9 Products You Should Buy To Be a Perfect Mom

To be a good parent, you don’t have to pamper your baby with expensive clothes and addictive snack bars. What you need to do is to understand what the baby really needs to be a healthy one. From regular care products to tackling a baby’s health hazards, caring for a baby is a whole new dimension today which moms have to manage between the dozen roles they play every day. So we’ve compiled a list of items you can take home in order to become a smart parent.

Breast Pumps

In an age when moms have to head to work just after two or three months after delivery, breast-pumps are a real necessity. Choose a battery-charged or electric pump that has LED indicators for pumping speed and controlling flow. Or you could select a manual pump since it’s BPA free and allows free flow of milk irrespective of any posture you sit in.

Our recommendation: Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump | Chicco Natural Feeding Manual Breast Pump available at Firstcry.com.


Anti-microbial Breast Shields

Keep all signs of infection away by using antibacterial breast protection pads that you can use for safe breastfeeding. They also offer quick solutions to overcome breast pain after feeding. These are handy items just after delivery for mothers who struggle with low milk volumes and small breast sizes. You can buy the size appropriate for yourself at Firstcry. Grab the latest Firstcry offers to get the best deal on these breast protection pads for protected and safe feeding of babies.


Nipple protectors

Wearable, disposable and dermatologically tested as skin-friendly products, these are regular essentials every new mom needs to be free from infection and nipple pain.

Feeding Pillowschicco-boppy-pillow-4-in-1-nursing-pillow-honey-bear

After a tiring day, holding a baby may
seem difficult over a period of time. That’s why Chicco has brought to the fore a breast-feeding pillow in baby-friendly fabric and designs so that you can feed your baby peacefully and without any pain. Buy one today and make the ‘new mom’ experience an enjoyable one.

Extra-sensitive Baby Skin Products

Most regular baby creams and shampoos cause the softness of baby-skin to fade away and bring in itchiness, infections and rashes. Prevent these by using parabens-free and pH-natural soap bars and shampoos which are meant specially for the delicate skin of babies. Choose baby skin care creams that are enriched with essential vitamins A and E to boost skin protection during your baby’s skin growth.

Mosquito Repellent sprays

Using regular mosquito repellent sprays disturbs the breathing power of babies every now and then, which may end up with causing allergic reactions. Prevent this by using natural Citronella Oil and Eucalyptus oil emitting sprays that won’t harm your baby in any way but are effective in keeping away mosquito-borne illnesses such as Chikungunya, dengue and malaria.

Shop Now: Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent Spray by Baby Bucket available on Amazon.

Paediatric Thermometers

Inserting thermometers into the mouth or recording from the armpit areas pose too many problems for parents today. Thus, it’s better to use a lightweight thermometer that can measure body temperature accurately in 5 seconds. Yes, that’s Chicco Infrared My Touch Forehead Thermometer which massages the baby’s forehead and measures his/her temperature.


Knitted Clothing

During winters and monsoons, a baby is prone to cough and wheeze if you don’t warm or cover him/her up. Before the temperatures outside dip any lower, clothe your baby in wool and cotton knitted socks, frocks and caps. These soft hand-knitted dresses are suited to the soft baby skin and free from itches and rashes.


Knitted Shoes

When you put hard-sole slippers on your baby’s feet, you will hear him crying the next few minutes. Why shut them up with fiery looks when a soft knitted shoe will stop his wailing without any hassles? Be a good mom by buying super-cute booties that your baby will love to wear all the time. These are hand-knitted products, which are lightweight and washable.

Being a Supermom doesn’t mean you have to just spend your whole time on baby care, it means you continually care for yourself and your baby because only a healthy and strong mommy can make a healthy and strong baby!

Mahasweta G Pal
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