11 Best Baby Towel Brands in India

A baby towel is just a little bath towel with a small hood attached to cover the head of the child. The purpose of the baby towel is to keep an infant’s head dry and warm after a bath and before getting clothed. Baby towels are just as important as any other clothes. After every bath, your child would appreciate being snuggled and wrapped in a soft towel that is warm and comfortable. We’ve compiled a selection of the best baby towel brands that you might want to incorporate into your baby’s bath routine.

Our Baby Towel Testing Methodology

A baby towel keeps your infant warm after showering, and it is very useful. After bathing, immediately wrap your infant in a soft baby towel. This will ensure that your infant maintains a normal body temperature. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best baby towel brands, taking into account their softness, fabric, comfort, absorbency, skin-friendly, user review, satisfaction, and more.

The average price of a good baby towel in India ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500, although they also come with higher price tags but do not provide the best value for money. You can also find them at lower price points, but you will have to compromise on their quality. Here we have added some of the best baby towels made of soft fabric or organic cotton, are reusable, skin-friendly, simple to use, and come with colourful designs. Almost all of the baby towels listed here have at least a 4/5 rating on Amazon. We also read their user reviews, which are mostly positive, which indicates its user satisfaction.

List of 11 Best Baby Towel Brands in India

1. Billy Bum

Best Baby Towel
Billy Bum

Billy Bum is an Indian baby clothes brand from the house of Natkhat Baby Care. It is a sole proprietorship-based enterprise, formed in the year 2016 in Maharashtra. The company manufactures baby towels, baby blankets, baby napkins, and much more. Discover the top baby gifts in India, offering joy and thoughtful presents for newborns and parents.

Notable features of the Billy Bum baby towels

  • It is made from premium 100% cotton hosiery fabric that acts smooth and kind on your child’s skin.
  • Its small size makes it convenient to transport in childcare bags and handbags.


  • Towels are made of high-quality baby cotton washcloths.
  • Every tiny detail is taken into account to provide the safest product for your kid.
  • Can be used to wipe your baby’s face after eating, or to keep the body and face of the baby clean.

2. LuvLap

Best Baby Towel

LuvLap is an Indian brand from the house of Universal Corporation. The brand offers a wide range of indoor baby gear, outdoor baby gear, nursing & feeding essentials, baby care & hygiene, baby home safety, swaddles & blankets, heath & protection, baby teethers & toys. Discover the finest feeding bottle options known for their quality and functionality in Indian families.

Notable features of the LuvLap baby towels

  • Made with a stackable knit fabric to assure the baby’s safety and comfort during cleaning.
  • Soft & gentle on baby’s delicate skin
  • Premium Quality Baby Cotton Washcloths
  • Made of Premium 100% Stretchable Cotton Fabric


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Super Soft
  • Breathable Fabric

3. Brandonn

Best Baby Towel

Brandonn is an Indian baby clothes brand from the house of Vinod Knitting Works. It is a well-known manufacturer of Baby Blankets, Printed Baby Blankets, Woolen Baby Blankets, etc.

Notable features of the Brandonn baby towels

  • It is made of high-quality cloth that is soft and velvety.
  • Its lovely design will give your baby’s nursery a new lease on life.
  • It will welcome comfort and warmth, making your baby’s sleep period the refuge you desire.


  • The delicate material utilized ensures that your child’s fragile skin is not hurt, and the beautiful hood will undoubtedly keep cold out.
  • It will provide your infant with the comfort he or she requires to sleep well and wake up refreshed as never before.
  • Superior needlework on the hood and a lovely border on the side.

4. First Kick

Best Baby Towel
First Kick

First Kick is a child products brand that was launched in 2021 with the goal of providing high-quality products to people. The brand implements a “Made in India” program With The Goal of Creating Newborn Baby Products. The company makes good quality sleeping bags, baby blankets, bath towels, bottle covers, pillows, mitten sets, bibs, and other baby products.

Notable features of the First Kick baby towels

  • Quality Fabrics And Super soft material
  • High-quality stitch and unique designs
  • Super efficient easy wash quick dry breathable material


  • Safe on sensitive skin lightweight
  • Specially made for your baby’s gentle skin
  • it’s very soft to touch with classic evergreen prints design. 
  • It is easy to wrap and hold the baby.

5. Sathiyas

Best Baby Towel
Check Prices

Sathiyas is an Indian baby clothes brand that offers various categories of products such as baby dresses, bath towels, baby towels, infant wear, t-shirts, and more. Sathiyas baby bath towels make it simple for parents to fully wrap and pick up their children immediately after a bath. It is ideal for everyday use, it keeps your baby warm. It is perfect as a gift for newly born infants. Find the perfect cradle for your newborn’s comfort and relaxation with our lineup of top choices, designed for soothing nights in India.

Notable features of the Sathiyas baby towel

  • Prints and patterns are visually pleasing.
  • A Perfect mix of style and comfort.
  • Made from high-quality skin-friendly fabric.


  • Made from high-quality, easy-to-maintain materials.
  • These comfortable clothes are made of breathable cotton and will keep your baby comfortable.
  • It is simple to clean, either by hand or in a washing machine.

6. My Newborn

Best Baby Towel
My Newborn

My Newborn is an Indian babywear brand from the house of Crazy Street. It was founded in 2014 and developed a distinct niche in the industry by producing a wide selection of Baby Towels, Baby Bibs, Baby Wraps, Baby Blankets, Kids Pillows, Baby Bottle Covers, and more.

Notable features of the My Newborn baby towel

  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Easy to clean


  • Skin friendly soft fabric
  • Colourful cartoon character patch

7. The Little Lookers

Best Baby Towel
The Little Lookers

The Little Lookers is a rapidly expanding online children’s fashion and accessory business in India. Little Lookers is your one-stop-shop for all baby and children’s supplies. It provides fantastic products at the most competitive prices. The brand offers items that your children and new mothers will enjoy while staying comfortable.

Notable features of The Little Lookers Baby Towels

  • Reusable washcloths with 360 GSM that are hypoallergenic.
  • Perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin, without the risk of scratching it.
  • It is made of high-quality 100 percent microfibre cotton, to guarantee excellent absorption.


  • Premium quality towels and washcloths are available in a variety of fabrics, designs, and sizes.
  • The ideal balance of comfort and elegance.
  • These comfortable clothes are made of microfiber fabric and will keep your baby comfortable.
  • Made from high-quality, easy-to-maintain materials. Every product is simple to clean, whether by hand or in the washing machine.

8. Teri Beri

Best Baby Towel
Teri Beri

Teri Beri is a baby clothing brand that offers various types of clothes like towels, nappies, and more to keep your baby comfy in any weather or situation. In case you want to buy new baby wipes, we have a curated list for you.

Notable features of the Teri Beri Baby Towel

  • Baby washcloths are hypoallergenic, extra soft, and reusable.
  • Perfect for your baby’s fragile skin, without the risk of scratching it.
  • It comes in the ideal size and color.
  • Each baby towel is substantially larger than other baby towels, and they come in a variety of appealing colors and designs.


  • Excess wetness may be rapidly dried using this baby towel.
  • Ideal for drooling, spitting milk, and baby showers.
  • Teething babies, toddlers or newborn require them at bath and feeding times, as well as at other times when your baby requires them.
  • It is made of 100 percent microfiber fabric and can be washed normally on a regular basis.

9. Masilo

Best Baby Towel

Masilo is a brand of baby products. It is a vertically integrated business that specializes in bedding and accessories for children aged 0 to 2 years old. It produces soft organic cotton textiles in modern and quirky designs. The brand offers organic cotton baby blankets, cot sets, quilts, crib bedding, nursery decor, cushions, fabric storage baskets, baby gifts, bunting, and baby shower hampers. Wondering where to get the best baby shampoos? Read our list to find out.

Notable features of the Masilo baby towel

  • Baby feels warmer by the comfortable hood with lovely bear ears.
  • It is absorbent, light, and quick drying.
  • It is composed of 100 percent soft towelling cotton, making it a sturdy and ecologically friendly hooded towel for your infant.


  • Organic cotton is farmed without the use of genetically engineered seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, or other artificial agro-chemicals.
  • Masilo Hooded Blankets are simple to care. You can wash it normally.
  • Ethically crafted from the highest quality organic cotton.

10. Khillayox

Best Baby Towel

Khillayox is an Indian clothes brand that offers various products such as towels, cushion covers, curtains, furnishing fabrics, table covers, pillowcases, bedsheets, blankets, table and bath linen, textile napkins, handkerchief, dress materials, shirtings, suiting materials and other textile products. If you like to read about this topic, may we also suggest our list of baby soaps

Notable features of the Khillayox baby towel

  • lt is super absorbent and extra Soft.
  • This multifunctional face towel may be used for a variety of reasons and will make your life much easier.
  • It is exceptionally soft on baby’s skin, making it ideal for multi-purpose use.
  • These baby towels are made of pure microfibre fabric (400 GSM), which is ultra-soft, durable, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly.


  • Soft open weave and Natural fabric material that makes towel breathable, making them ideal for children’s sensitive skin.
  • It absorbs all moisture and provides a gentle and sensitive touch to the skin.
  • It is long-lasting because high-quality materials are used to make towels, which maintain them dimensionally stable and robust.

11. Kassy Pop

Best Baby Towel
Kassy Pop

Kassy Pop is an Indian kids and baby products brand. It offers various baby daily need products like Towels, Diapering, Wibs, Blankets, Mosquito nets, and other Accessories. Moreover, we have curated a list of the best cloth diapers to get you some much-needed help.

Notable features of the Kassy Pop baby towels

  • It is extremely breathable and soft.
  • The towel’s microfibre fleece is soft and velvety, and it is gentle on newborns’ sensitive skin.
  • It is comprised of high-quality materials that assist to prevent rashes, irritation, and discomfort.


  • This baby blanket is appropriate for both newborns and toddlers.
  • It may be used to offer the most restful slumber for the baby, or it can be used as a swaddle blanket for swaddling or a receiving blanket.
  • It works well as an ac blanket as well as a winter blanket.

Best Baby Towel Brands in India With Price List

Baby Towels brandsPrices*
Billy BumRs 199
LuvLapRs 162
BrandonnRs 470
First KickRs 499
SathiyasRs 449
My NewbornRs 299
The Little LookersRs 359
Teri BeriRs 399
MasiloRs 1755
KhillayoxRs 249
Kassy PopRs 549
*Prices are subject to change


What towels are best for babies?

Billy Bum, LuvLap, Brandonn offer some of the best towels for babies.

Do babies really need special towels?

Yes, babies need a special soft towel as their skin is extra sensitive.

How many baby towels do I need?

You need about 2-3 towels for ease of use.

Which is the best-selling baby towel brand in India?

LuvLap is the best-selling baby towel brand on Amazon in India.

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