10 Beautiful Decorative Lights To Add To Your Home Décor

Home reflects the things we love! Adding small decorative items to your home décor makes it even more appealing and stylish. From eccentric little timepieces to contemporary figurines, all turn out to be some amazing add-ons. But what truly brings out the best in your home are beautiful decorative lights that can instantly brighten up its appearance. Check out these top 10 decorative lights from Pepperfry that you’ll surely want to bring home!

List Of 12 Beautiful Decorative Lights For Home Décor

1. Wall Lights

Fabric Wall Lights

If you love adding contemporary and unconventional things to your home décor, wall lights will surely take your heart away. A great add-on, these wall lights are available in 3 different types of wall mounts – two way, upward and downward. Offering the room a full lighting coverage, these lights ensure that the room has adequate illumination.

2. Hanging Lights

Copper Hanging Light

Artistic and simple, these hanging lights give a contemporary yet bohemian touch to your house. With wide metallic frames around the light, these lights truly uplift the ambience of your room. Available in two different and mesmeric variants – single hanging and cluster hanging, these lights ensure that you garner you lots of compliments. These lights can be used over a study table or added to modern interiors for a more classy look. Read this post for some stunning condos that come furnished with such stunning hanging lights.looking for the best kinds of candle? Here is our ultimate guide for you.

3. Table Lamps

Multi-coloured Glass Lamps

A great traditional addition to your home décor, these elegant table lamps will surely amp up the appeal of your room. Available in different variants like Contemporary, Colonial, Indian ethnic, Table Lanterns, Eclectic, Tripod and Filament, these lights scatter a spectrum of beautiful colours in your room and is even ideal for a romantic eve with your partner. Use them in your main hall as a dim light element or place them on the side tables in your bedroom to uplift the ambience.

4. Chandelier Lights

Chandelier Lights

A royal, decorative add-on to amp up the ambience of your room, chandeliers are a must have illuminating element in your house. A modern design entwined with a contemporary twist, these chandeliers feature many different designs with or without crystal adornments. A stunning hanging light, chandeliers bring out the best out of your home decor. Illuminate your home with these amazing chandelier lights and transform the look of your room.

5. Tripod Lamp

Fabric Tripod Lamp

Tripod lamps are quite a new-in-town thing. This light features a mango wood base with a fabric shade. Ideal for those who wish to add a modern and refreshing touch to their home décor, these lights suit compact homes that require a dimly lit ambience.

6. Filament Lights

Filament Lights

A mix of modern and traditional, this table lamp provides your home decor with a great vintage look. Showcasing a black designer shade, this filament light can truly be an eclectic addition to your home décor. Filament lights are available in various types like filament bulb, table lamp, and hanging illuminators that can blend in with all kinds of modern, rich or classy interiors.

7. Picture Lights

Picture Lights

Truly eye-catching, these picture lights are often used around a painting or a mirror. When illuminated, these lights can effectively add on to the ambience by focusing the light only on the area that needs to be highlighted. Offering an elegant and vibrant touch to the overall home decor, this charming light will surely smite your guests with its pretty placement. These lights offer the same amount of illumination as that of incandescent light bulbs but with less power consumption.

8. Floor Lamp

Fabric Floor Lamp

Often available in a metal base and canvas shade, these lamps mostly feature tiny little crystal adornments in many different shapes. While there are many floor lamps that are quite simple without any adornments, floor lamps like these are more popular as a home decor item. A stunning and delicately designed addition, these floor lamps give your home a rich and eclectic touch. The sheer canvas fabric adds to the beauty of this masterpiece.

9. Festive Lights

Festive Lights

This glam piece of home décor perfectly blends the modern world with the fantasy world. These lights are mostly used during the festive season but can be used in various other ways. Add these as an illuminating element in your kids’ room or put them in an empty glass bottle kept on the bedsides. These lights illuminate with one touch and look very cool as a home decor item.

10. Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lights

A great addition to the outdoor ambience, these lights come in a variety of types, sizes and shapes. Be it wall mount or hanging, each outdoor light has its own charm as a home decor item. Mount these lights near the entrance of your house or in your personal garden to get the best out of these lights.

11. Flush Mount Lights

Flush Mount Lights

A great add-on to the casual interiors, these flush mount lights provide the home with an ambient light. Suitable to be used in bathroom, bedroom, dining room or hallway, these lights are available in crystal, glass and other material.

12. Concealed Lights

Concealed Lights

Concealed lights are essentially mounted lights with no gap between the ceiling and light fixture. These lights are useful when you wish to provide proper illumination without focusing the light on a particular area. Available in many different shapes, sizes and patterns, these lights are ideal to be used in a bedroom or hallway.

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