7 Facts About Red Chief Shoes That We Bet You Didn’t Know

Red Chief shoes are known for their internationally styled leather shoes that have become a rage with the current generation for its endurance and longevity. But these facts about Red Chief shoes will surely make you rediscover this brand like never before!!

Find all the 7 Unknown Facts about Red Chief Shoes

1. Red Chief is a 20-years old Desi Shoe Brand


Red Chief became a household name because they featured the young and super cute Virat Kohli in their televised ads 5 years ago. But it was in 1997 that the manufacturing company, Rohit Surfactants Pvt. Ltd, started making leather shoes from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

2. The Maker of Red Chief Shoes is actually a Detergent Formulator

rechief product

For the company whose brand Red Chief has risen to the top for its fast-selling leather products including shoes, it’s fact that leather and tannery is not even their primary business. You would be surprised to know that the only other product they make is a rough handwashing detergent called “Ghadi”.

3. Now with popularity of Red Chief Shoes, the Makers Divided their Business


The once-popular FMCG manufacturer, RSPL, with their brand of rough-use detergents has led to its subsidiary company – Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd. LGPL is now handling the growth path of Red Chief Shoes.

4. Red Chief Shoes was known as the poor man’s dupe for Woodland

Red Chief shoes are popular because of the top quality leather shoes as well as the formal looking designs. It’s also regarded as the most favourite among the youth for offering the most stylish formal shoes with a classy finish. Not surprisingly, it was called “poor man’s Woodland”.

5. After Red Chief shoes, there is Red Chief Clothing too

downloadYes, you heard it right. Red Chief, the brand which was successful in selling shoes for men, bags and wallets is now selling a range of formal wear shirts and casual tees and jackets for men too.

6. After Leather shoes, Red Chief has launched a Suede Shoes range called “Rock Wolf”


Red Chief’s new product offerings were launched earlier this year, which include a wide range of adventure shoes and this time, the product range has shifted from leather to Suede and Canvas. The brand that ridden high on leather seems to be expanding in terms of the products offered.

7. Apart from Virat Kohli wearing them, no other human is seeing wearing Red Chief shoes in the other ads

If you see any of the recent ads of Red Chief shoes, there are some thought provoking takeaways from them. What is even more striking is that the shoes are the heroes here which makes viewers feel that once you wear them, you’re transformed into your powerpacked avatar instantly!

Well, with these sturdy, rock solid Red Chief shoes in your feet, maybe you could also say “In Jooton Mein Mard Hai”.
Mahasweta G Pal
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