12 Best Beard Products for Growth and Styling

Having a well-grown beard is a blessing! It adds edge to a man’s personality and is often seen as a symbol of masculinity, strength, and a well-groomed face. However, maintaining a healthy and stylish beard needs proper care and maintenance. This is where beard products come into the picture. Several products help grow a beard while making grooming easier and more enjoyable than ever before. In this article, we will discuss the 12 best beard products in India that are perfect for achieving an enviable beard.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Best Beard Products for You?

When it comes to male grooming, beard care and maintenance play a crucial role. Several beard care products help men achieve and maintain their desired beard style. In the Indian market, good-quality beard products start from Rs 250 and go up to Rs 2,500 and more. 

Here are some factors that we considered while curating this list of the 12 best beard products for you. 

Types of Products

Here, we have listed a variety of beard products that serve different purposes. Whether you want to moisturise your skin, trim hair, promote growth or style your beard, there’s something for everyone. So, understand your goal and choose the right product that suits your needs. 

In this article, we have listed the high-quality products that you can trust. All the products are made with natural and quality ingredients that are safe for the skin and beard. We also go through user reviews and pick the ones that are loved by Indian customers.   

List of the 12 Best Beard Products in India

Beard Oil

Beard oils moisturise and condition the beard. They are one of the best beard products for growth and maintenance. They are blends of carrier and essential oils that work together to offer numerous benefits. They promote hair growth, soften the beard, and enhance its appearance. Beard oils also make the skin supple and prevent dryness.

Best Recommendation: Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

PriceRs 399
Item FormOil
Product BenefitsBoosts hair growth, Repairs damaged hair
Material Type FreeSulphate Free, Mineral Oil Free
Quantity35 ml

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Beard Growth Oil: 

  • Contain Redensyl that improves beard growth and adds volume
  • It moisturises and nourishes the beard while making it look healthy and well-groomed
  • This oil works both on hair roots and shaft to strengthen the hair and offer a dense beard


  • For all skin types
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Free from harmful chemicals


  • It takes time to show desired results

Why We Picked the Ustraa Beard Growth Oil?

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil is a specially formulated oil that contains the goodness of 8 natural oils: argan, gooseberry, castor, watermelon seed, almond, acai berry, olive, and avocado oils. It reactivates the follicles and improves beard growth by 40%. 

Other Suggestions:

  • Beardo Beard & Hair Growth Oil
  • The Man Company Beard Oil

Beard Wax

Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax
Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax

It is another grooming product that is highly used by men these days. Beard wax is a type of styling product that is specially formulated for shaping and styling the beard. It provides hold, shape, and control to help you flaunt defined styles. Additionally, it keeps the hair in place and delivers a more polished and defined look.

Best Recommendation: Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax

PriceRs 400
Item FormCream
Product BenefitsFrizz Control, Nourishing
Material Type FreeParaben Free
Quantity30 g

Prominent Features of the Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax: 

  • It is an all-natural beard wax that provides long-lasting, super-strong hold
  • This beard wax controls frizz and ensures that every hair of your beard is in place
  • Packed with nourishing elements that condition the skin and repair damaged hair
  • Free from harmful chemicals like sulfate and paraben, it can be used daily


  • Non-sticky formula
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Makes styling easy 
  • Quick results


  • Application is not so easy

Why We Picked the Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax?

Beardhood Mustache And Beard Wax is a combination of essential oils with shea butter, beeswax, and pine sap. It contains coconut and avocado oils and is extremely rich in vitamin E, which enhances hair follicles and strengthens the beard. It also transforms brittle locks and makes them strong and shiny.  

Other Suggestions:

  • Beardo Beard and Mustache Wax
  • UrbanGabru Beard & Mustache Wax

Beard Balm

Ustraa Beard Softener Balm
Ustraa Beard Softener Balm

It is a uniquely formulated beard product that combines the benefits of both beard oil and beard wax. Beard balm is designed to condition and moisturise the beard hair while providing moderate hold to make it easy to style and shape your beard. It is particularly beneficial for people with medium to long beards and can be used daily. 

Best Recommendation: Ustraa Beard Softener Balm

PriceRs 450
Item FormCream
Product BenefitsSoftens the beard
Material FeatureNatural
Material Type FreeSulphate Free, Paraben Free
Quantity100 g

Prominent Features of the Ustraa Beard Softener Balm: 

  • A combination of wax and oil, it softens the beard and provides effective moisturisation
  • It repairs damaged hair and helps to treat many skin problems like wrinkles, blemishes, etc.
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, prevent allergies and ensure safe usage


  • Good fragrance
  • It does not feel sticky 
  • Easy to work with
  • Nicely packed


  • Quantity is less as compared to the price

Why We Picked the Ustraa Beard Softener Balm?

Ustraa presents Beard Softener Balm for people who want to keep their dense, long beards healthy and well-groomed. It contains castor oil, shea butter, and cedar oil that works as a natural emulsifier and promotes healthy growth. The balm helps keep your beard soft and manageable while adding shine. 

Other Suggestions:

  • Bombay Shaving Company Beard Softener Balm
  • Honest Amish All Natural Beard Balm

Beard Wash

Beardo Godfather Beard Wash 
Beardo Godfather Beard Wash

Beard wash, also known as beard shampoo or cleaner, is a must-have beard product that maintains the cleanliness of the beard and the skin underneath. It is formulated to remove dirt, debris, oil, and product buildup to keep the beard clean and fresh. The wash also prevents dryness and improves overall beard texture.

Best Recommendation: Beardo Godfather Beard Wash 

PriceRs 250
Item FormLiquid
Product BenefitsCleansing, Nourishing
Quantity100 ml

Prominent Features of the Beardo Godfather Beard Wash: 

  • It effectively cleanses and moisturises the beard without stripping natural oils from the skin
  • The wash strengthens hair roots and boosts the health and growth of the beard
  • It is made using naturally derived oils like avocado, castor, and argan 
  • This beard wash has a gentle fragrance that feels fresh and lingers on for a while


  • Deeply nourishes the beard
  • Promotes a healthy beard
  • Prevents stretch marks


  • Packaging could be better 

Why We Picked the Beardo Godfather Beard Wash?

Beardo Godfather Beard Wash is a chemical-free wash that is packed with the goodness of avocados and glycerine. It also contains natural oils that provide a smooth and refreshing look. Moreover, this wash helps to kill germs that harm the skin and prevents itchiness. 

Other Suggestions:

  • Qraa Face and Beard Wash
  • The Man Company Beard Wash

Beard Trimmer

Philips BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer
Philips BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer

Trimmer is a grooming tool designed for maintaining and shaping facial hair, particularly beards and moustaches. It is a highly versatile device that allows you to trim your beard and achieve the desired style with precision. You can adjust the length setting and cut the beard to different lengths, ranging from stubble to longer beard styles.

Best Recommendation: Philips BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer

PriceRs 1,995
MaterialAlloy Steel
Power SourceBattery Powered
Special FeatureRechargeable
Dimensions10 x 19.1 x 6.1 cm
Weight0.21 kg

Prominent Features of the Philips BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer: 

  • It is a smart beard trimmer that lifts and captures low-lying hairs for easy shaving
  • This cordless trimmer offers 60 minutes of uninterrupted use in 1 hour of charging 
  • Features a light indicator that keeps you updated about low, empty, or full charging


  • Simple maintenance 
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent grip
  • Long-lasting performance


  • It is a bit noisy

Why We Picked the Philips BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer?

BT3231/15 Beard Trimmer by Philips is an innovative tool that is perfect for achieving a stubble, short, or long beard look. It is designed with skin-friendly, self-sharpening steel blades that stay sharp for a long time and deliver a perfect yet protective trim. Also, it is ergonomically designed for holding comfortably and reaching hard-to-reach areas easily. 

Other Suggestions:

  • MI Beard Trimmer
  • Bombay Shaving Co Beard Trimmer

Beard Serum

Beardo Thickening Serum Spray
Beardo Thickening Serum Spray

It is a specialised grooming product that takes good care of the skin and provides the required nourishment to soften the beard. Beard serum enhances beard growth while reducing itchiness, dryness, and flakiness. It also supports hair follicles, stimulates beard growth, and promotes overall beard health. If you want to achieve a healthy and well-groomed beard every day, this product is a great try. 

Best Recommendation: Beardo Thickening Serum Spray

PriceRs 350
Item FormSerum, Spray
Product BenefitsNourishing, Smoothening, Volumising
Material Type FreeParabean Free, Sulphate Free
Quantity50 ml

Prominent Features of the Beardo Thickening Serum Spray: 

  • It is an ultra-nourishing serum that smoothens dry and frizzy hair while making them manageable
  • Formulated with effective hair thickening actives to add volume to your hair and offer a denser look
  • The serum is free from parabens, sulphates, silicon, alcohol, and mineral oil


  • Safe to use
  • For all hair types
  • Effective results 
  • Value for money


  • The smell might be overpowering to some

Other Suggestions:

  • The Man Company Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Serum
  • Beardo Daily Shine Beard Serum

Beard Comb

Beardo Compact Wooden Comb
Beardo Compact Wooden Comb

Just like a usual hair comb, a beard comb is designed for combing and styling facial hair. It is a handy accessory with wide teeth that detangles beard hair and distributes products evenly. The comb removes knots and snags and offers a neat and tidy appearance. Also, it makes the beard more manageable and easier to style.

Best Recommendation: Beardo Compact Wooden Comb

PriceRs 299
Hair TypeAll
Product Dimensions6 x 5 x 4 cm
Weight20 g

Prominent Features of the Beardo Compact Wooden Comb: 

  • It is a compact, pocket-size comb that is ergonomically designed for easy carrying
  • This comb is made with Sheesham or Indian redwood which makes it sturdy and highly durable
  • It prevents split ends, reduces frizziness, and stimulates hair follicles for a healthy mane


  • Sustainable material
  • Waterproof 
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Excellent quality


  • It is a bit expensive

Other Suggestions:

  • Bombay Shaving Company Beard Comb
  • RUBAB MEN Ultra-Slim Beard Comb

Beard Colour

Bigen Mens Beard Colour
Bigen Mens Beard Colour

Beard colours are specifically formulated to colour beard hair. They come in various shades and are available in permanent and semi-permanent formulas. Such colours provide long-lasting results and require less frequent touch-ups. They are an excellent choice for enhancing appearance and maintaining a youthful look.

Best Recommendation: Bigen Mens Beard Colour

PriceRs 450
Item FormCream
Product BenefitsHair Colouring
Hair TypeDry
Material Type FreeAmmonia Free
Quantity40 g

Prominent Features of the Bigen Mens Beard Colour: 

  • This easy-to-apply beard colour effectively conceals grey hair and offers beautiful colour
  • It comes with a fast-touch comb that makes it simple to apply the colour and ensures even application
  • Enriched with olive oil and aloe extract, this hair colour makes hair soft and supple
  • This pack contains a cream colourant, cream developer, applicator comb, tray, gloves, and instruction leaflet


  • Does not stain the skin
  • Non-drip formula 
  • No ammonia
  • Safer on the skin


  • It is a bit expensive

Other Suggestions:

  • Just For Men Beard Colour
  • Urbangabru Beard Colour

Beard Cream

The Man Company Beard Softening Cream
The Man Company Beard Softening Cream

Beard cream is a must-have beard product that helps condition, moisturise, and style the beard. It is made from natural ingredients that promote healthy beard growth and make it easy to maintain. Such creams also nourish the hair follicles, soften the beard hair, and reduce itchiness and irritation while preventing dryness and flakiness.

Best Recommendation: The Man Company Beard Softening Cream

PriceRs 349
BrandThe Man Company
Item FormCream
Product BenefitsSoftening
Material Type FreeFree Of Harmful Chemicals
Quantity50 g

Prominent Features of The Man Company Beard Softening Cream: 

  • It is a highly nourishing formula that makes the beard soft, smooth and healthy
  • The beard cream contains mint that provides a cooling sensation to the skin
  • It is a non-greasy, lightweight formula that gives a sleek, non-greasy look
  • Enriched with aloe vera extracts that soothe the skin and make it healthy 


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Reduces itchiness 
  • Provides healthy shine
  • Refreshing smell

Other Suggestions:

  • Beardo Beard Softner Beard cream 

Beard Brush

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Brush
Bombay Shaving Company Beard Brush 

A beard brush is a crucial part of a grooming routine that is used to style and tame your beard hair. It is designed for maintaining and styling a beard while helping distribute natural oils evenly. While both a brush and a comb are meant to do similar work, the difference lies in their design and functionality.

Best Recommendation: Bombay Shaving Company Beard Brush 

PriceRs 295
BrandBombay Shaving Company
MaterialNylon, Wood
Item Dimensions6 x 4.5 x 4 cm
Quantity100 g

Prominent Features of the Bombay Shaving Company Beard Brush: 

  • It is a pocket-size beard brush that is easy to hold and carry everywhere
  • This brush has nylon bristles that help to untangle and tame even heavy-duty beards
  • It helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin to promote healthy-looking beards
  • Comes with a leather pouch that makes it easy to store and maintain the brush


  • Premium finish
  • Sturdy bristles
  • Highly durable 
  • Effective brush


  • It is not a good choice for people with a curly beard

Other Suggestions:

  • Rubab Men Nylon Bristle Beard Brush
  • UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Beard Grooming Kit

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Kit
Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Kit

This is one of the best beard products that you must consider if you are looking for a gift for your friend, father, brother, or boyfriend. A beard grooming kit is a collection of products and tools that are specifically designed for taking care of your beard. It contains essential items perfect for keeping your beard clean, nourished, styled, and well-groomed.

Best Recommendation: Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Kit 

PriceRs 839
BrandBombay Shaving Company
Items Included– Beard Growth Oil
– Charcoal Face Wash
– Beard Activator
Number of Items3
Quantity100 g (Face Wash) & 30 ml (Beard Oil)

Prominent Features of the Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Kit: 

  • It is a high-quality kit that includes beard growth-stimulating products 
  • Contains charcoal face wash that helps to get rid of all the dirt and dust and offers a supple skin
  • The beard growth oil is infused with the goodness of onion that improves blood circulation and boosts growth 
  • All the products are silicone, paraben, and sulphate-free, ensuring safe usage


  • Sleek and easy-to-use roller
  • Ensures healthy beard growth 
  • Value for money

Other Suggestions:

  • Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit
  • Beardo Don’s Beard Growth Pro Kit
  • The Man Company Beard Care Kit

Beard Derma Roller

Man Matters Advance Beard Derma Roller
Man Matters Advance Beard Derma Roller

A beard derma roller, also known as a beard roller or micro-needling roller, is an underrated beard product with numerous benefits. It is a handheld device with a handle and a roller head covered in numerous tiny needles. This roller stimulates hair follicles and promotes beard growth, improving the overall condition. 

Best Recommendation: Man Matters Advance Beard Derma Roller

PriceRs 549
BrandMan Matters
Product BenefitsIncreases Hair density, Improves health
Use for Face
Dimensions15 x 4 x 4 cm
Quantity60 g

Prominent Features of the Man Matters Advance Beard Derma Roller: 

  • It is an ergonomically designed beard roller that has 540 titanium alloy microneedles 
  • This roller improves the absorption of oil, cream, and other products that you apply to the beard
  • It features high-quality needles of the right size that ensures ultimate comfort and safety
  • The roller is easy to use and can be rolled vertically, horizontally, and diagonally


  • Safe and effective
  • Comfortable to use
  • Premium finish

Other Suggestions:

  • The Man Company Derma Roller
  • Beardo Beard Activator Derma Roller

*Prices are subject to change

Final Word

Whether you’re aiming for a rugged look or a precisely trimmed beard, investing in a beard product is incredibly important. While it helps in styling your beard, it also works best in enhancing beard health, promoting growth,  and making it manageable. The above-mentioned are the 12 best beard products in India that offer numerous benefits and are perfect for a polished appearance. Among all the recommendations, beard grooming kits are what we find the best. They help you get multiple products in just one purchase. Let us know which product you like the most. 


Which company is the best for beard products?

Beardo, The Man Company, and Ustraa are among the best beard products brands in India. 

Do beard products actually help?

Yes, beard products are highly beneficial in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard. They help improve the beard’s growth and thickness while enhancing its appearance. 

What is the best daily beard care product?

Beard growth oils, beard wash, comb, cream, and derma roller are some of the best beard products that are perfect for daily care. 

Which is the best for beard oil?

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil is one of the best beard oils to consider. However, brands like Beardo and The Man Company also offer high-quality, reliable beard oils that work great in promoting growth. 

What are the best products for your beard?

All the above-mentioned are the best products for your beard. You can make the selection as per your preference and needs. 

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

Highly skilled and qualified researchers at CashKaro work hard to provide you with the best recommendations on the market. We test different products and compare them based on multiple criteria to curate a list of products that you can trust. For the best beard product suggestions, factors we took into consideration include price, packaging, ingredients, etc. We hope you find this list helpful in making an informed decision.

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