts, scratches, abrasions, and minor wounds.

11. Medihoney

Medihoney Antiseptic Cream

Medihoney is a product of Derma Sciences. Along with advanced wound care dressings, they also offer antiseptic wound gels. Medihoney Antiseptic gel is a premium product which helps clean wounds, reduces the risk of bacterial infections, and creates a moist environment to facilitate wound healing.

List of the Best Antiseptic Cream Brands in India

Best Antiseptic CreamPrice*
HimalayaRs 40
BorolineRs 38
BoroPlusRs 45
Bakson’sRs 270
SBL Co.Rs 58
SavlonRs 985
GermoleneRs 1009
NeosporinRs 28
Thursday PlantationRs 1821
MedihoneyRs 1249
*Prices are subject to change. Prices indicate the starting range of the product in each brand.

FFAQs Answered about The Best Antiseptic Cream Brands

Which is the best antiseptic cream in India?

Boroline as well as Neosporin have grown to become the most sought-after brands for antiseptic creams in India. While the former is a soothing blend of Ayurvedic ingredients that make it extremely skin-friendly and suitable for regular use, while the latter has a pain-relieving formula that prevents infections and heals minor injuries quickly.

What is a natural antiseptic?

A variety of antiseptic creams, gels, and lotions are constituted of natural elements that have antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Ingredients like neem, calendula, tea tree, lavender, thyme, witch hazel, and turmeric all act as potent natural antiseptic treatments. While some of them can be used as standalone treatments, others are meant to be used in creams, face packs, or other skincare products.

What is a good over-the-counter antiseptic cream?

Boroline and BoroPlus have the best antiseptic creams that can be bought easily without a doctor’s prescription. They are the most sough-after over-the-counter antiseptic creams due to their multipurpose usage in a range of general skin conditions as well as allergies.

Is antiseptic cream the same as antibiotic cream?

An antiseptic cream is meant to reduce of prevent the occurrence of septic or infection which can be caused by any sort of microbial agents like bacteria, fungus, etc., by weakening or inhibiting the growth of these germs. Antibiotic creams on the other hand have a targeted bactericidal action to eliminate bacteria by destroying them.

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