8 Facts You Did Not Know About Woodland – The Shoe Brand

One of the most recognizable shoe brands around the world, Woodland has a history that is quite interesting and unknown to many shoe lovers. The manufacturer of some of the most durable and sturdy shoes for men, Woodland company has had a presence in India for close to 25 years.

Be ready to be surprised. Here are 8 facts you did not know about Woodland – the shoe brand.

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The 7 Unknown Facts about Woodland are:

1. Woodland was a brand born in India in 1992

That’s right! After the breakup of USSR into independent states, Aero Club which is the parent company of Woodland could not ship its products to Russia anymore. Hence it introduced outdoor shoes for Indian customers under the brand label, ‘Woodland’. You no longer need to wonder “Is Woodland an Indian company?”

2. Woodland was Launched in 3 Small Shops in New Delhi

Woodland shoes did not have a warm reception in India. They were launched in 3 small stores in New Delhi at South Extension-2 and Connaught Place.

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3. The Most Popular Woodland Shoe Till Date is the First Model, G-0092

Woodland has a huge collection of boots and shoes today. But the most popular among all is the one that started the avalanche effect, the first shoe released for the Indian market by Woodland company, the G-0092.

4. Woodland Shoes Can Last for 5-6 Years on Heavy Usage

Durability is certainly one of the key selling points of Woodland shoes. Even on heavy usage, these shoes can last for 5 to 6 years. With a little care, you can look forward to a decade of exploring and adventuring with Woodland shoes.

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5. Woodland Captured the Casual Shoes Market Only with Boots!

It is still strange to know the fact that Woodland captured the men’s casual shoes market in India with its range of boots. It was not until the late 90’s when the brand started to originally manufacture casual shoes.

6. Every Woodland Shoe Manufactured is Almost 100% Eco-friendly

Woodland Company - ProPlanet

Woodland shoes are committed to the cause of a greener and eco-friendly planet. Woodland shoes are made through processes that cause minimal harm to the environment. Woodland ProPlanet is an initiative by the brand to manufacture greener shoes.

7. Woodland is the Preferred Footwear Brand by Adventurers

Woodland shoes has positioned itself as an adventure brand, right from the very beginning. It is the most preferred shoe brand by hikers, trekkers, mountaineers and other outdoor adventure lovers.

8. Woodland’s Brand Ambassador is an Indian Teenage Adventure Extremist Woodland Company - Ambassador

In line with its tradition of supporting and promoting outdoor sports, Woodland India has a teenage adventurer as its brand ambassador. Meet Malaika Vaz, a national-level windsurfer, certified scuba diver, horse rider and football player. She is the face behind Woodland shoes in India.

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