10 Best Baby Gifts in India That Every Parent Will Love

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion that calls for a celebration and, of course, a perfect gift. While no one visits a newborn empty-handed, choosing the perfect baby gift is exciting and challenging. A gift should be adorable but practical and meaningful, which can bring joy to both the baby and the parents. If you, too, are finding it overwhelming to choose a gift, here we have listed the 10 best baby gifts that will surely be appreciated and treasured. 

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How Do We Choose the Best Baby Gifts for You?

Selecting one of the best baby gifts is much harder than you think. It requires a lot of thoughtfulness, consideration, and creativity to choose from countless options available in the market. A gift should be something that can make the parent’s life easier while bringing joy and comfort to the little one. 

Here are some factors that we took into account while making this list of the 10 best baby gifts for you. Make sure you keep them in mind in order to make the right selection. 

Age Appropriateness

Babies tend to develop much faster in the initial years of life, and their needs and interests also change accordingly. Hence, we included different baby gift suggestions for different age groups. While making a selection, you must consider the age of the baby you’re buying for and ensure that it aligns with their development and abilities. You can also check the age recommendation on the packaging for better guidance. 


While the gift should be fun and colourful to grab the baby’s attention, it should also be practical and meaningful. In this list, you will find all the gift recommendations that will serve a useful purpose and add comfort to parents and their little one’s life.


Budget is another important consideration while listing these options. We added gift suggestions for people with different budgets. Whether you are looking for an affordable gift or are willing to spend a decent amount of money, you will find something on this list. Gifts here range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 40,000. So, keep your budget in mind and make a selection accordingly. 

List of the Top 10 Baby Gifts in India

Baby Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller
LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

Commonly known as a pram or pushchair, a baby stroller is one of the best gifts for little ones. It is a wheeled device that is used to carry a baby in and around. Stroller makes it extremely easy to take your baby on long walks or shopping while keeping them safe and secure in their comfortable nest. It is a convenient choice for parents who are always on the go. 

Best Baby Stroller- LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

PriceRs 5,299
MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate
Maximum Weight Capacity15 kg
Ideal age0-3 years

Prominent Features of the LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller: 

  • This high-quality stroller has 5 point safety harness to ensure the complete safety of the child
  • With 3 levels of seat adjustment, you can recline it as per the baby’s comfort and convenience 
  • It comes with soft seat cushions and a mosquito net that can be detached for washing


  • Reversible handle
  • Quality construction
  • Value for money

Why We Picked the LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller?

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller is a feature-packed pram that is ergonomically designed to keep the baby comfortable and secure while on the road. It features an extended canopy to protect the baby from sunlight or cold winds and has 360° swivel wheels for easy movement. Also, it comes with a spacious basket to keep the essentials and an adjustable footrest for better comfort.

Other Recommendations:

  • Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller
  • R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller

Baby Walker

Mee Mee Multifunctional Baby Walker
Mee Mee Multi-functional Baby Walker

A baby walker is an incredible device that helps infants to move around from one place to another without their parents. It provides babies with the required support and stability to improve their walking skills and build leg strength. Also, it comes with toys on it to keep the baby entertained while roaming. This makes it an incredible gift for a toddler. Experience the finest in electric breast pump options, ensuring efficient milk expression for new mothers.

Best Baby Walker- Mee Mee Multi-functional Baby Walker

PriceRs 3,499
BrandMee Mee
Material‎Plastic & Metal
Maximum Weight Capacity15 kg
Ideal age‎3 months – 3 years

Prominent Features of the Mee Mee Multi-functional Baby Walker: 

  • This baby walker is designed as per international standards of safety and hygiene
  • It has a detachable cushion seat that is made of premium fabric for utmost comfort
  • Features 8 sturdy wheels that rotate 360° and a grip strip to ensure stable movement on uneven surfaces


  • Easy high adjustment
  • 2 Stopper Brakes
  • Multiple colour options

Why We Picked the Mee Mee Multi-functional Baby Walker?

Mee Mee presents this sturdy, safe, and durable baby walker that can be adjusted to three different levels of height as per your child’s comfort. It comes with a toy tray that has different attractive toys to keep the kid engaged while walking. Also, it is equipped with a parent pushing handle and a detachable foot mat that adds to its functionality. 

Other Recommendations:

  • LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker
  • StarAndDaisy 360° Baby Walker

Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor
Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Provide peace of mind to new parents by gifting them a baby monitor. It is a security device that helps parents or guardians to keep a close eye on their child’s activities and well-being from a distance. It allows them to see the baby and hear them while enabling them to communicate with their little one.  

Best Baby Monitor- Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

PriceRs 39,643
BrandInfant Optics
Model NameInfant Optics Dxr 8
Connectivity ProtocolRTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)
Compatible ProductsSmartphone
Screen Display Size‎3.5 inches

Prominent Features of the  Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor: 

  • It boasts a slim LCD colour display, providing a crystal clear image of the baby without grainy or distorted textures
  • Designed with innovative lens technology, you can switch between the lenses to change the focal length and viewing angle
  • Has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that runs for 10 hours in power-saving mode and 6 hours with the screen on constantly


  • Excellent video quality
  • High Durability
  • Renowned customer service


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor?

This DXR-8 Baby Monitor by Infant Optics is an award-winning device that offers lag-free performance. It is designed with 100% digital privacy and ensures no video or sound passes through the internet. This monitor also helps to control temperature and allows you to tilt the camera as required. 

Other Recommendations:

  • Nooie Baby Monitor
  • HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor

Shape Toys and Puzzles

Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set 
Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set 

You can keep the baby engaged and entertained with a set of age-appropriate toys. One of the best toys you can gift a baby is a shape sorter toy. It helps the development of hand-eye coordination while improving their creativity and imagination. Such toys also support problem-solving skills and improve the baby’s memory. Explore the top feeding bottles in India, designed for safe and convenient feeding for your baby.

Best Shape Toys and Puzzles- Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set 

PriceRs 999
Product Weight420 g
Ideal age‎1 to 5 years

Prominent Features of the Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set: 

  • It is a child-friendly toy that is made with a smooth surface and round edges to keep kids safe while playing
  • The blocks of this toy are made with safe and non-toxic material and have been thickened for easy handling
  • This stacking toy set includes blocks in 4 different geometric shapes and colours to help kids learn quickly


  • Premium quality wood
  • Affordable baby gift
  • Easy to play

Why We Picked the Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set?

Toyshine Geometric Stacking Set is a perfect blend of fun and learning. It is a joyful toy that is engineered to make learning fun and improve the child’s imagination and reasoning skills. It is perfectly sized to fit toddlers’ hands and is BPA-free, lead-free, and Naphthalate free for safe play. 

Other Recommendations:

  • Play22 Baby Blocks Shape Sorter Toy
  • Play Poco Magnetic Imagination Shapes Toy

Baby Gym

Cable World Gym
Cable World Gym

A baby gym is a popular toy that is designed to stimulate infants and entertain them in the early stages of their life. It features hanging toys, mirrors, and other interactive elements with a soft, padded mat or play area. This attracts kids and encourages them to play, kick, grasp, or reach these toys, aiding in their skill development and improving hand-eye coordination. Discover the 10 best cradles for newborns in India, providing safety and comfort for your little one’s rest.

Best Baby Gym- Cable World Gym

PriceRs 2,599
BrandCable World 
MaterialCloth mat and toxin-free plastic toys
Ideal age6 – 36 months

Prominent Features of the Cable World Gym: 

  • It is a multi-functional baby gym with 4 animal rattles and one large mirror to stimulate the baby’s sight, touch, and hearing senses
  • Comes with a kick and plat piano that can easily be attached and detached as required
  • There are four different ways to play on this baby gym: lay & play, tummy time, sit & play, and take-along


  • Premium quality
  • Washable mat
  • Easy to assemble

Other Recommendations:

  • Famous Quality Multi-Function Baby Gym
  • Rylan Latest Kick Baby Gym

Baby Carrier

Antil's Baby Carrier Bag
Antil’s Baby Carrier Bag

New parents need a baby carrier to carry their child around when they are out, making it a practical gift for babies. It offers freedom to the parents and helps them keep their hands free while ensuring the complete safety and security of the baby. Apart from providing convenience, it also creates a cosy environment and offers warmth to the child. 

Best Baby Carrier- Antil’s Baby Carrier Bag

PriceRs 1,499
Material‎Cotton with Mesh Fabric Lining
Product Weight‎399 g
Ideal age4 months to 3 years

Prominent Features of the Antil’s Baby Carrier Bag: 

  • It is an ergonomically designed bag that is made of lightweight, breathable fabric for easy carrying 
  • Crafted with wide padded shoulder straps and adjustable side opening buckles, this bag is comfortable and convenient to use 
  • This high-quality bag comes in 9 different colour options that make it easy for you to choose as per your preference


  • For long hours of usage
  • Superior support
  • Value for money

Other Recommendations:

  • LuvLap Adore Baby Carrier
  • Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

Booster Seats

Syga Booster Seat for Baby 
Syga Booster Seat for Baby 

Booster seats are uniquely designed baby tools that are crafted to elevate the height of the child or provide a secure space for them at the dining table. They aim to improve the sitting position of the baby while offering comfort. These seats also come with a security belt to minimise the risk of injury and ensure safety.

Best Booster Seats- Syga Booster Seat for Baby 

PriceRs 6,500
Product Weight4150 g
Ideal age5 months up to 6 years

Prominent Features of the Syga Booster Seat for Baby: 

  • It is a 3-in-1 convertible booster chair that can be used as a high chair, normal chair, and tied up on the chair
  • This foldable design booster seat is highly portable and easy to carry, which makes it one of the best baby gifts
  • Comes with an environmental-friendly PP material dining tray that can be adjusted to four different levels as per the convenience


  • Easy to clean
  • 4 colour options
  • Excellent stability


  • It is a bit expensive

Other Recommendations:

  • Baybee Deluxe Booster Seat
  • Graco Made2Grow 6-in-1 High Chair

Baby Care Set

Johnson's Baby Care Collection
Johnson’s Baby Care Collection

A set of baby care products is a thoughtful gift that every parent will appreciate. It comes in a set of different grooming and well-being items for the baby to keep them clean, comfortable, and protected. Such gift hampers usually contain oil, shampoo, soap, powder, wipes, etc., that come in really handy in everyday use and promise the best care for the baby.

Best Baby Care Set- Johnson’s Baby Care Collection

PriceRs 350
Target GenderUnisex‎

Prominent Features of the Johnson’s Baby Care Collection: 

  • This baby care set contains Baby Soap (75g), Baby Powder (100g), Baby Oil (50ml), Baby Shampoo (60ml), Baby Cream (50g), a comb, and a t-shirt 
  • The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton that keeps the little one comfortable all day long
  • All the products in the baby care set are clinically tested for skin irritation, sunlight, allergic reaction, and efficacy


  • Safe and mild products 
  • Well-packed gift set
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Trusted brand

Other Recommendations:

  • Himalaya Baby Basket Gift Pack
  • The Moms Co. Everything for Baby with Suitcase Gift Box

Soft Plush Toys

DearJoy Stuffed Elephant Soft Toy 
DearJoy Stuffed Elephant Soft Toy 

Cuddly soft toys are highly popular and comforting companions that help in sensory stimulation for infants. They also enhance their balance and coordination. They are typically made of soft fabric and come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and designs to attract kids.

Best Soft Plush Toy- DearJoy Stuffed Elephant Soft Toy 

PriceRs 2,000
Product Weight‎857 g
Ideal age0-12 months

Prominent Features of the DearJoy Stuffed Elephant Soft Toy: 

  • This elephant-shaped pillow soft toy is perfect for a fun, imaginative, and exciting time for the baby
  • Made of non-toxic and anti-allergic fabric, this soft toy is 100% safe for the baby
  • It is a multi-purpose soft toy that can be used to play, as a pillow, and as a backrest while watching TV or sitting


  • Good for home decor
  • Hand washable 
  • Sturdy stitching 


  • Expensive

Other Recommendations:

  • Hug ‘n’ Feel Soft Toys
  • Babique Octopus Sitting Plush Soft Toy

Baby Cradle

R for Rabbit Lullabies Baby Cradle 
R for Rabbit Lullabies Baby Cradle 

Another thoughtful and practical baby gift that we highly recommend is a baby cradle. It is a must-have piece of furniture that provides a comfortable and safe sleeping space for the baby. It soothes them and gives a sense of security for a cosy and peaceful sleep. This cradle meets safety standards and regulations to keep babies safe and secure. 

Best Baby Cradle- R for Rabbit Lullabies Baby Cradle 

PriceRs 10,998
BrandR for Rabbit 
Product Weight6 kg
Maximum Weight Capacity15 kg
Ideal age‎0 – 2 years

Prominent Features of the R for Rabbit Lullabies Baby Cradle: 

  • It is an EN-certified baby cradle that meets European standards to ensure the complete safety of babies
  • This automatic swing cradle has 5-speed options and can be scheduled for a swing of 15, 30, and 60 minutes
  • Comes with 18 tunes and 6 nature soothing music to calm the baby and offer a peaceful sleep


  • Quality construction
  • 3-point harness 
  • Remote control cradle

Other Recommendations:

  • Kidzy King Baby Cradle
  • BAYBEE Lucenta Wooden Cradle

Some More Baby Gifts in India

Age GroupGift Suggestions
Newborn to 6 months– Feeding Bottles
– Teething Toys
– Soft Baby Blanket
– Baby Supporter
– Baby Rattles
6 months to 12 months– Baby Walker
– Sippy Cups
– Baby Bath Tubs
– Baby Car Seats
– Clothing Sets
12 months and beyond– Ride-On Toy
– Shape Puzzles
– Musical Instruments
– Books for Kids
– Drawing Set

Final Word

These are some of the best baby gift suggestions we have for you. You can consider these options to show your love and care for the little one and new parents. All of these options are a perfect symbol of your affection and warm wishes. Among all these recommendations, we like gifting soft plush toys and baby cradles. Do let us know which gift you like the best for celebrating the special moment. 


What to gift a newborn baby in India?

There are a variety of newborn baby gifts in the Indian market to choose from. You can either get silver or gold jewellery, birthstone jewellery, or buy silverware or utensils if budget is not a constraint for you. However, if you want something budget-friendly, you can check baby care essentials, toys, or clothes.

What is the most needed baby gift?

Diapers or diaper bags, feeding supplies, cradles, and booster seats are some of the most needed baby gifts. 

What are some unique baby gifts that stand out?

Baby monitors, baby gyms, and booster seats are some of the unique baby gifts that stand out.

Are there any eco-friendly baby gift options available?

Yes, there are some eco-friendly baby gift options available in the Indian market, like organic clothing, wooden toys, cloth diapers, and natural skincare products.

What are some gender-neutral baby gift ideas?

Yes, some gender-neutral baby gift ideas are:
– Soft blankets
– Baby care products
– baby carrier
– Diaper bag
– Baby cradle

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