Top 5 Best 1.5 Ton AC Brands in India

Top 5 Best 1.5 Ton AC Brands in India

Is 1.5 Ton AC Suitable for You?

Basically, 1.5 ton AC, especially the best AC brands in India, are best suited for small bedrooms or living rooms up to 185 sq. ft. If your room size is bigger than 185 sq. ft. or the temperatures in the room soar above 40 degrees due to direct sunlight through windows, then you should opt for 2 Ton Split AC.

Before buying a top AC brand, you should be aware of important factors like Inverter Technology, Condenser details, Star Rating and Quality of Filters. Go through our list of the best AC brands in India for 1.5 ton ACs and read about all these factors in detail below.

List of Top 1.5 Ton Best AC Brands

1.Daikin Air Conditioners

1.5 Ton Best AC Brand 1 - Daikin
  • Types – It is available in 2 Variants: Split AC, Inverter Split AC. Read about all types of Air Conditioners in detail.
  • Condenser –1.5 ton Daikin Inverter AC is equipped with only copper Condenser as these are mostly installed in medium & large sized rooms. One of the top AC brands in India, Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Air Conditioner Condensers come with Copper tubes which last longer compared to the normal ones.
  • Features – All Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioners come with Anti-Bacteria Filter, Catalyst Filter, Self-diagnosis system which helps in removing invisible particles, bacteria and hazardous smoke. Its noise level is less than 20dB which makes it a practical noise free appliance when compared to split ACs from other companies.
  • Controls – It comes with an LED display panel, auto restart feature, sleep mode, dehumidification, child lock and moreover the AC will restore the initial settings of Air Flow, Hot/Cool Mode, and Temperature when the power is returned. There is a 5 fan speed setting which helps keep you cool in every corner of the room.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both Online and Offline stores starting from a range of Rs 32,000 only.

2.Blue Star Air Conditioners

  • Types– It has 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– Blue Star has the best in class Copper Condenser for 1.5 Ton split AC which comes with Anti-rust Coating which is immune to corrosion.
  • Features– It has 6 filtration process that includes an Anti-Bacterial Filter, a Silver Ion Filter, Catechin Filter, Anti acarian filter, Dust Filter and Activated carbon filter. Moreover, it is equipped with a feature known as Air Flow Directional Control which gives instant cooling in all directions. It comes with Anti-freeze thermostat which prevents coils from freezing.
  • Controls– It comes with auto restart and memory backup features which consumes lower power and gives the perfect temperature. Other basic controls like Timer, Sleep Mode, Child Lock, Dehumidification are also present. Moreover, the remote comes with night glow buttons which help during night time.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both online and offline stores starting from a price range of Rs 33,000 only.

3.Voltas Air Conditioners

  • Types – It is available in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser –The 1.5 ton Voltas AC is equipped with Aluminium Condenser. Voltas 1.5 ton Air Conditioner Condensers come with Parallel flow Condenser made of aluminium which lasts longer than the normal ones.
  • Features – All Voltas 1.5 Ton Air Conditioners comes with Anti-Bacteria Filter, Anti-dust Filter, Catechin Filter, Anti-Fungal Cleanser, Silver Ion Filter and a Self-diagnosis system which helps in removing invisible particles, animal hair, bacteria and hazardous smoke.
  • Controls – It comes with an LED display panel, Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, Dehumidification, Child Lock and moreover the remote comes with Nightglow button for easy operation during night time. Additionally, it comes with Turbo Mode Swing with Dual Temperature Display which helps you find the minimum temperature set within the room.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both Online and Offline stores starting from a range of Rs 29,000 only.

4.Hitachi Air Conditioners

  • Types– It comes in 3 Variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– This brand comes with Copper Condenser in the Top AC Brands under 1.5 Ton. It has an inbuilt Auto Climate Technology and Auto Humid Control that helps in setting the room temperature according to the outdoor climate.
  • Features– It is equipped with a wide range of new features such as 4 Way Air Swing, Auto Cleaning Feature which prevents bacteria growth, hazardous smoke, dust particles and animal hairs. The 4-way air swing helps you achieve steady air flow rate in all directions. Moreover, the auto power save mode feature helps set the temperature to around 24 degrees and auto adjusts for optimal cooling in your room.
  • Controls– It has an auto humidity control which helps in keeping the room cool, is equipped with controls like Powerful Mode for high cooling, Silent Cooling Mode, Auto Restart, On-Off Timer and Child Lock. The controls are very easy to operate when compared to other brands ACs.
  • Where to buy– Some top models are only available through Amazon and Flipkart. The AC price range starts from Rs 31,000.

5.Carrier Air Conditioners

  • Types– It comes in 3 different variants: Window AC, Split AC and Inverter Split AC.
  • Condenser– It is equipped with copper condenser coil which makes this AC efficient and durable. It is also protected with a PM 2.5 Filter which helps in not only keeping your room cool but also keeps the harmful bacteria out.
  • Features– It comes with NexGen Dehumidifier which helps in decreasing the humidity in the air in less than 10 minutes. It is protected with Anti-Bacteria and Dust Filters which helps remove the invisible dust particles and bacteria which are present in the air.
  • Controls–It comes with one of the best controls in terms of detecting any leakage, power failure etc. The AC will be automatically turned off and the error code will be shown on the LED display. Other basic features like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Dry Mode, Economic Mode, Child Lock and Timer are also present. During High Temperatures, Turbo Mode is available for fast cooling.
  • Where to buy– It is available at both online and offline stores starting from a price range of Rs 30,000 only.

Best Selling Products:
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1.5 Ton AC – Factors to Consider Before Buying

First, you should know the difference between an Inverter Split AC and a normal Split AC.

Non-Inverter Split AC


Non-Inverter ACs make the compressor work at full capacity and reaches the desired level temperature. Once the temperature is reached, the compressor switches off. Now the fan takes over and enables the air circulation in the room. Once the temperature raises the fan stops working and the compressor starts working again. This takes more energy to switch the compressor On and Off every time. It works for temperature conditions up to 42 degrees.

Inverter Split AC

Inverter -Split-AC

Inverter ACs are more powerful and they operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start and reach their set temperatures within no time. In this technology, it has an ability to adjust according to the desired room temperature and keeps the compressor speed rotation according to the temperature which gives more comfort than non-inverter air conditioners in both high and low conditions. It works for temperature conditions up to 50 degrees in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Copper Coil or Aluminium Coil

A copper coil has a better heat transfer and higher durability when compared to aluminium coil. It should be cleaned regularly otherwise it can corrode easily in the coastal areas. To negate the corrosion factor it should be equipped with Bluefin Condenser to protect it from humidity. Due to this factor, copper coil condensers are more costly than Aluminium Condensers. Luckily enough, the spare parts are easily available for Copper condensers.

Energy Efficiency

It is normally calculated under BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) Value. A higher BEE value gives you indicates better power savings. In the case of Inverter Air Conditioners given their technology, it is wiser to opt for a lower BEE rating as opposed to going for a 5-star rating. Read full AC Buying Guide!

1.5 Ton AC – FAQ

Q: How often should the filters be cleaned?

A: It depends upon the frequency of usage and the atmospheric conditions. For normal temperature apart from coastal areas, it is recommended to clean the filter every once in 25 days. Also, the AC should be serviced once in every 6 months for better performance and to boost the life of the compressor.

Q: How does the dual fan compressor technology work?

A: The dual fan compressor technology boosts the performance of the compressor by keeping it cool even in extremely hot conditions of up to 58 degrees. It also performs well when there is a low voltage drop.

Q: Why does my air conditioner not cool or warm the room?

A: Make sure the air filters are cleaned, air inlets and outlets are not blocked, air flow direction is appropriate and ventilation fans in the room should be off. Still, if it is not working consult an ac engineer.

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