10 Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Bleaching powder is a pale yellowish powder with a strong chlorine odour. It produces chlorine when combined with dilute acids. It dissolves in cold water and can be used to clean tiles, sinks, and disinfect water bodies near gutters, sewage, ditches, lakes, ponds, and more.

Bleaching powder has various uses. It is used in the textile business to bleach linen and cotton, and in laundry to bleach washed garments. Bleaching powder is also used to treat drinking water supplies in order to make water germ-free and drinkable. There are various brands out there in the market offering good quality bleaching powder. Here we have sorted some of the best bleaching powder brands available in India.

List of 10 Bleaching Powder Brands in India

1. Unitedlys

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Unitedlys is an Indian brand that was founded in 2005 that provides bleaching powder for toilet cleaning, bathroom, wash area, basin, kitchen floor, stain removal, and as a textile whitening agent.

Unitedlys provides high-quality bleaching powder that dissolves and cleans tough stains on any surface. The powder includes calcium hypochlorite and can be used as a cleanser to cleanse any offices, living areas, hospitals, gymnasiums, and more, as well as to remove difficult stains from tiles, cement floors, marble, and other surfaces.

2. Hypox

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Hypox is a chemical brand by Indu Home Care Products which is regarded as one of the top providers of cleaning products. The brand provides a comprehensive selection of water treatment chemicals and cleaning products. These cleaning solutions and chemicals are in great demand in water and wastewater treatment.

The company provides pure stable bleaching powder. Mix equal parts bleach and water well and apply it to the bathroom tiles. It will be not only clean and shiny but also germ-free. To clean old and used objects, use bleaching powder. Soak water-resistant objects in a solution of 3/4 cup bleach, and leave it for 15 minutes to clean it.


Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India
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SLCHEM is an Indian brand owned by Shree Laxmi Chemicals, that was founded in Patna, Bihar, in 2004. It is a sole trader and a well-known maker of chemicals, detergent powder, and phenyl. The company is also a trader and wholesaler of high-quality cosmetic and industrial chemicals, herbal perfumes, chemical solvents, fabric whiteners, chemical oils, and herbal oils.

By combining in water, SLCHEM bleaching powder may be used to clean and sterilise windows, doors, and floors in workplaces, homes, malls, hospitals, and other locations. It cleans and adds a shine to surfaces while removing germs and bacteria.

4. HK Groups Bharatvarsh

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India
HK Groups Bharatvarsh

HK Groups Bharathvarsh is a bleaching powder brand owned by HK Chems And Dyes, which was founded in 2018 as a sole proprietorship in Mysuru (Karnataka, India). The firm is a major wholesale trader of bleaching powder and other chemicals.

HK Group Bharatvarsh provides high-quality bleaching powder for household cleaning. The bleaching powder may be used to disinfect surfaces and clean water in homes.

5. Luxxuro

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Luxxuro is an India bleaching powder brand that offers household cleaning bleaching powder. The household supply brand Luxxuro offers a range of products, such as Shine Glass & Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaners, 4in1 Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, and more.

The bleaching powder offered by Luxxuro can be used as a disinfecting agent as it is great at cleaning your home. You can mix it with hot water and spray it on different surfaces and areas of your home. Bleaching powder combined with water can be used to clean and disinfect windows, doors, and floors in homes, workplaces, hospitals, shopping malls, and other establishments. This eliminates germs and bacteria on the surfaces, leaving them clean and shiny. You can also check the best mosquito bat brands in India.

6. Sixfire

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Sixfire is an Indian home and kitchen solutions brand. It offers a range of products like puja articles, handicrafts, health products, glass jars, home decor, and home & kitchen categories.

Sixfire offers good quality bleaching powder that can be used as a bathroom cleaner, household disinfectant spray, moss and algae remover, and all-purpose cleaning.

7. Weird Herbals

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Weird Herbals is an Indian brand that manufactures bleaching powder that may be used to clean water and keep it germ-free. It is a powerful oxidising chemical that is used to clean subterranean sumps and above tanks. The most well-known usage of bleaching powder is in the cleaning of toilets, laundry rooms, and floors.

This bleaching powder can be used as a cleanser by combining 900 g of bleach with 9 litres of water. To remove greasy and tough stains, apply a thin layer of bleaching powder with a little amount of water until the surface is moist. Allow it to stay for about 20 minutes before thoroughly cleaning the surface. This will remove tough stains easily.

8. Sanchana

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Sanchana is an Indian brand that offers products in the category of home cleaning and bathroom accessories. The brand offers a range of cleaning supplies.

Sanchana bleaching powder is a powerful oxidizer. It may be used as a disinfectant in homes, businesses, shopping malls, hospitals, and other places to clean and disinfect windows, floors, and doors.

9. Taj Mahal

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India
Taj Mahal

Founded in 1995, Taj Mahal is an Indian bleaching powder brand by Bhopal Bleach Pvt Ltd. It aims to improve health and hygiene by providing highly powerful and most economical disinfectants.

Taj Mahal bleaching powder is available for cleaning sinks, bathrooms, and tiles, and it may be used efficiently as a disinfectant near any waterways such as lakes, ditches, ponds, sewage, gutters, and so on.

10. Alljay

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India

Alljay is an Indian brand that offers washing and laundry washing powder, water and effluent treatment products, and good quality bleaching powder.

The Alljay industrial-grade bleaching powder may be used to clean sinks, tiles, and disinfect water bodies near sewage, gutters, ditches, ponds, lakes, etc. Because of the strong industry-grade, the products by Alljay are completely white in colour, with no shades of yellow as accessible in the local market, and they are corrosive in nature.

Best Bleaching Powder Brands in India With Price List

Bleaching Powder BrandsPrice*
UnitedlysStarts at Rs 199
HypoxStarts at Rs 315
SLCHEMStarts at Rs 169
HK GroupsStarts at Rs 159
LuxxuroStarts at Rs 169
SixfireStarts at Rs 220
WEIRDStarts at Rs 370
SanchanaStarts at Rs 160
Taj MahalStarts at Rs 159
AlljayStarts at Rs 180
*Prices are according to packs and subject to change.


Which is the best bleaching powder brand?

There are various brands offering the best quality bleaching powder, some of them are Unitedlys, Hypox, H K Group, and more.

Which powder is used in bleaching?

Calcium hypochlorite powder is used for bleaching.

Is bleaching powder good for the toilet?

Yes, bleaching powder is good for the toilet as it cleans and disinfects it.

Which is the best selling brand of bleaching powder?

Unitedlys is the best selling brand of bleaching powder on Amazon.

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