A long and well-styled beard is in trend once again. While a well-groomed, shiny beard looks fashionable, growing and maintaining it does not come easy to most. To get the dream beard, some pay regular visits to the salon, while others prefer a DIY approach. No matter which category you fall in, you will always need to invest in one of the best beard growth oils to look dapper.

Beard oils provide not only extra care and protection to your beard but also smell nice whilst doing wonders for your skin. They are specially formulated to soften coarse hair, boost growth, and make them manageable for styling. So, now that you know beards require as much attention as your lady love, check out our list of best beard growth oils and start picking a favourite for yourself from this list!.

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How Do We Choose the Best Beard Growth Oils for You?

If you are struggling to grow a proper and desirable beard, applying beard oil can end up being incredibly useful. They facilitate the growth of new strands and moisturise facial hair while hydrating the skin to get the desired look. Such beard growth oils are not only packed with benefits but also come at a decent price that makes them a perfect buy. In India, you can get your hands on one of the best oils for beard growth on a budget of Rs 200 to Rs 600.

Before you go through the list of our top recommendations, have a look at the factors that helped us in curating this list.

Length of the beard

Depending on the length of your beard hair, some oils perform better than others. This is why we picked the oils that work best on most beard lengths. No matter what your beard length is, you can choose these oils for excellent results.

Key ingredients

Unlike any other grooming product, different beard oils are made with different ingredients. While some are made with natural ingredients, others may contain some amount of chemicals. We have listed oils containing skin-friendly and natural ingredients to ensure safe usage and healthy growth.

List of 15 Best Beard Growth Oils in India

1. Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil
Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil

Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil is perfect for men who are looking for beard and hair growth. Made with natural ingredients like Hibiscus oil, Coconut oil, Amla, Vegetable Protein, and more, this is the best beard oil for growth and thickness. Its regular application will leave your beard soft, smooth, and fizz-free.

Prominent Features of the Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil:

  • Harmonise nourishment across the beard and solves uneven beard growth issues
  • Stimulate dormant hair follicles for full, thick, and dense beard
  • Regenerative properties of Zinc prevent dandruff and breakage
  • Centella Asiatica extracts add softness, strength, and lustre


  • Soothes scalp skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Smoothens hair and beard


  • The smell is a little overpowering for a sensitive nose

Why We Picked the Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil?

Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil is an all-around oil for growing and maintaining your beard. It nourishes and enriches your beard with the goodness of natural ingredients and helps in getting rid of a patchy beard. Application of the oil reduces hair breakage and hair fall and offers a stylish-looking, dense beard.

2. The Man Company Almond and Thyme Beard Oil

The Man Company Almond and Thyme Beard Oil
The Man Company Almond and Thyme Beard Oil

Flaunt the perfect beard with The Man Company Almond and Thyme Beard Oil. This oil promotes hair growth and nourishment by enriching the roots with all the necessary nutrients. Routine application of this oil also reduces frizz and dandruff and helps in getting a smooth & shiny beard covering all the uneven patches.

Prominent Features of The Man Company Beard Growth Oil:

  • It ensures long-lasting conditioning, nourishment, and growth of the beard with the goodness of natural ingredients
  • This beard oil also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help in reducing inflammation
  • It is infused with 8 exquisite essential oils that strengthen the hair roots and prevents drying of the hair shafts
  • Oil is sulphate and paraben-free and comes with a dispenser on the cap for easy application


  • 100% Natural
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Adds shine
  • Removes dryness

Why We Picked The Man Company Beard Growth Oil?

The Man Company Beard Growth Oil is a perfect choice to flaunt a bearded look. This oil provides deep nourishment and prevents dryness and the formation of beardruff. It also stops itchiness and adds shine and smoothness to the beard. These are some of the reasons why this Man Company product has made it to our list of best beard oil.

3. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil
Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

A scientifically crafted product, Ustraa’s beard oil contains the goodness of 8 Natural Oils and Vitamin E. The product has been formulated to work towards beard growth while strengthening the hair roots and shaft. It is free of chemicals such as sulphates and parabens, which makes it safe to use. Buy this oil and say goodbye to beard growth problems.

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Beard Growth Oil:

  • This oil helps in nourishing and repairing the beard hair while reducing hair breakage
  • Ustraa beard oil will work on your hair’s stem cells and help you get growth and volume in the beard
  • Being enriched with Vitamin E, using this oil strengthens hair follicles and delays greying of beard hair
  • Contains Redensyl that works on hair roots and shafts that rebalances the beard growth natural cycle


  • Beard nourishment and strength
  • Offers dense beard
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Takes time to show results

Why We Picked the Ustraa Beard Growth Oil?

Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients, Ustraa Beard Growth oil is an effective option to grow a badass mane. This oil controls frizz manages dryness, and gives a shine while preventing dandruff from making your beard look clean and nice. Picking this oil is a powerful choice for getting your bread beard look.

4. Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil

Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil
Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil

UrbanGabru’s Beard Oil is the perfect solution for hair growth nourishment. An easy-to-use product, this beard oil prevents the skin from getting dry and itchy. It helps soften your beard without leaving a greasy residue and can be used on the moustache as well. Application of this oil fastens the beard growth while filling in the patches.

Prominent Features of the Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil:

  • It is enriched with natural oils of Almond, Coconut, Olive, Amla, Argan Grape Seed, Tea Tree and Jojoba
  • The goodness of Vitamins and Omega 9,6,3 increases blood circulation and boosts beard growth
  • This beard oil is 100% natural with herbs and essential oils and has no side effects
  • Massaging your beard with 2-3 drops of this booster oil helps you get rid of dandruff and dry, flaky skin


  • Itch-free formula
  • Free from chemicals
  • Provides nourishment


  • It is not so effective for people with very less or no beard

Why We Picked the Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil?

Urbangabru Beard Growth Oil is an incredibly affordable and easy-to-use oil that is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It helps strengthen, nourish, and hydrate the beard while leaving it soft, healthy and shiny. Also, this oil is free from sulphates, paraben and other harmful chemicals, hence, it works wonders for all beard lengths and moustaches.

Moreover, if you are looking to colour your beard but don’t know which one to pick. Here is our latest blog, where we have mentioned some of the most used beard colour brands in India. Do give it a read. 

5. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil
Bombay Shaving Company Beard Oil

Bombay Shaving Company’s beard oil works towards promoting healthy beard and moustache growth. This beard oil is packed with the goodness of 10 essential oils that strengthen, hydrate, and nourish the beard and provides it with deep nourishment. It is free from all the bad stuff like mineral oils, SLS, parabens, etc., and helps in reducing the occurrence of pimples and acne.

Prominent Features of the Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil:

  • This beard oil is non-sticky, non-greasy, and lightweight formula that feels good on the skin
  • It possesses properties of onion oil that boost blood circulation and increases the diameter of the hair fibre
  • The oil promotes softer, stronger and healthier beard growth at a liner growth rate
  • Unlike other oils, it has a blend of fragrance notes that is pleasant to the nose


  • Even looking beard
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Light on the skin
  • Repairs damaged beard


  • It does not boost growth where there is no hair follicle

Why We Picked the Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil?

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Onion Oil is the best beard growth oil in India that provides 10 times more nourishment and offers a stronger, fluffier, and shinier beard. This oil is packed with the goodness of Onion oil, Rosemary, and 10 essential oils that make it the right product for beard growth.

6. Man Arden 7X Beard Oil

Man Arden 7X Beard Oil
Man Arden 7X Beard Oil

Crafted using a lightweight, easy-to-use formula, Man Arden’s beard oil is great for combating a dry beard. It leaves no residue while making the beard healthy and soft. The oil not only works as a thorough cleanser on your beard but also treats it from the roots, which in turn leads to faster and stronger hair growth. A 100% natural product that is packed with 7 super ingredients, it makes sure you feel incredible after usage.

Prominent Features of the Man Arden 7X Beard Oil:

  • It is a powerful, natural beard oil that is supported by 7 premium essential oils that improve hair quality and boost growth
  • Oil is 100% natural and safe to use with no additives, chemicals, GMOs, parabens, and fillers
  • This beard growth oil comes with a dropper and a serum pump that makes its application easy and convenient


  • Treats split-ends
  • Eliminates unwanted flakes
  • De-tangles hair
  • Adds healthy shine


  • It has a strong smell which is not likeable

Why We Picked the Man Arden 7X Beard Oil?

If you are looking for a beard growth oil, Man Arden 7X Beard Oil is a perfect pick. It is a premium oil that supports the overall health of your beard and stimulates faster growth while making it look dense and healthy. Apart from the goodness of natural ingredients, it is lightly scented, which makes it an amazing oil for nourishing and conditioning your beard.

7. Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil

Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil
Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil

Organo Gold’s beard oil is an efficient solution to facial hair growth. Just a few drops of it work wonders on an itchy and scratchy beard by making it smooth and healthy. 100% natural and organic, it tames coarse and curly hair and prevents dryness. The beard oil can be applied on all types of beards – long, short, red, white, black, or brown.

Prominent Features of the Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil:

  • This oil provides the required nourishment and keeps the beard hydrated, which is needed for better growth
  • Organo Gold beard oil goes deep into the skin and helps in preventing itchiness while curing dry and broken skin
  • It is 100% natural and organic oil with Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E
  • It strengthens the facial hair and promotes healthy growth while making them soft and manageable


  • Moisturises beard
  • Prevents frizz
  • Natural and organic
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Takes a few months to boost beard hair growth

Why We Picked the Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil?

Organo Gold Beard Growth Oil is an absolute pick for successful and organic hair growth. It is a bread growth oil that provides nourishment and helps strengthen hair follicles. The excellent properties of natural ingredients prevent split-ends, dandruff, and itchiness from offering you clean and healthy growth. Without a doubt, get this oil and enjoy hassle-free beard styling.

8. Beardo The Irish Royale Beard Oil

Beardo The Irish Royale Beard Oil
Beardo The Irish Royale Beard Oil

Nourish and enrich your beard and hair with the goodness of Juniper, Rosemary, and Lime. Not only does this oil treat any hair infection, but it also conditions and strengthens your roots for stronger hair. Formulated to give your beard a break from the ugly consequences of dust and pollution, this oil provides optimum hydration and moisturisation. Adding this to your grooming regime, you can achieve your dream beard look.

Prominent Features of the Beardo The Irish Royale Beard Oil:

  • This oil provides overall protection to beard hair and helps in removing dirt and excess oil from it
  • The presence of Lime in the oil works wonders in fighting infections and helps in detoxifying the skin
  • Anti-fungal properties of Rosemary conditions hair roots and helps in treating damaged hair
  • It gives a clean, fresh and healthy beard while preventing premature greying of beard hair


  • Provides overall protection
  • Removes dirt and excess oil
  • Keeps beard and hair fresh and hydrated
  • Removes dryness
  • Nourishes and strengthens hair and beard

9. Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil

Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil
Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil

A 100% naturally extracted product, Spruce Shave Club’s beard oil provides nourishment to the roots and rapidly enhances beard growth. Having a subtle woody fragrance, it is brimmed with the goodness of Vitamin A, B, E, K and  Omega 9,6,3 that enhance blood circulation. This also helps prevent hair fall and results in a thick fuzz-free beard, making it one of the best beard growth oils in India.

Prominent Features of the Spruce Shave Club Beard Oil:

  • It is 100% natural oil with no harmful chemicals, parabens, artificial colour, SLS, SLES, and synthetic fragrance
  • The oil contains Almond oil, Argan Oil, and Coconut oil that speeds up the hair growth and offers a stronger beard
  • Being rich in Vitamins and Linoleic Acid, this oil improves blood flow and fills in all the patches in the beard
  • This oil tames the beard by controlling the fizz, removing dandruff, and giving it a shape and style


  • Fills in patchy spots
  • Reduces beardruff
  • Fast, healthy hair growth
  • Free from chemicals


  • The aroma is not so good

10. Beardhood Cafe Valentino Beard Oil

Beardhood Cafe Valentino Beard Oil:
Beardhood Cafe Valentino Beard Oil

A perfect blend of carrier and essential oils that provides deep-rooted nourishment to the skin, this beard oil from Beardhood results in healthy hair growth. It has an old-school vibe with a hint of fresh Italian roast coffee. Crafted with the goodness of natural plant extracts, it contains Vitamin E and other beneficial oils that have been handpicked from different corners of the world for all-around protection for your skin and hair.

Prominent Features of the Beardhood Cafe Valentino Beard Oil:

  • Contains Vitamine E, which works as an antioxidant and helps in regrowing beard hair while treating the damage
  • The goodness of Argon and other essential oils nourishes and conditions the hair and moisturises the dry skin
  • It is available in two sizes of 10ml and 30 ml with two more scents: Stuble Citrus, and Earthy Tones
  • This oil gentrifies your skin by promoting cell growth and helps in filling thin spots for a voluminous look


  • Replenishes damaged skin
  • Hair cell growth
  • Coffee scent
  • Oily to normal skin


  • It feels a little sticky

11. Beardo Ultimate Godfather Beard Growth Oil and Wash Combo

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Beardo Ultimate Godfather Beard Growth Oil and Wash Combo

This power-packed combo is a perfect formula for daily cleansing, moisturising, and nourishing your beard. It contains a beard wash and oil, both of which groom your beard and promote healthy beard growth. Loaded with the goodness of Almond, Castor, Olive, other mineral oils, and Aloe Vera Extracts, this combo leaves your beard clean, fresh and fragrant.

Prominent Features of the Beardo Ultimate Godfather Beard Growth Oil and Wash Combo:

  • Beardo Ultimate Godfather Beard oil is a non-greasy formula that keeps the beard soft, moisturised and nourished
  • The oil deeply nourishes your mane and goes underneath the skin to prevent split ends and dandruff
  • It is a lightweight formula that gets absorbed quickly and makes the beard lustrous and easy to tame
  • Infused with the goodness of 6 essential oils and aloe vera extracts that offer healthy beard growth


  • Repairs dry and damaged beard
  • Cleanses and moisturises the beard
  • Provides nourishment
  • Refreshing fragrance


  • Results are not rapid

12. The Man Company Argan and Geranium Beard Oil

The Man Company Argan and Geranium Beard Oil
The Man Company Argan and Geranium Beard Oil

Grow a smooth and manageable beard with this oil loaded with the goodness of Argan and Geranium oil. It contains other 100% natural oils like Frankincense, Juniper berry, Almond oil, Hazelnut oil and Jojoba oil, which ensure long-lasting conditioning, nourishment, and growth. Buy this oil and get a flaunt-worthy beard in no time.

Prominent Features of The Man Company Argan and Geranium Beard Oil:

  • This best beard oil also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that enhance manageability
  • It is packed with nutrients that provide long-lasting conditioning and nourishing to the beard
  • This oil makes the beard look softer, silkier and shinier while promoting robust beard health and growth
  • It is a natural oil that does not come in contact with harmful chemicals and is safe to use


  • 100% Natural
  • Tames frizz
  • Promotes robust growth
  • Silkier and shinier beard


  • It has a little thick consistency

13. Mamaearth Onion Beard Oil

Mamaearth Onion Beard Oil
Mamaearth Onion Beard Oil

Now fulfil your beard goals with Mamaearth Onion Beard Oil. Regular use of this oil offers a denser, fuller, and healthier beard. Packed with the goodness of nature, using this oil stimulates blood flow and effectively boosts beard growth. From one of the best brands in India, this oil is a great choice to make your beard smooth and shiny.

Prominent Features of the Mamaearth Onion Beard Oil:

  • It is a non-greasy formula that gets absorbed quickly and offers the well-groomed beard of your dreams
  • Antioxidant properties of Onion minimise breakage and helps in dealing with hair thinning problems
  • The oil is dermatologically tested and is free from sulfates, paraben, SLS, petroleum, preservatives, & colours
  • Using this oil gives your beard a smooth texture and makes it manageable for different styling


  • Cruelty-free
  • Environmental-friendly packaging
  • Super effective
  • Safe to use for all skin types


  • It is a little expensive

14. King C Gillette Beard Oil

King C Gillette Beard Oil
King C Gillette Beard Oil

From the house of Gillette, King C Beard Oil is a secret for better beard growth. It is a plant-based formula that is infused with the goodness of Argan, Jojoba, Avocado, Macadamia seed and Almond oil. Applying a few drops of this oil will soften your beard and make it look moisturised and shiny. Get this oil and get the perfect beard that you dream of.

Prominent Features of the King C Gillette Beard Oil:

  • It has antioxidant, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic properties that ensure healthier beard growth
  • This oil has a non-sticky texture that gets absorbed into the skin easily and leaves it soft, shiny, and conditioned
  • The presence of plant-based ingredients offers a refreshing and enticing scent to this oil that feels pleasant to the nose
  • It has Argan Oil that moisturises the skin and treats different skin conditions like acne while preventing it from sun damage


  • It combats dryness
  • Adds healthy shine
  • Locks in the moisture
  • Feels lightweight on the skin


  • Packaging should be better

15. Beardo The Old-Fashioned Beard Fragrance Oil

Beardo The Old-Fashioned Beard Fragrance Oil
Beardo The Old-Fashioned Beard Fragrance Oil

Give your beard a refreshing look with Beardo Old-Fashioned Beard & Hair Fragrance Oil. This beard oil has natural elements of Lime, Cedarwood, and Clove that boosts hair growth and volume. Leave it overnight or use it as a hot oil therapy for a salon-style treatment. You’ll soon get to know why it’s part of the best beard oil list!

Prominent Features of the Beardo The Old-Fashioned Beard Fragrance Oil:

  • Clove is a natural healer and has softening and antimicrobial properties that combat infection and other issues
  • Application of the oil makes the beard manageable and helps in boosting volume and growth
  • It is 100% organic and is made with natural ingredients to ensure safe usage on all skin types
  • This oil has a mild fragrance of Lime which makes you feel fresh all day long


  • Helps to get rid of a patchy beard
  • Nourishes beard
  • Adds shine and smoothness
  • Treats damaged hair
  • Purifies and tightens skin


  • It does not come with a dropper

Final Words

These were some of the best beard oils for effective growth in India. Applying these oils will help you fix a patchy beard and get healthy growth. They also help smoothen the hair while providing the required nourishment and shine. While we believe Beardo and The Man Company are the absolute best brands for beard oils because of their wide variety, fragrance, and effectiveness, you can pick any of the above-mentioned oils to get your desired beard.


Should I apply beard oil every day?

Beard oil is a blend of organic cold-pressed carrier oils and pure essential oils. The frequency with which you apply beard oil can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of your skin and the length of your beard. In common probability, beard oil can be applied twice a day, once in the morning before starting the day and once at night before bed, for intensive overnight results. However, each pack contains their usage directions which must be read before application.

Do beard oils have side effects?

Gradually, beard oils are becoming an essential commodity for men’s grooming. It works well on facial hair and also doubles as a moisturiser. Most beard oils are made of natural ingredients. However, they may still cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Since beard oils are a combination of several different essential oils, it is advised that you start by applying small amounts on the skin to test it out.

Do beard oils actually work?

Beard oil is used by men to make their beards look fuller, softer, and tamer. Beard oils are used to moisturise the beard as a conditioner. It also moisturises the scalp of the beard and seeps into the roots in order to strengthen the hair. Beard oils smell good and hence can also be used as a cologne. The lengthier the beard grows further, it gets away from the scalp, making it rough and dry. This is where beard oils come to the rescue. Made up of a combination of several carrier and essential oils, beard oil provides nourishment to the beard right from the roots of the scalp.

What makes a good Beard Oil?

One of the most common misconceptions about beard oil is that it is believed to be packed with chemicals. In reality, beard oils are made of only two core ingredients, the first being carrier oil and the second essential oils. Carrier oil makes up most of the oil and is that ingredient that gives the beard all the key nutrients that it may otherwise not be receiving. 

Which is the best beard oil for patchy beards?

Ustraa beard oil is known to be the best for fixing patchy beards. It contains Redensyl that rebalances beard growth and helps in getting an even beard across all areas.

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