12 Best Antivirus Software for PC in India

Do you connect your PC to the internet? Before you think we have gone loco and click the ‘X’ on the top right corner, hear us out. If the answer to the question is “Of Course, Yes”, then you need an antivirus because whenever you connect to the internet, there is always someone or something waiting to steal your data and hack into your computer. This data could be anything ranging from your email password to online banking details. Keeping your PC protected in this age of cyber threats is a must, but the task of choosing which tools to use is a minefield. Whether you are a Microsoft or an Apple user, you would need an Antivirus on your PC. To help you in making a decision, we have listed the best antivirus for PC in India.

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How Do We Choose the Best Antivirus for Your PC?

When it comes to digital existence, having an antivirus installed is crucial. It provides the required assistance and keeps you, your device, and your information away from the danger of the internet world. Antivirus is the strongest defender against cyber criminals and the easiest way to secure your online presence. In the Indian market, there are different types of antivirus available for different budgets. You can get your hands on one of the best antivirus for PC ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 1,500.

Before you step ahead with our top picks, have a look at the factors that helped us in making the selection. Make sure you keep these considerations in mind so as to make the right decision.

Operating System (OS) Compatibility

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while purchasing an antivirus is its compatibility with your system. While it seems like a brainer, it is the most easily overlooked factor. There are different antivirus for different operating systems. While some work just with Windows devices, others are all-in-solution and are compatible with Windows, Mac, Andriod, and iPhone. So, make sure you choose the software that is compatible with your system.

Software Interface

While having an antivirus is of great importance, it is equally crucial that the software is easy to use. Not everyone is technologically advanced, but that should not stop them from using an antivirus to keep their online world secure. This is why we have listed the options that offer a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. You can pick any of the options that you find suitable for you.

Real-Time Security

The best type of antivirus is the one that offers real-time protection and makes the information available wherever you want. Some antivirus runs in the background, and check every file that you access on your system. Having such software makes it extremely easy to browse online without the risk of cyber attacks.

List Of The Top 12 Antivirus for PC In India

Bitdefender Total Security


Bitdefender Total Security is a comprehensive security suite that protects your data and device completely, with no data loss and no needless alerts. This antivirus is built with cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface to offer unbeatable security from all the existing and upcoming threats. Also, it is compatible with all major operating systems.

Prominent Features of the Bitdefender Total Security: 

  • This antivirus comes with a maximum subscription period of up to 5 years
  • Parental control to monitor child’s online activities and restrict inappropriate content
  • Provides video and audio protection by blocking unauthorised access to webcams
  • Comes with optimisation tools like disk cleanup to maintain the integrity of your system


  • Multi-layer protection
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Network threat protection


  • Requires significant RAM space

Why We Picked the Bitdefender Total Security?

Total Security antivirus by Bitdefender offers award-winning security against new and emerging threats, such as ransomware, phishing and spyware software. It includes files and system scans, along with checking for outdated software. This antivirus also provides a two-way firewall and helps you manage passwords.

Norton 360 Standard


Norton is a renowned cyber security software to stay protected. It promises to keep your device 100% virus free and offers a safe online experience. Powered by innovative security technology, the Norton 360 Standard antivirus offers anti-spyware, anti-malware and ransomware protection. Providing layers of protection, this is indeed one of the best antivirus for PC in India.

Prominent Features of the Norton 360 Standard: 

  • Real-time threat protection keeps your private and personal information safe
  • Comes with a smart firewall that monitors communication and blocks unauthorised traffic
  • Filters text messages that are potentially malicious and may contain phishing attacks
  • Available for 1, 3, 5, and 10 devices and can be used for up to 3 long years


  • Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Password manager
  • Cloud backup
  • Blocks phishing attempts


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Norton 360 Standard?

As the name suggests, Norton 360 Standard offers 360-degree security features like browser protection, secure VPN for online privacy, cam protection, password manager, etc. This antivirus also offers a 10GB secure PC cloud manager for backup in the event of a software crash. It comes with 1 and 3-year subscription plans for up to 10 devices and can be used on multiple operating systems.

Kaspersky Total Security


Shield your digital presence on PC, Mac, and Android devices with the Kaspersky Total Security. With this antivirus installed in your system, your device will be a safe haven for online shopping, banking and streaming. It detects unauthorised devices and harmful websites while safeguarding your privacy and identity. Get this antivirus and stay protected in the digital world.

Prominent Features of the Kaspersky Total Security: 

  • Its unique Safe Money technology offers security on banking, shopping or payment websites
  • Password manager stores and synchronises all the passwords securely in one place
  • Comes with PC optimisation tools like system cleanup, file shredder, and password sync
  • This cost-effective antivirus detects and blocks threats and offers a safer world online


  • Ad blocker
  • Webcam protection
  • Screen-time management
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Not much difference between consecutive versions

Why We Picked the Kaspersky Total Security?

To enjoy a safe and private internet experience, look no other than Kaspersky Total Security. It is an advanced technology software that works fine with Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as Android devices.

This premium antivirus is packed with features like anti-phishing protection, browser protection, webcam protection, and password manager. This antivirus lasts for upto 2 years and can be used on a maximum of 5 devices.

McAfee Total Protection


McAfee total protection is a value-for-money antivirus that keeps you safe online. It provides features like a 2-way firewall, web advisor, vulnerability scanner, web and email protection and password manager.

With this antivirus, you can remove cookies and other temporary files that might track your movement online. To stay secure online, you must get one of the best antivirus in India.

Prominent Features of the McAfee Total Protection: 

  • Eliminates the efforts of memorising all the passwords with a password manager
  • Comes with a VPN that turns on automatically whenever you connect to an unsafe network
  • Features web protection to browse the internet freely and safely without worrying about virus attack
  • 3 subscription plans are available for a 1-year subscription for 3, 5, and 10 devices


  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Easy to use antivirus
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Identity protection


  • Price is on the higher side

Why We Picked the McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Total Protection is an all-in-one solution to enjoy life online. It is advanced monitoring software that offers 100% guaranteed protection of removing viruses and keeping you safe.

This software defends ransomware, viruses, and other threats across multiple devices. Having this antivirus, you can pay bills, explore the internet, and manage investments without worrying or stressing about antivirus.

Quick Heal Total Security

Quick Heal
Quick Heal

With Quick Heal Total Security, you get all-around protection against different kinds of digital threats, such as malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts.

This award-winning antivirus features safe internet browsing, USB protection, email protection, and automatic backup to offer excellent protection. If you are looking for one software to protect all your devices, this is the antivirus you should go for.

Prominent Features of the Quick Heal Total Security: 

  • This protection tool can track stolen or lost PC and allows remote management of the device
  • Its advanced DNA scan keeps an eye on all running devices and traces suspicious activities and threats
  • Scans external devices like USB, pen drives etc. to block malware that might infect the system
  • Backs up all the important documents and files every now and then to ensure you won’t lose data


  • Scans connected WiFi networks
  • Firewall Protection
  • Automatic backup of files
  • Real-time threat detection

Why We Picked the Quick Heal Total Security?

Quick Heal Total Security is an advanced cyber threat protection software that scans for security/vulnerability holes in the system and offers multiple layers of protection. Also, it takes much less time without consuming too many resources, making it great software. It also revives system performance and offers a secure environment.

K7 Antivirus Premium

K7 Antivirus Premium

K7 Antivirus Premium is an online protection software that blocks cyber attacks with its real-time protection. Along with its non-compromising properties, it also provides AI-enhanced secure browsing, WiFi advisor, smart firewall, internet temp cleaner and others. Its 100% zero-day protection is simple to set up and use, making it the perfect choice even for beginners.

Prominent Features of the K7 Antivirus Premium: 

  • Features Virtual Keylogger Protection that safeguards the passwords from credential-stealing
  • This software ensures the automatic update of the antivirus to keep you protected against emerging threats
  • The K7 Antivirus can be used on up to 5 devices and is available with up to 3 years of subscription
  • It is powered by Multi-layered Artificial intelligence Technology to provide the highest level of protection


  • 30-days free trial
  • Blazing-fast scans
  • Stop and eliminates threats
  • Affordable antivirus


  • Compatible only with Windows

AVG Internet Security


Get best-in-class internet security with the AVG Antivirus. This software acts as a shield and provides webcam, ransomware and email protection. Moreover, its Real-Time Outbreak Detection feature helps keep a check on new malware outbreaks on your system in real time. This antivirus can be installed on a single device and protects for 3 years in a row.

Prominent Features of the AVG Internet Security: 

  • It is an advanced antivirus with hostile encryption to safeguard your personal files
  • This antivirus shields the system as well as emails and blocks the dangerous attachments
  • Protects against webcam hacking and force apps to ask for permission before accessing webcam
  • It also includes mobile security and protects android, tablets, iPhones, and iPad while online


  • Enhanced firewall
  • Multiple OS compatibility
  • Blocks fake websites
  • Reasonably priced

Max Secure Antivirus Plus

Max Secure
Max Secure

Keep your devices protected with the Max Secure Antivirus Plus. It is a specially designed security solution that provides a bundle of features like protection against spyware, malware, adware, key logger and rootkit. This antivirus’s smart technology and firewall feature of this antivirus wards off malicious threats in real-time and enhance protection.

Prominent Features of the Max Secure Antivirus Plus: 

  • Comes with parental control feature that blocks bad websites from getting accessed by kids
  • It automatically schedules the scans and updates the software to protect against new threats as well
  • This software fast scans the viruses and other threats without impacting the computer’s memory
  • There is 24*7 support service to offer 100% customer satisfaction and customer delight


  • Complete system protection
  • Smart data backup
  • Easy to install software
  • Web filter by parents


  • VPN is missing

Avast Ultimate PC Suite


Avast Ultimate PC Suite is essentially an antivirus designed with 4-in-1 privacy protection. It aims to provide online privacy, boost performance, clean up and password protection in a single pack.

Its features include a firewall, several scan types, a secure line VPN, and a ransomware shield. This easy-to-use premium package is definitely one of the best antivirus for PC in India that you should try.

Prominent Features of the Avast Ultimate PC Suite: 

  • This all-in-one solution provides complete protection across phones, computers, and tablets
  • Comes with a SecureLine VPN that lets you browse, bank, message, and shop safely
  • The Avast antivirus keeps the real location private and sends alerts about tracking attempts
  • It avoids geo-blocks to let you access your favourite content without any issue


  • Secure password management
  • Shortens and speeds up boot-time
  • Cleans out junk
  • Auto update installation


  • Customer support service could be better

Eset NOD32 Antivirus


Eset NOD32 Antivirus offers an extensive toolset behind a simple interface. Thanks to its minimal power usage, you can enjoy ultimate protection without slowing down your PC. Besides providing protection against malware, anti-phishing websites, ransomware, and script-based attacks, this antivirus prevents unauthorised copying of your private data to external devices, including Bluetooth, FireWire and serial/parallel ports.

Prominent Features of the Eset NOD32 Antivirus: 

  • It is a fast and light software that works both on Windows and macOS devices
  • The anti-pishing feature keeps sensitive data and money-related information secured
  • This antivirus secures WiFi networks against intruders and tests the devices for ultimate safety
  • Available for up to 5 devices and can be used to protect your device for 3 long years


  • Banking protection
  • Does not slow down the system
  • 30-days free trial
  • User-friendly interface


  • Does not come with a password manager

F- Secure Internet Security Antivirus

F Secure
F Secure

This Antivirus solution by F-Secure is aimed at families with its 3 users per kit plan. It has a deep guard technology that offers complete protection from malware, hackers and identity theft. This antivirus enables you to surf social media and the internet without worrying about any data leakage and privacy issues. It also keeps your online transactions safe.

Prominent Features of the F- Secure Internet Security Antivirus: 

  • It keeps devices protected from malicious websites to make the internet a safe place for you
  • The ransomware protection monitors all important folders and blocks threats from encrypting
  • Offers cloud-based protection and lets the user surf worry-free by making the internet safe
  • Keeps banking and browsing details safe from threats like viruses, ransom­ware and spyware


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Real-time protection
  • Worry-free surfing
  • Up to 2 years of protection


  • Availability might be an issue

eScan Total Security Suite

 eScan Total Security Suite
eScan Total Security Suite

To perform quick or in-depth scans, eScan Total Security Suite is a perfect choice. It is one of the best security solutions in India that protects systems from evolving as well as existing cyber threats and helps improve the PC’s performance. This antivirus locks your device and erases the data remotely in case of losing your device. This keeps your data away from prying eyes.

Prominent Features of eScan Total Security Suite: 

  • Its Disk Defragmenter feature reduces the time taken to read/write files and improves performance
  • This antivirus easily manages the Windows registry and detects the security flaws of the installed software
  • Comes with a system performance booster, disk cleaning, web security and a password manager
  • The antivirus is easy to use and does not require sound technical knowledge to protect your system with eScan


  • Personal firewall
  • Banking protection
  • Parental Control
  • 24*7 customer support

Final Words

While the internet is meant to make our lives easier, it comes with significant threats to the device and personal information. However, having an antivirus, you don’t need to worry about the risks of the internet. The abovementioned are some of the best antivirus for PC available in the Indian market that offers world-class protection and keeps your device away from threats.

While all the options are worth considering, we personally love using McAfee and Kaspersky antivirus for their easy availability, ease of use, and excellent customer support. However, you can pick any of the options that fit your needs the best.


1. Which antivirus is best for Windows 10?

If you are looking for the best PC antivirus in India to install on your Windows 10 device, go for Kaspersky Total Security. Besides recognising and thwarting malicious software, it also detects unauthorised devices and harmful websites. Its other features include anti-phishing protection, browser protection, webcam protection, and password management. This antivirus lasts for upto 1 year on a single device.

2. Which antivirus is best for PC in India?

Powered by innovative security technology, the Norton 360 Standard antivirus is the best antivirus for your PC. It offers anti-spyware, anti-malware and ransomware protection. Its 360-degree security features include browser protection, secure VPN for online privacy, cam protection, password manager, and a 10GB secure PC cloud manager for backup in the event of a software crash. It comes with a 3-year subscription valid on a single device.

3. Why Do I Need Antivirus Software?

With the advent of technology and digitalisation, keeping your online presence safe and protected is very essential. And with the cyber world full of malicious softwares, antivirus software will be your guardian angel. The best antivirus for PC software keeps you protected from malicious cyber attacks, virtual viruses, phishing and other ransomware software. It lets you stay protected while you browse the internet for work or leisure or do online transactions when banking and shopping.

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