Basically, 1.5-ton ACs are best suited for small bedrooms or living rooms up to 185 sq. ft. If your room size is bigger than 185 sq. ft. or the temperatures in the room soar above 40-degrees due to direct sunlight through windows, you should probably consider a bigger 2 Ton Split AC. Let’s have a look at the best 1.5-ton AC you can get in India.

Before buying from a top AC brand, you should be aware of important factors like inverter technology, condenser details, star rating, and quality of filters. Go through our list of the best AC brands in India for 1.5 ton ACs and read about all these factors in detail below.

List Of 11 Best 1.5-Ton AC Brands In India

1. Daikin

Best 1.5-ton AC

Daikin is a popular brand of air conditioners, shopped by many. It has an exhaustive range of split and inverter split ACs. All 1.5-Ton split air conditioners by this brand have an anti-bacterial filter, catalyst filter, and self-diagnosis system that help remove invisible particles, bacteria and hazardous smoke. The noise level is less than 20dB, making it a noise-free appliance compared to split ACs from other companies. The models further have an LED display panel, auto-restart feature, sleep mode, dehumidification, child lock, auto-restore feature, and many more.

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2. Blue Star

Blue Star
Blue Star

Blue Star’s 1.5-Ton ACs come with 6 level filtration process. The air passes through an anti-bacterial filter, a silver ion filter, a catechin filter, anti acarian filter, a dust filter, and an activated carbon filter before it gets released through the vent. These ACs are also equipped with an Air Flow Directional Control technology that evenly cools in all directions. Their anti-freeze thermostat further prevents coils from freezing. Other than this, the ACs have features like auto-restart, memory backup, auto timer, sleep mode, child lock, etc.

3. Voltas


Voltas 1.5-Ton ACs are equipped with an aluminium condenser that lasts longer than the normal ones. All Voltas 1.5-ton air conditioners come with an anti-bacterial filter, anti-dust filters, catechin filter, anti-fungal cleanser, silver ion filters that help remove invisible particles, animal hair, bacteria and hazardous smoke. Some of its noticeable features are auto-restart, sleep mode, child lock, turbo mode swing, dual temperature display.

4. Hitachi


Hitachi has an impressive collection of 1.5-ton window ACs, split ACs, and inverter split ACs. Its ACs has inbuilt Auto Climate Technology and Auto Humid Control that helps set the room temperature according to the outdoor climate. Hitachi ACs are equipped with a wide range of features like a 4-way air swing, auto cleaning, silent cooling, auto restart, on-off timer, and auto power save mode for optimal cooling.

5. Carrier


Carrier brings you a plethora of 1.5-ton ACs that suit your room’s requirements. Most ACs are equipped with a copper condenser coil that makes Carrier ACs efficient and durable. The next-gen dehumidifier decreases the humidity in less than 10 minutes. Features like turbo mode, sleep mode, dry mode, economic mode, child lock, and timer, make Carrier ACs one of the best ones to invest in.

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6. LG


LG air conditioners come with a dual inverter compressor with dual rotary motors to ensure faster cooling. It has a range of split ACs and windows ACs that suit varied room cooling requirements. Most ACs are equipped with LG’s in-house ThinQ technology that allows touch-free operation and have UV nano filters to remove bacteria from the air. Apart from this, LG ACs also have anti-bacterial filters, HD dust filters, auto air swing, and more.

7. Panasonic


Panasonic has the widest range of intelligent ACs in India. Most smart ACs manufactured by this brand are compatible with the Mirale app that capture the user’s sleeping patterns and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Its nanoe – G sensor removes particulate matter and monitors air quality on a real-time basis. The new generation Panasonic ACs are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Besides having a long-lasting copper condenser coil, these air conditioners also have an anti-rust blue coating that prolongs the life of the heat exchanger.

8. Haier


Haier is known to offer impressive room cooling and better energy efficiency. It has a range of split ACs that belong to four different cooling capacities and window ACs that are as effective for smaller rooms. All Haier ACs offer efficient cooling at extreme temperatures and have a long air-throw range. Moreover, their blue-fin coating makes them resistant to corrosion, adding to the life of these home appliances.

9. Samsung


If you’re looking for a truly smart AC for your room, Samsung is the brand for you. It has a range of Split ACs that have 5 different modes for chilling at home. Most of these models come with wireless compatibility and tri-care filters that protect against allergens, bacteria, and viruses. The ACS also have removable filters on the top that make it easy to clean them on one’s own without any help from professionals. Moreover, features like AI auto-cooling and voice commands make these the best home appliances to invest in.

10. Whirlpool


Whirlpool ACs are available in the window and split variants, allowing you to choose one as per your preference. These ACs are powered by a 6th Sense Intellicomfort Technology that adjusts the temperature basis the humidity levels. You get to experience faster cooling with their 3D cool technology and dual fan compressor. For filtration, these ACs are equipped with 4-in-1 filters that ensure germ-free and safe air ventilation.

11. Sanyo

Sanyo’s inverter ACs are equipped with duo cool inverter technology and 2.5 PM filters that purify the air and circulate fresh and cool air inside the room. Its copper condenser ensures efficient cooling and long-lasting usage, while the anti-dust filters kick out dust particles from the air before it is released through the vents. Sanyo ACs come with modes like glacier mode for extreme cooling in lesser time and eco mode that optimizes performance to generate lower power bills.

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11 Best 1.5-Ton AC Brands In India – Price Compare

Best 1.5-Ton AC Brands in IndiaPrice*
DaikinStarting from Rs 32,000
Blue StarStarts from Rs 33,000
VoltasMinimum Rs 29,000
HitachiStarts from Rs 31,000
CarrierStarting from Rs 30,000
LGUp to Rs 41,490
PanasonicUp to Rs 48,599
HaierUp to Rs 38,000
SamsungStarting from Rs 30,990
WhirlpoolUp to Rs 34,490
SanyoStarting from Rs 29,990
Best 1.5-ton AC in India

*Prices are subject to change.

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4 Factors to Consider Before Buying 1.5 Ton AC

First, you should know the difference between an Inverter Split AC and a normal Split AC.

Non-Inverter Split AC


Non-Inverter ACs make the compressor work at full capacity to reach the desired temperature level. Once the temperature is reached, the compressor switches off automatically. Now the fan takes over and enables the air circulation in the room. Once the temperature raises the fan stops working and the compressor starts working again. This takes more energy to switch the compressor On and Off every time. It works for temperature conditions up to 42-degrees.

Inverter Split AC

Inverter -Split-AC

Inverter ACs are more powerful and they operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start and reach their set temperatures within no time. This technology has the ability to adjust according to the desired room temperature and keeps the compressor speed rotation according to the temperature which gives more comfort than non-inverter air conditioners in both high and low conditions. It works for temperature conditions up to 50-degrees (indoor and outdoor temperature).

Copper Coil or Aluminium Coil

A copper coil has better heat transfer and higher durability when compared to aluminum coil. It should be cleaned regularly otherwise it can corrode easily in the coastal areas. To negate the corrosion factor it should be equipped with Bluefin Condenser to protect it from humidity. Due to this factor, copper coil condensers are more costly than Aluminium Condensers. Luckily enough, the spare parts are easily available for copper condensers.

Energy Efficiency

It is normally calculated under BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Value. A higher BEE value indicates better power savings. It is advised to go for an Inverter Air Conditioners with a lower BEE rating as opposed to going for a 5-star rating. Read the full AC Buying Guide!

FAQs Answered about The – Best 1.5 Ton AC

1. How often should the filters be cleaned?

It depends upon the frequency of usage and the atmospheric conditions. For normal temperature, apart from coastal areas, it is recommended to clean the filter every once in 25 days. Also, the AC should be serviced once in every 6 months for better performance and to boost the life of the compressor.

2. How does the dual fan compressor technology work?

The dual fan compressor technology boosts the performance of the compressor by keeping it cool even in extremely hot conditions of up to 58-degrees. It also performs well when there is a low voltage drop.

3. Why does my air conditioner not cool or warm the room?

Make sure the air filters are cleaned, air inlets and outlets are not blocked, airflow direction is appropriate, and ventilation fans in the room should are turned off. If the air conditioner still doesn’t work, consult an AC engineer.

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